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<1>If a person is hurt by criticism, other people's actions, or words, and if he tries to retaliate and hurt others, indeed there is an ego present in such a person.

<2>In truth the reason for so much trouble in the world is because one person hurts the ego of the other and he retaliates. <3>Then the first person strikes back and the process goes on and on until complete destruction occurs.

<4>However, if a person with the ego tries to hurt a realized person, because there is no ego in such a person, he will not be hurt but will create compassion for the other person who unjustly tries to do him harm. So he forgives him, or even gives him more love which he does not have.

<5>Wherever there is ego there is no real love, and where there is true love there is no ego.

<6>Indeed to test a person and his state of progress, usually Masters play with the ego of the person a little bit to see how he reacts. By his reaction it is shown how realized or unrealized he is.

<7>As it was said, the ego is hurt and by continuing the process of hurting and counter-hurting, a vicious cycle will start and continue to complete destruction. <8>Indeed this vicious cycle exists in many situations in life. The only way to stop the cycle is to break it.

<9>That is what a realized person does, he stops (breaks) the cycle before it becomes vicious and leads to bondage of the world and/or complete destruction.


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