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Calling Elects (A Satsang on the Release of The Word):

Maitreya:  Sal-OM and welcome to the Mission.

In the beginning was The Word, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God.

This Word was released to humanity last week.  Everyone now can understand and know what is the true Name of God, or The Word, which all things have been created with.  It has been kept secret for the last twelve thousand years from the majority of the people, and now it has again been released to humanity to know what is the Name of God.  He is the Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal. 

The only Name He has is the creative force that pulsates in the universe and is the Essence of creation.  Creation indeed has come to being because of this Name and pulsation.

            For the last twenty-five years or so it has been kept a secret in the Mission and only those who came close to the Mission were initiated with it.  The idea was that this Word belongs only to the Elects, those who have been meditating and awakening their spiritual forces for the last twelve thousand years and are now ready to dedicate their lives 100% to God, this Mission, and the call of unity that has come through this Revelation.

The decision was made that if it belongs to the Elects, it should be released to everyone, and the Elects indeed will initiate themselves in the presence of God, will hear The Word, and will use it 100% for His Will, which is the creation of the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path and the coming of the Kingdom.

It is released to humanity and anyone can go, read, and understand how the Name of God cannot be uttered in this external world.  Any name and any utterance that they give as His Name is not His True Name.

The Hebrews and the Ishmaelites used to say, “In the name of the nameless,” so His Name cannot be uttered.  They even knew that God indeed is nameless in this external world.  Now all those who say the name of God is this or that and they believe The Word is the Prophet or the Messiah in their own religion only, are not correct, since the names they use they utter in the external world.  His Name cannot be uttered.  To know the true Name of the Lord, which cannot be uttered in this external world, go to our website, read about it, meditate on it, and if God is willing, you can hear The Word, which is His True Name.

Indeed a sword has been sent to humanity, a sword that can go toward bringing the Kingdom, or can be misused and bring destruction to the misuser and others.  That is why it was kept a secret.  It was revealed only to a few for the last twenty some years but now it has been released with a very strong warning.  Those who practice this meditation on The Word have to recognize and realize that they are dealing with a very sharp sword.  Indeed meditation on The Word magnifies your shortcomings.  If you do not overcome them, they will overcome you.

We discourage those who are not Elects, or those who do not want to commit their lives completely to God, to use The Word.  Even if they do use it, if they do not want to commit themselves and they heard The Word, they should just forget about it and meditate on Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam only, our Universal Mantra.

Although our Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam mantra is the most powerful mantra on earth, it is much more gentle and less powerful than The Word.  So go and know that God has a Name that is the creative force in the universe.  It is within you.  It is the calm place between breathing in and breathing out.  If you hear it, you know that it is indeed the stillness of the mind.  It is the vibration that brings that peace and unity that all humanity longs for.

But there is a responsibility that comes with receiving The Word and using it.  That responsibility is that you hear these words, you understand the Revelation, and you dedicate your life to the Eternal Divine Path, follow the Eternal Divine Path, purify yourself, and work toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom.  That is the Will of God.

If you do that, whatever is magnified in you as your shortcomings, you can overcome with The Word.  By putting them in the Light and directing The Word toward those shortcomings, you can overcome them.  Indeed, you can heal yourself with The Word, with the Vibration.  It is a powerful tool for the Elects.  If you heal yourself but you do not follow the Will of God, your healing will not last long and your state might become worse than you were before.

The responsibility is to recognize that it is a gift from God to humanity.  It is the Name of God.  It has been given to humanity to use. It has been released back to humanity after twelve thousand years.  Before twelve thousand years ago they knew this Word; they knew the Name of the Creative Force or God.  They misused it, and they brought great destruction on themselves as we know in the flood of Noah and others that God has revealed to humanity in the Old Testament.  Do not make the same mistake as before.

Any selfishness and egoistical pursuance by using The Word is very, very dangerous.  It is dangerous for you, and it is dangerous for the people around you, and for humanity in whole.  However, if you use It correctly, you will eventually hear The Word and reach the stillness of mind and unity with God.  And in that state, you will see the Truth.  Any time anything happens you can always go to that state and you will know the correct answer for that situation.

In a sense I have sent a sword to humanity to sunder those who are with God 100% from those who still keep their ego and do not come to full submission to the Will of God.  This is the time of sundering.  This is the time for humanity to recognize that God has been in charge and has been sending all the Revelations to man. 

God does not have a name.  He is Nameless, Formless, Invisible, and Eternal.  He is in control. He is the Spirit within every man, woman, and child.  They have to recognize this Spirit within themselves and become united with their Essence, which is God.

By doing that more and more, we will find people who have the stillness of God within and are absolutely egoless and dedicated to manifest His Word.  Those who still have agendas or resist the Will of God and cannot get rid of their egos will be separated.  Hopefully in the long run, in many incarnations, they also will hear The Word and become One with God.

Again the implementation of the Mission is at hand.  We are releasing the Sword that God promised would come to humanity and would cut off the unworthy, the egoistical, and those that are not listening to the Word of God, from those who are chosen and are the Elects to come together, create the Communities of Light, and bring the Kingdom of God on earth.

There is no major religion that was not sent by God.  There is no separation between them.  Anyone who teaches anything else does not know the truth.  They have to be taught and learn that God indeed created the universe.  He created the history.  He said He would send all these Revelations and religions.  No matter how they do not appeal to our ego, or our understanding, or our religion, or our nationality, or our gender, or our intellect, the truth is that this is God’s doing.

Therefore, our opinions, ideas, and attachments do not really make any difference.  God has decided that this is the way and the direction humanity has to go, and they have no choice.  It is not the Messiah who is powerful, it is God who has already put the action into motion, and the Messiah, or the Messenger, or the Prophet just comes and tells humanity that this is God’s decision.

Now with this, we will know that even His Name is different than in all the religions. There are people who think they know His Name; He does not have a name.  It is a vibration, it is the stillness of the mind, it is the creative force, it is The Word.  It is The Holy Name and indeed that was the prophecy that, “He will come in the name of the Lord.”

That means no one else came in the name of the Lord before the coming of this Revelation.  He has promised.  He has fulfilled those promises to this point; therefore He will also fulfill the rest of them.

So, know this, meditate on this, and recognize that nothing, no decision in your life, is more important than realizing this and dedicating yourself to the Will of God and His Call.  Nothing!  Whatever you think is more important than this is just your excuse.  It is you trying to avoid the Call.  For those who truly are called for this Revelation and the Will of God, nothing else is more important to them.  And they recognize that anything else they bring up is just an excuse not to dedicate themselves to God’s Call.

Therefore, meditate.  Recognize indeed that you are here for God.  He has called you.  He has sent these Revelations.  He said He would do all these things, and He has done them.  He exists and still has been manifesting all through the history.  He has said what is going to happen, and it is happening.

There is a question.


aquarian616:  Are you all Elects?


Maitreya:  Elects are those – you know them by their fruit.  There is no other criteria to know an Elect but those who manifest great things and follow the Will of God directly.  Therefore, it is not how many claims you claim that you are a Great Soul, or you recognize or realize that, or you can control the prana, or you can see the visions, or angels, or travel in the ethereal level, or this and that.  None of them is what God said you could know them by.  The only thing He said was, “You know them by their fruit.”

Indeed one of the reasons The Word has been revealed to humanity is to see who are the true Elects.  Those who manifest God’s Will and great manifestation will give fruit.  They are self-motivated.  They are not looking to me to motivate them.  If I do not motivate them they will not fall off because I did not give them attention.  But their attention, their motivation, and their energy come from within themselves.  They are the well of God’s Will, and we are brothers.

The only difference is that I am the unifying center for this movement.  If all focus on the center, they become one. 

Those who hear The Word, manifest, and their motivation comes from God are my brothers, and we will work together to manifest this Mission.  But if they lose the faith or motivation because they expect me to motivate them, then still it is ego that seeks the approval and motivation from the external world instead of receiving it from the internal, realizing The Word of God, and coming forward with full force and absolute openness to do the Will of God.  So, we can see that ego is very tricky.  Although we think that we are the Elects, we have to recognize that we have to go through a lot more than what we think we know.

Therefore, go to the website and see The Word, understand it, practice it, realize it, and come to the conclusion that this is the Name of God.  Then you can tell a Moslem that the name of God is not Allah.  You cannot pronounce it.  Tell the Jehovah Witnesses that it is not Jehovah.  To the Christians, it is not Jesus, not even Esa, not even Y’shua.  To the Jews, it is not Y’weh or Y’shua.  To the Hindus, it is not Krishna, or Shiva, or Brahma.  Not even Buddha.  His Name cannot be uttered.  It cannot be pronounced in the external world. 

It is within you.  You can hear it in the stillness of the mind.  When you are one with that stillness, you will know what is eternity, infinity.  There is no question left, “There is eternity.  There is infinity.”  But intellectually it cannot be explained.

Indeed God existed forever.  Intellectually it cannot be understood, “What do you mean forever?  There has to be a beginning somewhere.”  In that state, you know, and you do not have a question about that.  The things that the intellect cannot explain, in that stillness, it is recognized.  That is why Godliness is an experience.  It is not an explanation.

Now that experience has been opened to everyone.  Everyone can go to the website, read about The Word, become initiated, hear The Word, and recognize infinity, eternity, foreverness, and oneness with God.  But do not do it just because of that.  You do it and you truly are one with God, you come back and you become egoless, then it is a fantastic journey that you have embarked on and that will call you to action.

Now,  it is open to you and humanity.

Athena has a question.  Go ahead Athena.


Athena on EDP: It says in THOTH, in Commentaries on St. Matthew, Tablet 1, verse 22, As described before, his spiritual name was ( ) which is the abbreviation for a name closely pronounced Y'wehshua or "the savior (Shua) of Y'weh ( )," "...shall save his people...."  His sacred name was revealed to Joseph.”

Why did God, at that time, decide to reveal His Sacred Name to Joseph?  That is my question.  Sal-OM.


Maitreya:  First, for the short answer, remember that Hebrews knew the Name of the Lord and they were initiated into it and instructed to not utter it.  The punishment for doing so was death by being stoned.  There is a possibility that Joseph and Mary already knew the Name of the Lord.  This can be strengthened by realizing that they belonged to the Essene sect which was very strict and considered the rest of the Jews as not Jewish enough.  They might have preserved The Word and Revealed it to their followers.

Second, even if the first assumption was not true, God did not have to Reveal The Word to Joseph but tell him that Esa will be The Word (he will know The Word and will use it to Heal).  As we know, the Bible has been talking about The Word and creation for thousands of years without anyone knowing what The Word was.  This explanation is more plausible as by the time of Christ, the Name of the Lord might have been completely lost.  However, Jews (especially the Essenes) knew something about The Word (that all things are created by).  So God could have just told (impressed on Joseph) that Esa will be The Word without Revealing it to him.

However, it was Esa who received The Word and became it (became Christ).  It is the same for other Prophets who received The Word and knew it (including Prophet Muhammad).  Of course not all Prophets receive The Word but most probably all the Major Manifestations did (it is up to God to Reveal it to anyone or not).  The Seventh Angel, however, had to Receive it as He is Supposed to Reveal the whole Mystery of God including the Name of the Father and the Son.  

This time only the Elects will receive it and they are bound with the Covenant to keep it to themselves, be Baptized with it, and turn to God 100%.  No lukewarm this time!

For a deeper explanation, if you know Hebrew, the very “Yo Te Vo Te” does not have any vowels.  So in reality you cannot say what that “Yo Te Vo Te” or “Yo Te Shin Vo Te” means.  The reason I know this is because it is very close to the alphabet of Persian and Arabic.  We know that Arabic and Hebrew both came from the same roots.  Persian came from the Indo-European language. Then when the Arabs came to Persia, now 75% of the Persian language is Arabic.  We can see there are no vowels.  Therefore, really you cannot pronounce that “Yo Te Shin Vo Te” or “Yo Te Vo Te.”

It was revealed to the Hebrews.  Abraham knew that and revealed it to the Children of Israel but they could not pronounce it or utter it.  That is why they would be stoned.  That is what it meant to take the name of the Lord in vain.  That is one of the Ten Commandments.

God had to reveal that to Joseph because that would be his name and whoever hears it, becomes it, and follows God’s Will, is His Son.  His true name, of Christ, is called “Yo Te Shin Vo Te.”  But truly it cannot be pronounced because as we have seen and just explained, it does not have any vowels.  If you do not have vowels in any language, it is not pronounceable. 

Actually, the words in the Koran also originally were written with no vowels in it.  That is why the discussion came about, “Is it Khatam or Khatem?”    Because there were no vowels, you can read it in two ways:  Khatam or Khatem.  Therefore the division in understanding what that word meant came about.

The name of Christ or the Messiah indeed is not pronounceable.  It was revealed to Joseph to know what His true name was, but he could not call Him by that name.  He gave Christ the name Esa as his birth name.  And by revealing to him the name of the Son, he recognized that he was the Messiah.  That is why Joseph could have known the Name, and God, or the angel, or the revelation told him that he would be the Messiah, or in a corrupt way, Y’shua.

When you see it in THOTH, it is Y’shua.  That means that it cannot really be pronounced.

So in truth The Word only can be heard within you.  It is the name of God.  It is the Essence of each man and is in every human.  But God will not reveal it to you unless you purify yourself, realize that God indeed sent all the religions of the world, and that He has sent this Revelation now as the ultimate Revelation and the unification of all religions.

No one has the truth until the Seventh Revelation comes.  And when the Seventh Revelation comes, it explains more than any other Prophet ever explained to humanity.  So we can see that indeed all these things have been fulfilled and now humanity also has the Name of the Lord.  But the Name of the Lord comes with a very heavy responsibility.  It is not something that you should take lightly.  It reveals to you that God exists, He has a name but it is not something that you can pronounce.

Christ indeed was the Messiah.  He was the Son of God.  His name and the Father merge together as one, and they are One.  There is no separation between them, especially when the Spirit of God is upon the Messiah, or the Revealer, or the Prophet.  When those words come through him, he and the Father are one and there is no other way to go to God but through him.

Joseph knew his son had a great mission, and therefore he treated him as the Messiah and educated him as the Messiah.  He took him to Egypt.  He knew about Egyptian philosophies, mysticism, and teachings.  Then Esa himself went to Persia, learned from the Magis, and then went to India and learned from the Hindus.  He went to Tibet and learned from the Lamas. 

When Esa came back to Israel, he was thirty years old.  When he said, “The Father and I are One,” the Jewish people were petrified because they did not know the teaching of the Far East Philosophies and mystics.  Mystics know that their Essence and God are One.  Christians, Moslems, and Baha’is do not.  They think God is something up there that is different than them.  That is why Moslems have such a hard time with the Sufis.  The Sufis are mystics.  They believe they can become One with God. 

The Christians have a hard time with the Saints that they have powers and say, “I die in Christ every day.  Christ is more in me, and the less of me is there.” 

So the mystic knows that they can become one with God.  Now Joseph knew that his son would bring a great teaching.  Christ came to the Jews and taught them the mystical way of understanding the teachings.  But they could not see it.  They became very afraid of him and crucified him.

Of course, that should have happened because God wanted to release The Grace back to humanity.  And that is exactly what Christ brought.  Christ released The Grace to man.  Now we can receive The Grace without doing all those rituals of killing and sacrificing that the Jews or Hebrews had to do.  So that is the answer to your question.  I hope that makes sense.


Easytolive: I was asked that question a few months ago.  "We will recognize you by the fruit you bear."  But who am I to judge of the fruit I bear if I have submitted them to God, and according to the teachings, I have forgotten completely about them because they are not from me but from God?


Maitreya:  The only fruit that will be recognized and accepted by God are the ones that you do toward the manifestation of this Mission.  Any fruit that you think you have done and given to God might have been accepted or not.  However, that is what we mean when we say, “You know them by their fruit.” 

To recognize if you are giving fruit or not, it is the person who has brought the Revelation and can tell you if you are giving fruit or not, if you ask him.  You are giving fruit when you realize the teachings of the Mission.  You give fruit when you commit yourself to the creation of the Communities of Light.  You give fruit when you come, join, and create the facilitating body in the Mission. 

Although you surrender and submit the result to God and become a channel for Him, but what you manifest will be recognized by everyone. Everyone will see that indeed you are giving fruit, you are dedicated, you are coming to the room, you are reading, you are participating, you are coming to the rituals, you are creating Communities of Light, you become a contact, you reach wherever you are to spread this Message.  You spread the word, you tell people about the website, about the new Revelation.  You reach out.  You come and join the Mission as the staff.  You do everything that is needed for this Mission to manifest.

Therefore, this is the new wine.  And the way to see if you are giving fruit is if you are working for the manifestation of this Mission.  If you are not and you are just staying on the sidelines, then you might be an interested person but not a supporter, a teacher, or a leader.

We have three types of people in this Mission that are considered as the manifestors:  the supporters (who support the Mission physically, mentally, and spiritually), the teachers (who teach this Mission every day in our room, in Pal Talk, or they go traveling and spread the Message), and the leaders (who are not disheartened with the small problems, but are here to dedicate and strive to manifest anything with a great zeal and motivation). 

They receive all their motivation and dedication directly from God.  We  become friends and co-workers.  They, of course, concentrate on me as the center of unification of the circle.  A circle without a center never can be a circle.  If you have two centers in the circle it no longer is a circle, it becomes an oval.  The circle is the most compact sign in the universe.  Nothing is more compact and tight as the circle. 

There has to be one center, and everything has to be circled around that center.  Therefore, in order for you to understand what does “the fruit” mean, the fruit is to recognize our teaching and realize that God said this would come at this time.

Indeed, we are in the period after the book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened.  That is the time that tribulation and upheaval will come to earth.  We can see all the signs.  They are all over, from the West, from the East, from the South, and from the North. 

Just listen to the news.  It is amazing.  It is depressing in a way what is happening on earth.  At this time, by the coming of this Revelation, The Grace of God has been released to the whole of humanity.  We have to recognize that indeed the earth is flat in the sense of the coming of the Kingdom.

There is a person who wrote a book that the earth is flat.  He recognized that the privileges between the countries, the nations, and the different places on earth are eroding very fast.  This is not something new to us, as we have been telling everyone a long time ago that now The Grace has been released to the whole human race.  It no longer belongs to a specific people or nation. 

This is the time of unification.  And now even the secular people will realize that the privileges are being taken away and that the earth is flat. 

Humanity has to become aware that it is time to realize that if they have something greater, it is because of God and His Grace.  That Grace is now spread all over the earth.  That is why we see that those who want to continue having that privilege are having a hard time.

Humanity has to further become aware that if we receive something great, if we become prosperous, if we have something that makes us superior to other people, it is the Will of God.  It is His Grace that we have received.  It is not our doing but it is God’s doing.  If we realize that then we become Godly because that is the only way we can receive The Grace. 

Those who become Godly, turn to God, and repent from what they do which is not Godly, will again receive The Grace. 

So it is not our loss but it is a flat-playing field now.  God is looking to see who will receive this Revelation first, support it, become pure, and oppose anything that is not Godly.  That is how you reach the highest consciousness; do not accept what is not Godly no matter how intellectually it appeals to us.  If it is not Godly, you do not want to have anything to do with it.

God is very clear what He wants.  He wants the Communities of Light, awakening of your spiritual forces, bringing the natural way of living, the way God intended, the Dharma of things, following what anything is created to be.

God wants Communities Of Light based on pure couples.  He wants people in that community to sacrifice and give of themselves to create the environment needed for everyone to have their physiological and safety needs taken care of.  That does not mean, “I am not going to do anything.  I have no resources, and I come and you share yours with me.”  That is not the idea of sharing.  Every member in the community has to become a productive member in the community. 

God wants people to sacrifice in those communities and recognize what is their ability, “What can I do in the community that can make it a better place for everyone?”  So become a productive member in the community and eventually realize that God is doing it through you, and whatever you do, it is God doing it through you.  Therefore, you shatter any ego attachment.

In the next step you become a universalist and recognize that God is everything.  Your home is the universe.  Your father and mother is God.  You are a child of God and you follow the Eternal Divine Path.  Then you will receive The Grace for sure. 

God has said those are the Elects, and they are the ones that Christ called the salt of the world.  And those are the apple of the eye of God.  The whole creation and the history was created to bring these beings, the Elects.  This is the call to these people. 

If you have done something in the past that is good and you let God come through, great.  Now just forget about it.  Come, join the Mission, become an Elect, follow the Eternal Divine Path, become a contact wherever you are, reach out for this teaching, and do whatever you can do to help this Mission.  Teach also humanity, the whole of humanity.

See, this teaching is in an educational state.  It is a state that we are reaching out, letting humanity recognize and realize that God said there were going to be Seven Revelations.

The Moslems come to our room and say, “No, Prophet Muhammad was the last Prophet.”  But that is not what God said.  The last Prophet is the one who opens the Seventh Seal, or the book sealed with the Seven Seals.  He is the Seventh Angel.  He is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

When you compare our teaching with the teaching of Prophet Muhammad, it is just amazing how much he did not cover.  And he said himself, “I did not cover it.”

Or they say, “Well, Christ said I am the only way.”  Yes, you are correct.  But he came seven times to bring the whole Revelation.  And indeed, he is the only way. 

Some people come and say, “Well, we have the freedom of choice.  We are free to do whatever we want.” 

You have freedom of choice to choose God or not to choose God.  That is really the only freedom of choice there is.  If you choose God, then you become a channel of God, in God, for God and His Word.  So we can see how intellectuals are trying to use beautiful words to misguide you that, “Yes, you can do whatever you want.”  But that is not how the universe has been set up.  The universe has been set up to go back to Light, to go back to God.

If your opinions, your ideas, and your freedom is against that original set-up, then you are going against the Will of God.  Yes, you choose not to follow God.  Therefore, accept the consequences of doing so.  The consequences of doing so have been given all throughout history.  God indeed created the history for man to learn and to go back to see that whenever a nation becomes prosperous and powerful, they put God out.  Those who do that, fall.

It is not what I am saying.  I am not opposing any specific nation or people.  That is the lesson of history.  And why?  It is because they put God out. 

You chose your free will.  Your free will was to choose God or not to choose God.  You chose not to choose God.  That is the only free will anyone can have.  There are consequences by doing so.  You have free will to do it but also God has said, “This is My Way and My Creation.  I have created it this way for a specific reason.”  And the reason is to go back to Him.

This Revelation is not about me or about God; it is about you returning home.  If we put all our effort, mind, and actions based on that, not only will we return back home to God, which as we saw this week, we even gave you the way to experience The Word and God.  Then we have the best grip of the reality of this universe.  All our efforts should be toward going back home. 

 When we all reach Pure Consciousness or Oneness with God, all is God, and all are equal.  In that state there is not going to be any Messiah (in the ultimate state of God).  There is not going to be any ego.  There is not going to be any, “I am better than you.”  “I am more powerful than the other person.”  However in this state we are in now, the only thing we consider is how we can create an environment that accelerates the progress of everyone toward returning home.

That is the essence of the Communities of Light.  Each person should forget about his or her ego, “Me, me, me, me,” but concentrate on the fact that the whole creation was created for all of us to go home.

That is what it is all about.  It is about returning back to God.


starchild_project: God created history or we created history?


Maitreya:  Actually, history is His Story.  He created this man twelve thousand years ago. 

If you go and study our teachings, you will recognize that twelve thousand years ago an evolutionary step took place.  The third eye of man was closed and the intellect was increased.  We see things with two eyes, and we think we know everything.

Then, God left man to create history, and He interfered anytime that it was necessary to guide man to the next step.   So in a sense, it is His Story or history because He was actively present in historical events.

As we know, nothing happens but if it is the Will of God.  So He brought some people that chose not to follow God.  He created nations like the Romans, Athenians, Persians, and Grecians.  All of them in the beginning were ethical. They were following some kind of strong ethical and pure base for their prosperity and conquering of other people.

But when they prospered and they reached a point that they became successful they said, “Well, we are the people that did this.  We are the ones that created this environment.”  They put God out.  They chose not to include God.  Then The Grace was taken away and they fell.

We can see it is kind of a two-way street:  God gave Grace to those people, they withdrew their belief and acceptance of God’s Way, God withdrew, and they fell.  So they had some choices but at the same time it was God who guided them, gave them Grace, and took The Grace.  Therefore, we can see, it was really God who guided man to this point.

But the point is that there is a lesson in history.  The lesson is that God gives Grace to a people, they progress, and they prosper.  They should not forget about God. They should not put God out. 

They should follow the Eternal Divine Path, create the Communities of Light, Godliness, and bring the Word of God to themselves.  And even in prosperity remember, it is not they; it is God’s Grace that makes the nation or people great.

That is the message of history for the last twelve thousand years.  If we learn that, if we follow the Eternal Divine Path, if we recognize that God indeed has sent these Revelations to create the Communities of Light, to bring the Kingdom of God, and to continue recognizing that, in the future The Grace will come back to us.

Indeed, it is His Story.  It is the history that God created twelve thousand years ago to be created for humanity.  Now this Message is telling everyone why He created history.

God created history, therefore we learn these lessons.


starchild_project:  How come whenever something horrible happens it is blamed on man (us)?  And whenever something good happens (a miracle) it is definitely the cause of God?


Maitreya:  It is because God is Good.  God has guided the history not as a vicious act.  Even the bad things that might have happened in history are lessons for humanity to learn.  If humanity acts based on ego they will not do perfect things.  Their ego decides and acts upon very limited information.  And because it is selfish, it creates karma and it has consequences.

But the consequences of their actions are from God and it could be terrible.  So the terrible things do not happen because God created terrible things.  The terrible things happen because we have created karma or situations, and then we have to pay for them. 

Whatever good happens is from God because God is Good.  And whatever terrible things happen are our doing.  That is why in this Mission we teach:  Let God come through you.  If He comes through you perfectly and 100%, you will not create karma and bad things would not happen on this earth.

That is why whatever bad happens is the result of our doings, and whatever good happens is from God.  Through history the situation has been created that in the eye of man it sounds terrible, but in reality they are the lessons God sent for humanity to learn.  Your question reminds me of the question of Arjuna to Krishna.  There was a great war between different factions.  In that war the family was against each other, the father against the son, the son against the grandfather, and the uncle against cousins.

Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna.  Arjuna asked Krishna to take him closer to the other army before the war.  He looked at the other army and saw his uncle, his grandfather; his family was up in arms against him.  He was overwhelmed with sorrow and completely lost his motivation for war.  That is when the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna starts. 

Eventually Krishna convinced him to go to war because that was the right thing to do.  Although you might have to fight with your own family, or your own kin, or something that is really bothersome according to the human intellect, so you have to recognize that sometimes things happen because there is a greater spiritual reason behind it.


Hephestus: My question is this, how does one decide who truly is either qualified, or able, or even should live in a Community of Light?


Maitreya:  The ideal is, he who has reached the Elect position.  But we are not naïve to believe that anyone who walks through the door of the Mission is an Elect and is perfect.  Indeed it has been proven for the last twenty-five years that that is the wrong assumption.

A Community of Light itself is a learning place.  Those who come to the Communities of Light are not perfect.  God revealed that it takes them one thousand years to become a son of God, or perfect.

It is a decision that has to be made by each individual.  And that individual should jump to the opportunity and come and join whole-heartedly.  At the same time he or she should recognize that it is a Community of Light, and there will be many lessons learned.  Therefore, you are prepared and willing to change, to correct, to overcome, and to become one with the community and able to manifest what it is that God has ordained. 

Also, even in the Communities of Light there might be many different levels of participation.  Some people might come and become absolutely dedicated 100% and become teachers.  There are people who might come here and have leadership abilities so we can work together and see how we can create the Mission in different places, and reach out to a point that we can send teachers all over the world.

Furthermore, there are the people who are the supporters.  They support the Mission with all their hearts, minds, and spirit.  And we can have enough resources so we can send those teachers all over the world and reach out to humanity in all levels.

But being perfect, coming here before even entering the Communities of Light, is not the idea.  The idea is to decide, “Yes, indeed, this is the Revelation of God, this is the last Word to humanity.  It is time to come, to create Communities of Light.  I heard the Call.  I am ready.  I will drop everything and I will come.”

If you do that you will have manifested the first step of being an Elect.  You do not have excuses. 

As Christ said, they were invited for the wedding and someone said, “Well, my daughter has to get married.  I cannot come.”  “My field needs to be plowed.  I cannot come.”  These are all excuses not to go to the wedding.  This is again the wedding that is calling the Elects to come forward.  What are our excuses not to go to the wedding?

That is what anyone in the Mission who hears this Call has to ask him/her self, “Am I creating excuses not to do the Will of God?”  If you do not have any excuses left you say, “OK, I am ready to go.  Here I am.  I am here to manifest.”

Then we can see what abilities you have.  If you have good PR ability, we will put you in a place that involves public relations.  Of course, at this time there is a very limited staff.  We might all do a lot of things that we even do not like to do.

As more people come, eventually it will be divided into specialized people.  What is everyone good at?  Each person will do what he or she does the best they can.  So the first question is that you have to decide, “Is it from God?  Is it the last Revelation?  Have I been called to do it?”  Then get rid of all the excuses and do it.

That is the first step to recognize who is an Elect.  I hope that answered your question.  Our time is up and over. 

Again go to the website.  See The Word.  See The Holy Name of God.  Experience it.  Be very aware of the warning in The Revelation that if you are not an Elect, if you are not going to use that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light and the Kingdom, all your shortcomings will be magnified in such a way that they will overwhelm you.

So it is truly a great Revelation to man.  I really hesitated for years and years, and recently I hesitated for months to reveal it and let it go to humanity.  But eventually I decided that if the Elects are out there, they will hear it, and they will truly dedicate their lives to God as I have done.

Be good.  Be with God.  And know that you have come to a Revelation that is for the whole of humanity.  The book sealed with the Seven Seals is open.  We are at the time of the tribulation, and great upheaval is coming to man.  But those who stay with God to the end will be His Children. 

Sal-OM everyone.

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