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Background: I was born into the Mission and have been exposed to its teachings since childhood, but was mostly uninterested for my first ~20 years. However, after finishing my undergraduate degree in 2009 and finding that neither society nor the academic world had satisfied me, I decided to take a second, closer look at religion and the Mission specifically. I spent 6+ months intensely researching and analyzing Maitreya's teachings and claims from a purely intellectual angle (my background and nature - Jnana Yoga). My final conclusion - that the Mission teaching was logically consistent, made sense, and was for the first time something really worth doing - completely changed my life. I have been a dedicated Mission member and worker ever since.

My life has been incredibly blessed with opportunities, all of which I am now privileged to use for the Mission (I am sure this was/is God's Doing). I attended Albuquerque Academy, a nationally-known private high school, where I was co-captain of the debate team and a National Merit Scholar. I then earned a BA in economics from Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts, graduating in 2009. After several years of working full time for the Mission, I returned to school from 2012-2017 to obtain dual graduate degrees in law and business (JD/MBA) from the University of New Mexico, graduating summa cum laude. I finally sat for and passed the bar exam to become a licensed New Mexico attorney as of October 2017.

If it pleases the Father, my life and background should help prove that the Mission is truly a new type of religion (New Wine) - not just for the devotional but for the intellectual as well, not filled with illogical dogmas but able to withstand and fulfill the most exacting search for truth. I also believe my schooling and licensure can help the Mission not just directly in the business/legal areas but also indirectly as the backdrop and true Source to credit for anything of value I am able to contribute to society in my upcoming career.

Fruit: Round Table member and Mission administrator. I currently handle many of the day-to-day logistics of the Mission organization such as webmastering the website, maintaining the FTP site, preparing the yearly Feast of Tabernacles schedule, etc. If/when life permits me to work full time for the Mission once again, I hope to accomplish much more. In the meantime, I will do my best to prove that it is in fact possible to be a Godly attorney :).

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