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Reports From Light Seekers (Members)

1. Sal-Om Everyone,
As we all write in with the efforts of reaching out to Humanity, it is grateful to know that God is doing the work through us as channels.  Every deed that is done, is a seed planted.  As God's
Elects we are responsible for allowing God to work through us to reach the masses of people.  God has blessed us with many tools to spread the message of God and the Mission Of Maitreya.  The Greatest is the Internet, and than we have courier, postal, fax, telecommunication, etc.  As Maitreya said, The elects will turn around 180 degrees and will work on the manifestation of God.
I have a facebook account.  I post Maitreya's quotes and Satsangs daily.  With each posting, I post the Mission Website as well.  Few people comment to say they like it.  The most important
thing is that people are seeing it, and the seed is being planted.  When I accept someone as a friend, I always give the Mission Web address.
This week, I had a family member call me to ask if I would mail some information on the Mission to her.  What a blessing and music to my soul, to have received this request.  ALL thanks to God.  I mailed the Letter To Humanity, etc.  May God receive another Soul.

I have also been putting Maitreya's quotes and satsangs on the Mission page on Alliance For A New Humanity.  Another doorway to God.  All Thanks To God.

I sent The Letter To Humanity to the following 20 churches which brings the total to 240.

  1. Manor United Methodist.             11. Shepherd Of The Hills
  2. Hays Hill Baptist                          12. Southeast Travis Baptist
  3. Santa Cruz Catholic                    13. Immanuel Lutheran
  4. St. Paul Episcopal                        14. First Baptist
  5. First United Methodist                 15. Hill Country Bible
  6. Poiema Presbyterian                   16. Church Of the Hills
  7. Life At The Well Lutheran             17. Church Of The Savior
  8. Lake Travis Church Of Chris         18. Shenandoah Baptist
  9. River In The Hills                          19. Acts Church
  10. First Baptist                                 20. Tree Of Life

I sent the Letter To Humanity to the following organizations.

  1. YMCA
  2. MADD
  3. Reader Views
  4. Texas Performing Arts
  5. Groove Labs
  6. Liveable City
  7. New Day

I sent the Letter to Humanity to the following social groups.

  1. Animal Trustees Of Austin
  2. Austin Bead Society
  3. Austin Pets Alive
  4. Austin Co Housing
  5. Austin Songwriters Group
  6. Austin Toastmasters
  7. Bat Conversation International

One World          One Humanity          One Savior         One God

Maverick John Viator (HOSH-REMINDER)


Light Seekers: This section is for the members of the Mission (Light Seekers).  If any member of the Mission is performing any outreach for the Mission, here is where they can send their monthly reports.  We hope all members of the Mission perform some outreach for the Mission and let us know what they are doing by sending a report for this page.

Note: We encourage everyone to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to report pages!  The deadline is the 5th of each month.  The Newsbrief is usually sent out the 10th of each month.  Send your reports to:

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