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The very tenant of the teachings of Baha’is that: God’s Revelation is progressive, and periodically a Prophet (Major Manifestation) will come, is not scriptural.  Scriptures, especially The Revelation in the Bible, clearly say that there will be an end time and there will be a Last Revelation that will finish the Mystery of God and Reveals everything (Revelation 10:7, and all the references to the Seventh Angel in The Revelation).  God clearly has shown that the Baha’i Faith is not perfect as it is stated in The Revelation chapter three and in many other words all through His Scriptures and Revelations.  You also might want read the Prophecies we have from the Baha’i’s in our website (or all the Prophesies of coming of Maitreya).  Also read these pages: Other evidences why the Baha’i faith cannot be what it claims to be (read each article).  You can also read what other Baha'i's found and feel about the Mission.  Furthermore, search for Baha’i related materials in our website.  You will find tones of materials there.

Besides, God has shown that the Baha’i faith has ended as Abdu’l-Baha clearly stated that the Baha’i faith without a Guardian is dead, and it is.  It has already been divided to seven branches, etc.  So if you really want to know the Words of God and His Plan, read His Scripture, our Revelation and come to your own conclusions.

Humanity has a lot to learn before Realizing the True Plan of God!

Mission Of Maitreya (MOM).


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