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Florida, North

Sal-OM, Community

I do not have new news this past month here in North Florida. I have not been out and about much, but I look forward to the coming month with new energies with the New Year of Spring beginning. With the blossom of a new flower, we too, can renew and blossom in faith, and hope. Thanks God for our Teachings.

In general in my area:

I share the message of the Mission of Maitreya when I have the opportunity here in the rural area of North Florida where I reside. As a resident artist here and a member of the Museum and Art Guild I create and show art that portrays spirituality and meditation. This usually creates curiosity and conversation when people come to the art shows and it gives me the opportunity to share the Mission teachings.
I am also trying to start a meditation class going on with some of the art group.

In Thanks to God,


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