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 AUGUST, 2007



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In the new Format of “Further Clarifications” with Maitreya on the first Saturday of each month, we will be reading the Teachings in half-hour increments. As we study together, there may be questions for deeper clarification from Maitreya especially while He is still with us.  Now is the time to receive those answers and clarifications.  Only the questions and answers will be posted in the FTP.  The above links are for the August 4th  session.

If anyone would like  to volunteer to be a reader for September 1st, please send an email to:  

            EXCERPT FROM TRANSCRIPT:  hooya_3:  There is no reason to believe that God exists. 

 MAITREYA:  Of course, the question that you really have to ask yourself is, 'Are you really seeking to know God exists, or you want to be right and believe God does not exist, and you want to insist that He does not exist?'

“Those are two different approaches.  If you really are not a seeker, if you really do not want to know, that is the end of the story and we can just all stop arguing because you are not going to change your mind, and we are not going to change our mind and there is no discussion.”
“We are not seeking to prove that God does not exist because we know God exists.  God said He will be doing these things, and He has done them.  He said there will be a big, huge tribulation, destruction that is going to come to earth, and it is coming.”

 How to solve class wars and terrorism:

“All the rich people, and the rich nations, have to share with those who are not as prosperous as they are. That is why we have the resistance and we have those people who fight the rich people, because they do not have anything to lose. They do not have anything. That is a way to stop the terrorism, to stop the class wars, by realizing that you have to share and create more equity on earth. Of course, our teachings will accelerate this process and there will be one humanity under God's Culture.”  12-11-04



12-11-04          Topics Covered     Listen

12-18-04          Topics Covered       Listen


Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE): when God is accepted and followed as the only and True King, His Laws as the only Laws, His organizational system as the only System, and the spiritual Hierarchy as the true Hierarchy (when the Kingdom Of Heaven within is established by the majority), then His Kingdom will be realized (established) on earth as it is in heaven.

In truth He is the King whether humans accept it or not. If humanity accepts His Laws, follows them, and realizes that His Will should be done on earth as it is in heaven, then the true peace and tranquility will come to the earth. At that time, because people will not resist His Will, there will be no suffering, because suffering comes from resisting God's Will.



We have started a group in a program called Second Life. Second Life (SL) is a virtual reality world that allows those who join to create their own persona, buy land and build their own home or business.  This program is free to join, or you can update to a Premium Membership for a fee. The monthly fee is $9.95 or you can pay quarterly or annually for a discounted rate.

We are just beginning to work towards buying land in SL to build The Temple and start a COL. This program uses its own currency in which land can be purchased.

We are hoping to have not only The Temple but some of the Teachings as well. This is going to start off small and as the need dictates, we may one day start an island for the COL.

If you are interested in assisting with this new project, you can enroll into SL and join the Mission of Maitreya group. For those who wish to participate a little more, donations of the SL dollars could be used for buying the land and used in downloading fees for putting the teachings in this virtual reality. These donations are done within the program itself and is an option when you join the group.  There are already people starting to join the Mission Group in SL!

LATEST UPDATE:  There is now Mission land in Second Life! Of course the land still needs improvements but it will come in time. To make it easier for all to find the property you can follow these brief instructions. (The Temple is being constructed in Virtual World!) 

Login to SL
Look to the lower right and click once on the Map button
(a map window will open showing your current location)
in the lower right of this new window notice the word Location with 3 boxes with numbers in them
In those boxes, type the following 3 sets of numbers:

106 108 109

Then click Teleport

These instructions should take you to the property. If there is a problem let us know and we will figure it out.  Email Hosanna



 We are still working towards this goal of completeing the collection of Prophecies and expectations. Take a look at what has been gathered so far, and submit those that you know of that are missing.

Also, there has been little input on the Expectation side of things. These would be of a personal nature, meaning not really found in a Scripture. An example of this would be "I expect Him to look like the picture I have on my wall of Christ." Of course these may or may not be able to be Fulfilled but we would like to hear all you have or know about.




Sal-OM, Here is an article I came across as another proof of the prophecies getting fulfilled right in front of our eyes.  (from the Christian Science Monitor) 

Maitreya  Answers:   Sal-Om Unus,   Indeed the Gog and Magog are coming together to create the one billion man army. It is time for the rest of the world to gather together under the banner of God. The sooner they gather under His banner; the sooner will be His Victory (Armageddon)!

So, rejoice that we are in the Right Path and Mission and tell all you can.


(Note) If anyone finds evidence of Mission Teachings and prophecy fulfilled, be welcome to let us know about it.



Now that the CD project is starting to go into the production phase, we can be thinking of how to distribute it.  1,000 copies are being produced in the first run.

Here are some ideas being discussed.

1.    Members could request a number of CDs to be sent to them for local distribution.  

2.    CDs could be sent out from the Mission Center with the Letter to Humanity.

3.    A 'grassroots' campaign could be started to focus on the everyday person to get this message. (Passing out the CDs at local bazaars, book fairs, gatherings, etc)

What are some other ideas we can brainstorm as ways to distribute? 




Sal-OM M.O.M.

In July, the MOM center idea started to take form as we discussed previously. Hopefully pretty soon there will be a place for people to come, clean their consciousnesses, relax, train their bodies and minds and help educate themselves with ways to reach Pure Consciousness.

The business side of the center would/should stay more focused on the psychology education I have and also take other forms such as food service (catering), simple functional design clothing sales (hopefully in near future) etc. The center would/should only be a free source to those who are seekers to find the truth and realize it themselves (with a little help) by providing a necessary environment and understanding and by connecting them through the website to the Mission and the Teachings.

Thanks God for Everything!

          Sal-OM, Unus




If you have not joined us for these meetings yet, here is your chance to catch up by listening to the recording from August 17th.  We are having a lot of fun brainstorming, laughing, working out the kinks in mics, etc., and talking in a relaxed manner about the Teachings in our lives.   Becoming One! 

The next MOM Members room is September 20, 7:00 pm MDT.  If anyone would like to volunteer to be the moderator (just keeping things going), send an email to:



You may be starting to feel the Feast Energy!

Thanks be to God!


This year the Holy Feast of Trumpets is on the evening of September 10-September 11th.  Symbol of Trumpet:The trumpet is an instrument with a tremendous sound, and if blown strongly, it can awaken people.” So it is a symbol of truth which comes by these seven Angels, which are the same as the Angels of the churches (Prophets of the seven religions)… which opened the Seven Seals [and] are described as seven Angels with seven trumpets. Each of them comes and by their teachings, which are like trumpets, humanity is awakened. …

The Holy Day of Atonement begins on the evening of September 19 - 20.

The Holy Feast of Tabernacles begins the evening of September 24 - October 3.

Read the Explanation of the Holy Days  for more information on these Holy Days.

          See the Lunar Calendar of God for the Feast Calendar.


We discussed at the MOM Members Room this week the idea of each person to be pondering on three  (3) questions which you have found difficult to answer.  Perhaps someone else asked it or you heard it in Paltalk being asked and you thought you would not quite know what to say about it or needed further clarification.

During the days in which Maitreya will be with us in the noon Sessions in Paltalk (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday) , we can discuss among ourselves the ways we can address these more difficult issues or questions.  Someone may have just the perfect approach of how to address them.  Of course,  Maitreya Himself will be available for clarification on these topics. 

We will gather the questions beforehand, email the list to everyone and know what questions which will be discussed,  so please be thinking of the hardest questions you have encountered with the Mission Teachings!   This will surely lead to some great discussions!  Thanks God!


Schedules of the Feast will be published on the Mission Website for all to follow and attend from Paltalk also. 


Please be welcome to forward this News Brief to your contacts.

We are looking for people who would like to write articles for this News Brief and our Newsletter. There are many topics in the Mission that can be used to write about:

The Communities Of Light, Eternal Divine Path, Cyclical Movements presented to humanity by Maitreya, 33 Virtues, our System, etc. There is no limit to what you can write about the Mission.  Tasteful cartoons are also welcomed!  Send your articles to: and/or


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September 1st  , 2007 




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