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  JANUARY 2008



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In the new Format of “Further Clarifications” with Maitreya on the first Saturday of each month, we will be reading the Teachings in half-hour increments.  As we study together, there may be questions for deeper clarification from Maitreya especially while He is still with us.  Now is the time to receive those answers and clarifications.  Only the questions and answers will be posted in the FTP for download. 


The above links are for the January 5th session.  If anyone would like to volunteer to be a reader, please send an email to: and your name will be added for other sessions to the list.


There is now a list of volunteers and we will rotate readers each month during Further Clarifications.





 “God is a Revelation that never ends and forever will continue to reveal Itself to you. If you become connected to God's Consciousness, It is infinitely revealing.”   Satsang with Maitreya of 2-23-02 Read more….



Pure Consciousness (Christhood, Christ-Consciousness, Being Divine, State Of Enlightenment): the state in which the power of the three gunas over the consciousness is overcome, and the consciousness in its pure form (pure intuition) beyond the mind (ego) is realized. Then the oneness with God (universe) is complete, and there would be no Maya left.





The M.O.M. Members Room in Paltalk, Religious Groups/Interfaith Section is coming up soon on the 3rd Friday of the month – January 18th.   Shirin will be the facilitator and we look forward to great discussions!  Mark your calendars and see you there!  7:00 PM MST      Password:  BeDivine

One possible topic (as mentioned below in Fulfillment Project) could be to discuss any ideas surrounding the creation of a Mission DVD.  Another topic could be how to work with Second Life.




There is current ongoing discussion about creating a Mission DVD for further outreach and education.  Script ideas are being brainstormed and suggestions are welcomed.  If anyone has a creative idea that can be put into a DVD format, be welcome to share your thoughts.  This could be a topic of discussion for the MOM Room on the 18th as we have time to contemplate how we might envision a DVD made about the Mission showing how Maitreya fulfills all the prophecies, how the unification can happen, the purpose of having this life, etc.

Also, someone suggested that a pool of Royalty Free photos of our own photographic digital images or any other verified Royalty free image could be created for possible use in the DVD.  If anyone has some great and inspiring photos from vacations or beautiful images, be welcome to submit them.



“Why they are still fighting in the Old Jerusalem, I do not understand. God said it is not going to be Old Jerusalem, but where? The New Jerusalem, where He is going to bring His Temple and it is going to be more important than the Old Jerusalem. So they are fighting for something that has already been rejected. It has already lost its importance in God’s Plan.”  Excerpted from a previous Newsletter where Maitreya answers a question about the escalation of conflict in the Middle East.   City of Vision is Rio Rancho, NM!  New Jerusalem



Submitted by Hosanna

SL - There is always an ongoing discussion and planning to expand the Mission's presence in Second Life.  Some possible avenues of expansion include more land, videos, and Satsangs.

There has been some conversation as to what may keep people from experiencing Second Life for themselves.  It was mentioned that one drawback might be the first experiences some have within the virtual world.  This pertains to the actions of others in the areas mostly visited by new members.  These areas, Help Island and Orientation Island, can be a bit confusing or frustrating for those who first enter.  One way around this is to go directly to the Mission property where you can avoid being bumped into, etc.  While you may wish to visit these other areas, they do offer a lot of information about SL and tutorials on different aspects, you can learn to navigate and fly anywhere. 

To go directly to the Mission property, follow this link:

One final note, when you visit SL and it all appears dark and gloomy, don't worry, you just arrived at nighttime.  SL has 4-hour days, 3 hours of daylight and one hour of night.  If you don't want to wait until daylight comes around again, click on the 'World' button at the top of the window.  Go to the bottom of the menu where it says 'Force Sun', there you will be able to choose which time of day it is for your own use.  Sunrise, Noon, Sunset or Midnight.

 Just acquired!   We just purchased three more pieces of land to add to what we already had.  We are thinking of building the housing unit proposed by the Mission in them (six houses with a hexagon center).  We are certainly expanding our presence in SL and attracting visitors to the Mission properties! 

(Also below in Unus’ report, please see the information about making videos in SL.)  



(All Contact Persons for the Mission of Maitreya are encouraged to send a report of activities, outreach, etc. in your area.  These reports are helpful to inspire others on how to create interest in other areas of the world!)

 From Unus in Turkey:

 Sal-Om M.O.M.,


The month of December passed by busier in some aspects and a lot less busy in some others.

For instance, with the Center it feels like we have completed another phase so it was less busy this month and ready to start a new one. This month the induction, relaxation and other techniques necessary to have people access to their subconscious minds and remember the necessary events, situations etc. to learn specific lessons to clear their karmas etc. was studied, learned and practiced on. We started to use regression therapy and other hypnotherapy techniques to help people in more direct ways now. So in other words besides being able to give others the ways that they can heal themselves (yoga, meditation, deep contemplation), now we are able to help them to accelerate the process more. 

Also this month a good amount of time was spent in researching subjects like "the Arc of the Covenant from Noah's and Moses' time", "the history of the Hebrews" and etc.  Also the possibility of recovering the Arc of the Covenant from Moses' time and use this in the Fulfillment Project for the Mission and the possibility and opportunity to unify people here under the banner of the Mission in mass was contemplated and meditated on. We will do our best to give people more ways in many different levels to realize the Message and the Messenger of God. God knows the best!

A new wiki web site was also created this month. (htpp:// The purpose of creating this web site is to explore the creative ideas to prepare a script for a video or even a motion picture based on His Story revealed to humanity by God through the Mission. And at the same time present the Mission from a different perspective and connect people to the Mission website and therefore the Mission. Many things can be done with such websites so we will continue exploring new ideas to share the Message of God with others in different levels of consciousnesses. Some essays asking some questions and discussing the contradictory points in some common beliefs and dogmas of the world also is in progress in this website. Everyone can check out the website and can participate in this endeavor or comment on things through the forum page.

Another thing is, apparently it is possible to create videos/movies in Second life, you can see some sample videos that are made in SL at there is some additional info about making videos at ( ) and also at . So if the movie making tools can be mastered or find/attract people who already have these skills we can make videos in SL. We can build what we need (a sample community, like the Temple that already is built or even better a movie set to capture different images) and then record the images according to a script we can prepare and etc.  We can all work on the script together and even use different platforms (Wiki pages, You tube, My Space, Facebook, etc.) to attract creative people to be a part of this work.

If we could start making videos in SL, we might also be able to attract some other creative people to come and help and be a part of this. Start our own virtual Production Company (Mission-of-Maitreya Productions :) and who knows what else, sky is the limit!

These are the main things that can be reported from Turkey for the month of December 07.

All thanks to God for the opportunity to do His Will.

Thanks God for Everything!





Submitted by Maitreyii

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

Revelation 10:7

We are in the “days of the voice of the seventh angel.”  Maitreya (GIWH) is the Seventh Angel.  How do we hear His Voice?

It could be said that there are seven ways that Maitreya’s Voice can be heard:

1-   The Writings by Maitreya’s Hand.  These were directly written by the Messiah Himself, and were not first an oral tradition that has been changed throughout.  This is in sharp contrast to many of the other Prophets, who gave their teachings orally, and through time were lost, deleted, or changed by others.  His writings include:

 The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament.  This is the Scripture (Book) that was prophesied to come as the Book Sealed with the Seven Seals.  It explains creation and history, how and why God has given the different religions to man, how we can create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and many other topics.  Also in THOTH, The Greatest Sign is revealed and explained.  This was first published in the spring of 1982.

 The Plan:  Two basic booklets, The Light and The Map that briefly explain two aspects of the teachings of Maitreya and were taken from THOTH.

 The Golden Keys:  Answers to common questions, compiled from letters that Maitreya wrote Himself in the early years of the Mission.

 Three declarations: (you can find them in the website).

 Answers to many questions: (you can find them in the website).

 Many texts in the website: which are also written by Maitreya.

 Letter To Humanity and Their Leaders, God is Calling You.

The others listed below (except #7) were given orally by Maitreya-ji Himself and were audio or videotaped.  They are now available to all in the FTP site (also accessible from the website).  Most of them have also been transcribed.  Therefore, these are original tapes, with the Voice of Maitreya, and will be available for all to listen to for hundreds and thousands of years!  Because God has given us the Internet and the ability to record and preserve audios and videos (rather than relying on the imperfect memory of individual humans), God’s Revelation of the Seventh Seal is secure for all time and all men.

There are around 200 of these sessions on the website right now.  Each is like a precious jewel, covering many different topics and answering a wide variety of questions.  

2-    Satsangs (Discourses) and Lectures by Maitreya

 The first and second lectures by Maitreya: The first lecture Maitreya-ji gave was at one meeting in Toronto (“Meeting Place”) in 1983.  That lecture was not taped.

The second lecture Maitreya-ji gave was on June 26, 1983 in Quebec, Canada.

Then Discourses and Lectures were given for many years.

 Discourses:  These are formal Satsangs (“Words of Truth”) given by Maitreya in the years 1987-1991, and 1999-2003.

Feast Of Tabernacles:  Discourses given at the annual Feast Of Tabernacles, including specific lectures about each of the Seven Seals. 

3-  Conversation with Maitreya:  This was a new, less formal format that was used, in the years 2003-2005.  In this format the restrictions in the conference room were relaxed, so that everyone could participate and pose questions to Maitreya in a conversational format. 

4-  Maitreya Calling Elects:  This was another format that was used and reflected the new shift of Focus for the Mission from Explanation to Implementation, from 2005 to 2007.  In this format the concentration was mostly on calling the Elects to step forward and be counted.

5-  Revelations  (The Voice Of God):  This format reflected the new shift of focus for the Mission from explanation and answering the questions by Maitreya, to direct Revelation by God, starting 6/2/07 and ending 7/7/07.  In these two sessions, God confirmed the Revelations Revealed to humanity by Maitreya and clarified His positions in many topics.  These two Revelations finished the Revelations entrusted to Maitreya and expressed His Pleasure of these Revelations brought by Maitreya in their Purest form to humanity.  It Is Done!

6- Further Clarifications:  These sessions started 08/04/07 and continue to this day, on the first Saturday of every month at 2:00 PM MST in our PalTalk room, “All Religions Unified.”

These sessions are to further explain and clarify the teachings.  Maitreya will be available in these monthly gatherings only to answer any questions left or to clarify and further explain the teachings.  These sessions also are for those who want to see where their religion falls into these teachings and/or would like to discuss, debate, and/or challenge Maitreya and His teachings. 

We invite all people to come, study with us, debate the teachings, argue, and challenge what God has sent to humanity.  We have the last Revelation from God and we would like all to see this, join, and help to bring His Kingdom on earth.

And it could be said, the Seventh Way that we Hear the Voice of Maitreya is through: 

7-  THE WORD ( ) (internally we hear His Voice, Love It, and Know It is True.)



Have you ever thought about creating your own website to share the Mission Teachings?  It is very easy with simple to understand templates for starting a web page or website.   There are many free website hosts which offer a wide variety of choices and creative content.  Give it a ‘Google’ (free website hosts) and see what you find.  If you would like to recommend a Host that you have found easy to work with, please be welcome to share your experiences.

Some free website builders:

Some for a small fee website builders:   (If you use BlueHost, be sure and say the Mission of Maitreya referred you.  They will pay a ‘finders fee’ to the Mission for new customers)

  The idea behind creating your website is that you can express your feelings and understandings of the Mission (make the Mission yours) and at the same time have a link to the Mission. The Mission website will become a center of focus as the original Revelation.  So people can go there, find the original and Pure Revelation, see how they can relate to the Revelation and realize It by themselves.

As the number of these sites increases, so will our presence in the Internet.   The number of the people who will Find these Truths will increase as well!


Recently created websites for the Mission outreach:

    RU - A new web site is being created called  This site will look into each religion and explain, as Maitreya has given it to all of humanity, how all religions are unified.  While not all pages have information, yet, you might find some useful information.  The last page of the web site is dedicated to all Scriptures.  It offers everyone an opportunity to locate all the Scriptures and buy them from, and gives a link to THOTH.  Feel free to send in comments and suggestions, especially for typos or unclear statements, as this is a work in progress.

Others are: - A collection of previous Newsbriefs from the Mission & donation site - Turkish site for outreach in that language - A possible story line/script for a DVD - Bridging the gap to show all prophecies refer to The Seventh Angel

We now have a page in the website that has a link to all these pages.  So, if you have a website related to the Mission, and it is not listed in that page, send us the URL with a short description about it.  If you create a new one, please do the same.  Then, we will have a link back to your website from the Mission website as well.  Send your email to:





New Price Discount: A wholesale price is now available for orders of THOTH.  Anyone who wishes to resale and/or act as a distributor can now receive a 40% discount on orders of 5 copies or more of THOTH.   Five copies would be a total of $110.00 (plus shipping) placed through the Mission Ecommerce store.

Coming soon:  THOTH is in the process of being converted to a PDF file and will be available in the future in an easy to download E-Book format.  There are also many places to submit an E-book for listings in different vendors.  It could also be downloaded to a portable device for offline reading.  Thanks God!



 9-18-04               READ          LISTEN       TOPICS COVERED

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8-28-04               READ          LISTEN      


This Satsang needs a ‘Topics Covered’ list.  If anyone would like to listen or read and submit the topics, please send to:  You can view a previous Topics Covered list and submit it in the same format.

                             8-21-04 and 8-14-04 Satsangs also need topics lists.

Thanks God!


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The Communities Of Light, Eternal Divine Path, and Cyclical Movements presented to humanity by Maitreya, 33 Virtues, our System, etc. There is no limit to what you can write about the Mission.  Tasteful cartoons are also welcome!

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