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This page contains the Mission news announced in 2015.  See our current Newsflash page to find out what has been happening more recently!

September 12:

THOTH Recording Project Completed (But...)!
We now have an acceptable recording of every tablet of THOTH! However, improvement is still possible...! Read...
THOTH Readings Automated!
The morning THOTH readings are now fully automated along with the rest of our weekly Paltalk services.  We have also added evening THOTH readings and meditation! Read...
Mission "on Demand" Products Page on Zazzle!
Just like "print on demand," this service only manufactures products when they are ordered (no inventory).  Our sister Freshteh has used it to design a variety of different Mission-themed products, including cups, posters, business cards, and even iPhone cases! Read...
Dwolla Now Completely Free!
Dwolla was already the money-sending service (can be used to send donations/tithes, etc.) with the lowest fees, but it recently went even further and removed all fees!  If you live in the U.S. and want 100% of your money to be passed on to the Mission, use Dwolla! Read...
Welzoo - Donate by Web Surfing!
If you want to donate to the Mission just by surfing the web, then sign up for Welzoo! Read...
Other Good Things Happening in the Mission!
Too many other good things have happened since our last Newsbrief to put in separate announcements, so here is a summary! Read...


July 23:

New Website Section - The Round Table!
Includes the Round Table's first-ever statements and decisions! Read...


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