Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Issue #13 – December 01, 2001
“He that hath ears to hear,
let him hear….” (Matthew 11:15)


What’s New?


      Our new conference room has been fantastic!  It is through a program called PalTalk.  We are using it for many of the Mission activities.  It is simple to use, has many advantageous features, and is FREE (a fee of about $10 a year can be paid to turn off the ads, but it is not required).  Anyone can download and sign up to use PalTalk; go to: Paltalk (http://www.paltalk.com) and follow the instructions.  

In PalTalk, there are many different “rooms” for various groups.  Our room is called “Mission of Maitreya” and it can be found under the “Religious” section.

 In this room, we have our daily services, 5:50 AM MST and 5:50 PM MST.  We are truly a “cyberchurch”!  Also, the room is open during other times of the day to read THOTH, answer questions about the Mission, listen to tapes of Maitreya giving Satsang, etc.  Usually there are sessions at: 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM (except Saturdays, and Sundays until 9:00AM), 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM, and 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM.  All these times are MST.  We also have our room in French open on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM MST.  We might have the room open at other times with no prior scheduling!

We are meeting new people every day, from different areas of the world, and the response to the Mission is overwhelmingly positive.  There are many who have been waiting for this unifying teaching to come, and they are thankful that we have connected them to the Mission!  Some come every day just to listen to the reading of the Mission literature.   Here are some examples of what people have said in the room:       

“Very grateful for the reading.”
“I like what I am hearing.”
“This is what I am looking for.”
“I love Maitreya.  He speaks the truth.”

We would love to have more volunteers to read Mission literature in the room.  Just come to the room in Paltalk and raise your hand.  It is that easy, and it is quite a blessing to be able to read THOTH for others to hear the Words of Truth!



 We are now blessed to have Satsang (Discourse) with Maitreya, Saturdays at 10:00 AM Mountain Standard Time, in the same room we just explained above.  During this time, Maitreya will explain the Eternal Divine Path and answer questions.  Please note:  because there are so many people who come to the Satsang, we found it necessary to “red-dot” (take away people’s microphone and ability to type) everyone during the Satsang so that there is not a lot of distraction during the time Maitreya is explaining the teachings.  However, anyone can “put up their hand,” and they will have their turn to ask their question.  Many new and logical answers have been given, and the questions are from people with very diverse backgrounds (see the next article in this newsletter!)

At the end of the Satsang, all names are “un-red-dotted” so that a 30-minute discussion of the Mission’s teachings can occur.

It is a special event each week, and all are welcome to join us.



Recently copies of The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament have been sent to people in France, Norway, Scotland, The Netherlands, and Holland.  Eventually, we would like to see THOTHs in every area of the world, and the website translated into many different languages (right now there is an English and a French website for the Mission).  We are looking for volunteers to help in this task.  We need the website translated into Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc.  It can be done one page at a time.  Please email the Mission at: Mission@maitreya.org if you would like to help in this great endeavor.


THOTHS (more…)!

The new edition of THOTH (it is the eighth edition) is at the printers right now!  The books will then be taken to the binders, and they will be available for purchase within the month.

Each new edition of THOTH has a few editing changes and some new Essays.   This edition is special in that it also has the name of The Greatest Sign throughout the book (instead of the previous name of The Great Sign).

Of course, the Revelation is given freely.  All can have free access to THOTH through the website: www.maitreya.org.  However, if anyone wants to purchase the book in hardcopy, it is available through our ecommerce set-up, for $19.  Note:  the $19 does not really cover the cost of production, but we wanted to have it available at an affordable price so everyone can enjoy its PricelessnessJ.



Yes, it was another wonderful Feast.  This year it was held October 1-8, 2001.   Again it was a great time of renewal and revival.  Every year we follow God’s Commandments to have a 7-day “Feast unto the Lord” (see the Old Testament, Leviticus chapter 23).  This was the first Feast we had on PalTalk, and we came to meet some new friends through this media.  You can see some of the lectures we had on the Sixth Seal (the theme this year was the Sixth Seal, Paravipras) on this page

Next year’s Feast of Tabernacles will be held: September 20th-28th.  Hope you all can join us for this special time.  Remember, you do not have to travel anywhere, but just turn on your computer, log onto PalTalk, and you are in our “room”.  You can hear the lectures, meditate with us, laugh with us, ask questions during the Satsangs, etc.  The only thing you will not be able to do is eat the Feast food with us L, but if you request it, Ananda Ma will send you the recipes we will use for the Feast meals.  They are always specially planned and nutritious for body, mind and Spirit J.



There is now a genealogy search going on by several people, about Maitreya’s ancestral background.  This was initiated by someone who happened to drop into the PalTalk room, and he loved what he heard.  Then he started asking questions about Maitreya’s lineage background, because he felt it would be important for many others.  Amazingly, it has been found that Maitreya’s ancestors extend back to King David through the lineage of Nadir Shah in Persia!  Brother Frank wrote:


I was absolutely astonished and blessed to find that ‘The Greatest Sign’ starts with King David (Star), ends with King David (Star), and revolves (circles) around King David (Star).  I believe that God has just passed the ‘Key of David’ from Him/Her/It to us.”  (Revelation 3:7).


There will be more information about this exciting discovery in future issues!  




I have made a covenant with my chosen.  I have sworn unto David my servant.  Thy seed will I establish for ever, and build up thy throne to all generations” (Psalms 89:3-4)





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1-  - Is someone channeling Maitreya?

Maitreya:  We are just channeling God.  There is only the Spirit of God on earth and in the universe.  There should not be any medium between you and God.  You have the ability to connect to God directly.  You do not need a channel to channel anyone for you. 

That is how the problems started in many religions.  That is how people become dogmatic because they listen to their priests.  They listen to their rabbis.  They listen to their brahmans.  They listen to their mullahs.  In every religion they have a channel, something between themselves and God.

I am here to tell you, Do not.  Do not listen to your preacher.  Do not listen to your mullah.  Do not listen to anyone, but understand THOTH and the teaching of the Mission, and then confirm it with God directly.

You do not need a medium.  God said that you can have a direct relationship with Him.  It is the human ego that has created these things to disconnect you from God.

Then we have the “Brotherhood of Light” that does the same thing.  They have “Master M” and “Maitreya” and this and that, and people channel “Maitreya.”  And how many people channel “Maitreya” on earth?  And each of them say different things.

What kind of Maitreya is it, that he changes his mind every time someone channels him? [laughter]  Don’t you ask that to yourself, how come this channel says differently than the other channel when they supposedly channel the same person? 

You do not need channels.  Get rid of them.  Go to God directly.  You even do not need me.  I am just here to give you the Message.  You should not even become attached to me and my body and say, “Maitreya said that, therefore, I am not going to think.  I am just going to let Maitreya think for me.”

God gave you a brain.  Why did God give you a brain if He wanted just robots to follow the teachers?  Get rid of the teachers.  I like that book, If You Saw The Buddha, Kill Him.  Why?  It does not mean to really kill him.  Do not come and kill me [laughter].  But it means that Buddha just gave you the message. 

Do not listen to your friends.  Do not listen to your colleagues.  Do not listen to the things that people tell you.  Use your brain.  Use your understanding.  God gave you intelligence.  God gave you hands, feet.  Why? 

Read THOTH, the greatest Revelation that has ever come to humanity, and then think about it.  Test the Spirit. Those who are following the channels or trying to understand God through other people, are going to make mistakes.  They are going to fall into the traps of the spirit and ego. 

So here in this Mission we are channeling no one.  We are giving you the highest Revelation from God based on the Scriptures based on His Revelations, and we are asking you to go and study and become an independent searcher. “Search, ask, knock and you will find it.”

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2- Was Moses the only one who spoke directly to God? 

Maitreya:  Did Moses directly talk to God?  In the Bible when it says that he spoke to God, probably he meant a revelation he received from God, and people interpreted it as he directly talked to God.  If you take that as Moses directly talked to God, so did Abraham.

Lot even pleaded with God on the matter of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  He said, “Can God spare them?”  And God “told” him, “If there are five people…”  The discussion came that if there were five good people in that city, God was going to spare them.  It was a discussion between Lot and God.  Lot could not find five good people. 

So really, good people are the people who prevent the destruction to come to a city or a nation or the earth.  If there are even a few good people left, God will spare a nation or a city or anything like that.  Unless really the situation gets worse, God is not going to destroy and bring destruction, unless the majority are not good.

Did Lot talk to God directly?  I doubt that.  I can say that probably he received a Soul-to-Soul understanding of God’s Desire. 

God is a Spirit.  God does not have a mouth.  That is why God sends Prophets.  If a Spirit could come to earth and say, “Listen to me, this is the way I want,” why does He need Prophets?  Why does He need a mouthpiece?

So, He has to come through an individual or being, through the Messiah, through the Prophet, and He has to give prophesies of their coming.  When he comes, everyone says, “Yes, he has fulfilled these prophecies.  What he says is based on the Scriptures.”  God has said, ‘I am going to unify all religions together.’”  Therefore, it makes sense.

So that again in the Bible, probably some people would have liked to see that in the Bible.  We know the Bible has been translated twenty-seven times.  Actually, the Bible was lost completely.  When the Jewish people came from Persia and built the temple, none of them had the Bible.  They found a book in one of the walls in the old temple and they said, “Oh, that should be the Bible.”  And they actually decided that it was.

So, you can see that you cannot rely on everything that you hear or read.  But most of them, of course, have been explained in THOTH, and they are the truth.

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3- I was just wondering, do you agree that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light and that no one, no one can come to the Father but through Jesus?”

Maitreya:  First of all, his name never was Jesus.  There is no “j” in Hebrew.  You are saved by his name, which cannot be uttered in this external world.  Also, every Prophet who comes says the same thing, “You can go to the Father only through me, and without me you will not be able to go to God.”

That is what Christ said.  That is what Krishna said.  That is what Muhammad said.  That is what every Prophet said.  And that is what we say here, You cannot go to God but by understanding our teaching.

What did he mean when Prophet Muhammad said, “Listen when God speaks through Muhammad, listen to My Prophet.  What he says are My Words.”  It means you cannot come to Him but through what Prophet Muhammad says.  What all of them were saying really is, you have to understand the message.  You have to understand the teaching.  You have to understand Christ and what he taught.

It is not that you go to Christ by saying, “Jesus, Jesus,” which is not his name, and you are going to go there.  No.  You have to understand what he taught, what he came for.  He came here for a mission, for a reason.  He had a message.

No one can understand any of the messages of any of the religions that came to humanity until this point, until they understand our teaching, which unifies them and explains them.  Therefore, no Christian, no Jew, no Hindu, no Buddhist, no Moslem, none of them have the truth until the Seventh Angel comes, and everyone who has anyone that they believe in, has just a very small portion of a greater truth which is The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path.

The only way you can understand your religion and other religions is through our teachings.  That is exactly what we are saying here as was said before, you will not understand God unless you understand our teaching.  Even after that, you have to experience God directly by yourself!

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4- “How can we separate what is opinion and what is not from Allah, or from God?”

Maitreya:  All the religions before this Revelation culminated or came together, or supported each other, or made each perfect in each successive revelation, until this one.  With this one, if you read THOTH and you understand THOTH, you will understand the Koran better.  I am not saying you are going to understand everything in the Koran, but you will become a better Moslem than ever any Moslem was. 

If you read THOTH, you will become a better Jew than before.  We have Jewish people in the Mission.  We have Christian people in the Mission.  After they read THOTH and they understood this teaching, they became even better Christians, even better Jews.  They realize, “Oh yes, that is what God said, and that is what God did, that is what God meant, that is how it is, and that is how God meant eventually all the revelations will come together as the Seven Seals.  It will be opened.  The book sealed with the Seven Seals is opened.  And when that book is opened, the mystery of God is finished.”

See, God is a mystery until the Seventh Angel comes, until the seventh revelation comes.  Now the seventh revelation is here.  Now you want to go and read the Koran alone and try to understand it, but if you read THOTH, you will be able to understand the Koran in a much better and deeper level. 

So that is true, none of the religions, none of the revelations before this Revelation, were perfect.  They were a part of the greater truth.

Even in the Koran it says that Prophet Muhammad was revealing only a part of the Tablet, not the whole thing.  So it means there is going to be more to come, right?

So I recommend you read THOTH first, and then go to the Koran and read it again to see if you understand it much better than before.  Then if still you have any questions on a specific part of the Koran, I would be glad to talk to you, discuss it with you, and come to a meaning that makes sense to everyone.

But, understand that none of the Scriptures before this one is completely perfect.  They have been influenced with the human thought and opinions.  If you want to know which one is opinion and which is not, measure it against the Holiest Of The Holies, THOTH to see.  If it is in the Holiest, then it is not opinion.  If it is not, it might be an opinion.

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5- What is your connection with the Baha’i Faith?

Maitreya:  The very base of the Baha’i Faith is that all the religions of the world are basically the same.  They have come from the same God, they are saying the same thing, and therefore, we have to come together and become unified.  It was prophesied to come.

After Prophet Muhammad, many Moslems were waiting for another great Prophet to come to humanity from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.  Bab came as that Prophet.  He was from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.  He was a Sayyed.  Sayyed means a person who has been born in the Prophet’s lineage.

Usually, if you go to the Islamic countries, they have two colors of turbans.  One is black, and one is green.  The people who wear the turbans that are black,  are from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.  Bab was such a person.  He came and brought a new teaching that he called the Bayan. 

Of course, it is very hard to find the Bayan these days.  We have been looking for it.  We cannot find it. 

Then, of course, later on Baha’u’llah came, and he tried to correct and perfect Bab’s teaching.  But we can see in the Scripture that it reveals that the Baha’i teaching and Bab’s teaching is not perfect.  You can read why.  It is in THOTH (The Holiest Of The Holies).  They were the twin Prophets that God had predicted to come.

So they brought the concept of universalism but in our teaching it is not the same as the Baha’i teaching.  Bahá'ís say that all the religions of the world, basically, say the same thing.  They talk about God and being good and all of that.

We do not say that.  We say we are revealing the seven seals and each religion of the world has one specific message, therefore, they are different in that, and they are not the same.

So the Baha’i teaching in our teaching is the universalism.  Universalism means to accept God as your Father and Mother, and the universe as your home.  Therefore, you shatter all the narrowness of the mind.

The Baha’i teaching in our teaching is related to the shattering of the narrowness of the mind, realizing that God is One, and understanding that all humanity and the universe are His children.

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6- I have heard it said that Maitreya and his followers are supporters of a new world order.  I was wondering, is this the same new world order that George Bush and the ten-nation coalition is implementing?  Or, is it the same as the New World Order that the Arabs are re-instigating in the Old Babylon?  Or, is it something else completely different than those two?

Maitreya:  Well, we are neither Arabs, nor from any government, nor from any present religion on earth.  We are a new Revelation. 

If you go and read on our website, you will see that all the prophecies are fulfilled.  All the things that have to end, the Kali Yoga, is finished.  The dispensation of Buddha is finished.  The time of Prophet Muhammad's dispensation, and Bab’s, and Baha’u’llah’s, and all of them, are finished.

It is the Revelation that has been foretold to come for centuries, and thousands of years.  The culmination of all of God’s Revelation has come to humanity to this point. 

We are not connected or affiliated with anything on earth.  The Mission is from God.  We are calling the Elects to come, to see, to join, and to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

We are not propagating a new order but we are propagating God’s Kingdom on earth.  And when the Kingdom comes, as in the book of Daniel, the stone comes and hits the statue, and the statue will be destroyed and will be no more.

So, the worldly kingdoms and systems are not going to work.  The only system that will bring peace to humanity and good will to man is the system of God.  That system of God is now on earth and we are inviting everyone to go to our web site, to read about it, understand it, come and ask questions, and let us really know what it is.

When many people have seen what it is, we all can come together and help to bring it about.

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7- If the seventh seal you have opened, is opened and that is the final seal, then what is to happen next, according to you?

Maitreya:  The next step is to call the Elects.  The next step is to gather those who have been incarnated, sent by God, to come, see The Greatest Sign, see the Revelation, see the Seven Seals, come and say, “Yes, it makes sense.  You make sense.  Whatever you say makes sense.  I have no question about the validity of your claim.  The prophecies are fulfilled.  The words are based on the Word of God.  The Seven Seals are opened.  The book sealed with the Seven Seals is revealed.  You have to be the Seventh Angel, that will reveal the whole mystery of God.  Therefore, I am here to completely dedicate my life to God and become a part of this great Mission, which will eventually bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.”

So the next step is to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth so that the whole humanity becomes one.  They all feel the pain of every man and woman on earth, and they create an earth where there is no pain, no violence, no destruction, the unity will come to humanity, God will become their King, and His Laws will become their Laws.

That Kingdom will last for a long, long time.  And all the warmongers, destructive people, and those who sit in the seat of judgment instead of God, will be no more.

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 “Some people say that sharing is a good idea.

Sharing is not just a good idea; it is the Law.

Humanity has to learn to share with one another

in order to create peace on earth.”  Maitreya


Be(come) a Contact Person

for the Mission

Almost anyone can become a contact person for the Mission.  As the name implies, you try to connect people in your area to the Mission.  Most people love to have a personal contact in the area they live in.  So the duty of a contact person ranges from a clearing house (just connect people to the Mission), to a person who becomes a center of attraction for the Mission.

You will provide an address, phone number, and your email address.  People who live close to you can contact you and receive more information about the Mission.  You can further your help by starting some meditation classes, transmission sessions, six-week meditation courses, THOTH reading times, opening rooms in PalTalk in the Internet, and eventually create a Community Of Light where you are.

So a contact person can be a simple point of contact and/or a center for the Mission.  Hopefully we will have many dedicated teachers in the Mission who will eventually act as the elders in these centers started by these contacts and will help to create many Communities Of Light in these places.  Therefore being a contact person means the beginning of a greater process to manifest the Mission in your area.  It is a great service in bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So we encourage everyone who is interested in the Mission to consider becoming a contact person for the Mission.  Attract like-minded people in your area and start a center for the Mission where you are.  Let us find the Elects and Teachers of the Mission (those who have been called to be teachers of the Mission).  Start small but be persistent and expand your horizons and involvement as time progresses.  Be so dedicated to the Mission that all your spare time can be used for this great work.

If you would like to be a contact person, send us an email (contacts@maitreya.org) and express this desire.  We will work with you to start the process.  A contact person is the beginning of creation of the Communities Of Light.  The Kingdom Of God is based on the Communities Of Light!



“Our way is the way of unification.

Our way is the way of God.

Our way is the beginning of the

Kingdom of Heaven on Earth…”