Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Issue #14 – February 7, 2002

What’s New? 


The 8th edition of The Holiest Of The Holies (THOTH), The Last Testament is now available!  There are three new essays on some practical aspects of human living, including ones that may help in the prevention of colon and prostrate cancer, conditions that are increasing in the western world.  If you have already ordered THOTH, you can download these new additions and include them in your copy of THOTH:  

1- Going to the Bathroom: http://www.maitreya.org/FILES/THOTH.HTM/ESSAYS3.HTM/Essays3-7.html
2 - Emptying The Remaining Liquid From The Male Genitalia: http://www.maitreya.org/FILES/THOTH.HTM/ESSAYS3.HTM/Essays3-3.html
3 - Why God Commanded Us to Eat Kosher Food And Avoid Eating Unclean Food: http://www.maitreya.org/FILES/THOTH.HTM/Suplements.htm/kosher_Food.htm

Or, if you would prefer to order this new edition (there are 100 copies available), go to our e-commerce section on the website (http://www.maitreya.org/store/default.aspx) and order it from there.  We can now accept direct payment through World Pay with a credit card.

Of course, the Revelation was freely received, and it is freely given.  THOTH is available to all through the website (www.maitreya.org/english/THOTH.htm) free of charge!  And it is truly Amazing!



John, one of the Mission of Maitreya teachers, will be traveling this summer to give lectures and inspiration about the Mission.  He will be available these dates:

May 20-30, June 3-13, June 17-27, July 8-18 and July 22-August 1

If you are interested in hosting this teacher to come to your area, let us know so it can be planned.  It can be a wonderful way to share the Mission with others in your area, start a Center, create meditation classes, etc.  Contact us at: Mission_Of_Maitreya@maitreya.org


Have you seen the new design of the Mission of Maitreya website?  It is quite beautiful!  The background is the color indigo, a very spiritual hue.  Also, if you look carefully, you can see The Greatest Sign in the indigo!



Radah and Ishvara have worked hard on the Mission Calendar, and it has been done in a very special way this year.  It is been put in the website so that each month or year can be calculated automatically!  This calendar can be found at:  http://www.maitreya.org/english/Calendar/introduction.htm

There is further explanation of this calendar on page 5 of this newsletter.



 Khaled and Keyosha worked on designing some bumper stickers that read:

   “One Humanity, One World, Under One God” with the Mission of Maitreya website address.  They are a smaller type of bumper sticker and can be purchased for $2.00 each.  Go to the Visual Aids section at http://www.maitreya.org/store/default.aspx.



Brad was invited as a guest lecturer in the PalTalk Belief Zone room on January 30th.  Great job, Brad! (we know, you will say, All thanks go to God…)  It was wonderful to see the Message going out to more people of different backgrounds (there were Moslems, Christians, Baha’is, etc), and it encouraged many to come to our room in PalTalk and also to investigate the website.  We are receiving more invitations to explain the teaching, and we welcome every opportunity to do this.

May each person on earth hear about The Greatest Sign and the Eternal Divine Path at least once! 



The Feast will be held September 20-28th, 2002.  It is a time of Blessedness and Fellowship, and can be celebrated from where you are (connecting through the Internet) or by traveling to Albuquerque.  We need to know who will plan to come to Albuquerque, so we can decide if a larger place needs to be rented.  For more information on the Feast, go to: http://www.maitreya.org/english/feast-an.htm.    



All are welcome to join us in a Devotional Talent Night for the Mission.   Please share your talent with us.  We will have songs, poems, instrumentals, testimonies, etc.  Let us know what you plan to share by writing to: Sarah @maitreya.org.  Hope to see you there!  (to sample some of Shakti’s talent, go to page 9 of this newsletter!)



We had a blessed wedding between Khaled and Keyosha in our CyberChurch January 02, 2002, with the video broadcast on PalTalk.  May many more such marriages occur, between people of diverse backgrounds! 



(From THOTH, Essays 2, Tablet Two)


<1>There are four beings which each person should consider as the most important people in his life. <2>They are God, spiritual teacher, parents and spouse.

<3>In a person’s relationship with these beings, God is at the top of the hierarchy. Then comes the spiritual teacher who leads a person to God. Next are the parents who are an instrument used to allow him to receive a body so that he could come to this world and advance in his spiritual journey. Eventually is the spouse, who is his twin flame and helper in his physical, mental and spiritual progress.

<4>So if any being in this hierarchy becomes an obstacle for a person to attend to his obligations to the one higher up, that being should be disregarded.

<5>If a spiritual teacher does not help a person truly know God, he is not a true teacher and should be disregarded. If parents become an obstacle in one’s spiritual progress and an obstacle between him and his true spiritual guide, although they should not be disrespected, the person should follow his spiritual teacher rather than them.

<6>Also if a spouse would make the person disrespectful to his parents or spiritual teacher, that spouse should be corrected or disregarded. <7>However, when a man and woman marry, if it is possible, it is better for them to start their independence by separating themselves from their parents and, with all respect to the parents, start their own course of life and only listen to their parents if their advice is sound and will guide them closer to God.

<8>After these four beings, the relationships of a person can be expanded to their children and others in the external world.

<9>Children are the guests of the parents and are beings entrusted to them by God to be helped to progress physically, mentally and spiritually. Parents are the channels through which children are born. <10>Also they are the co-creators of them, so parents should create a godly love toward them, as God has love toward man.

<11>However, they should always be aware that the children are not theirs and should let them be free when the time comes. Parents should never possess their children nor make them their slaves by their excess love and emotional webs. <12>Of course children have great responsibility toward their parents to assist them when it is needed and to give them the highest respect.

<13>In regard to the relationship with others, if a person is living in a Community of Light and is one of the 12 people as the base for selecting the leaders (read Zion and Mount Zion), then his community would be regarded as the second family. <14>Then the person has a great responsibility, first to become an example for others and a leader, and secondly, to be observant to choose truly the best person as the leader or the judge of the twelve.

<15>It is in this community in which a person learns to live with others and also learns to become a leader. A leader who has not gone through this test of being able to live with others and emerge as a Chosen One, cannot be trusted as a true leader.

<16>If a person does not live in such a community, he should still help the cause of creation and progress physically, mentally and spiritually and help others in this endeavor also. <17>If he is married and has a family, then the rest of the universe is his second family, and he should treat them as such.

<18>Also in choosing friends, the person should associate with those who would help him in his progress toward the goal of his life – to be(come) Divine. He should disregard those who would lead him away from this and his responsibilities toward the first four beings described in the beginning (God, spiritual teacher, parents, and spouse).

<19>In regard to work associates and the job environment, a vocation that one respects, enjoys, and is proficient in doing should be chosen. He should be(come) one with it and do it perfectly, and that should be all the requirement necessary in any job.

<20>The associates at work can be accepted as friends if it is possible to be helpful in each other’s progress or to create a more spiritual environment there. However, they should not become a channel for satisfaction of unspiritual, unsatisfied psychological or emotional needs. These all would be from the false ego and the relationships would be based on one ego supporting the other. Such relationships would be shallow and are based on false needs which eventually will end in deep dissatisfaction for both partners. <21>The ego does not have love and compassion and indeed is hungry for these, so two people who do not have these things try to receive them from each other. Then they will both be disappointed when they realize that the other person cannot provide what they long for, because he does not have it either.

<22>However, they take the attention the other person gives to them as Love, or as a true relationship. But in truth that attention is a trick to receive the attention of the other person. This kind of relationship is indeed a business. The translation is, “I give you attention, you give me attention.” The base is on ego, not Love, respect and progress.

<23>So become best in what you do and base your life on God and the establishment of His Kingdom. Any relationship which becomes an obstacle to this ideal should be disregarded and is from false needs and false ego.    



SPIRITUAL TEACHER                              PARENTS               


Guru (Spiritual Teacher):  a realized person who can manifest God’s qualities through himself and help others by these qualities in their path toward be(com)ing Divine.  As true realization comes through God’s Grace, so the progress of the student also depends upon The Grace of his spiritual teacher.  As man serves God to gain His Grace, so the student serves the teacher to gain his Grace.

However, there are many false teachers.  To recognize them, it should be noticed that anyone who teaches anything other than the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine is a false teacher.

Also the Guru or the teacher should eventually lead a person to the realization of the formless, nameless, invisible and eternal God.  Otherwise such a person is creating a personality cult and is not a true Guru or teacher.  (from Glossary, THOTH, p. 590).


The Calendar of God

(written by Radah)


All the Feasts and Holy Days that the Lord has commanded to respect in the

book of Leviticus, chapter 23 of the Bible, are now easily found in Maitreya’s

Calendar. Those Feasts and Holy Days are based on the Lunar cycles. You can

read about the calendar and the base of history and dating in THOTH, at

http://www.maitreya.org/FILES/THOTH.HTM/ESSAYS1.HTM/Essays1-13.html#THE BASE OF HISTORY AND DATING .



The Calendar of God can be found in the menu at FAQs, Calendar of God –



Then click on the link “Instantly Calculate a Calendar” (http://www.maitreya.org/english/Calendar/months.asp) to find a date or a Feast. At the bottom of a month, you can see different buttons to change months and years. Try it!


Also, the link “Explanation of the Calendar” (http://www.maitreya.org/english/Calendar/Explanation.htm) will help you to

understand some important points about the Calendar. This page is not

complete yet and will be upgrade with new information related to Maitreya’s

Calendar, for example, the metonic cycle (coming soon).


To read the calendar, you have to know that the Lunar Days are in Blue and

the Solar days are in Red.


The Lunar Days are:

AW –     Awakening – Sunday

KI –       Kingdom – Monday

SA –      Sacrifice – Tuesday

SUB –    Submission – Wednesday

UN –      Universalism – Thursday

PA –      Paravipra – Friday

PURE –            Pure Consciousness – Saturday


The Lunar Months are:

1st      Eve

2nd      Ruth

3rd –       Shakti

4th –       Sarai (Sarah)

5th       Miriam

6th      Radah

7th      Maya

8th      Mary

9th       Khadija

10th –     Tahirah

11th –     Devi

12th –     Maitreyii

13th –     Presence (when needed)


The Solar Months are (The Solar Maitreya’s Calendar is not done yet but you

can read about it in Essays 1, Tablet 13 of THOTH (the same link as above):

1st      Adam (Atman)

2nd –       Noah

3rd –       Shiva

4th –       Abram (Abraham)

5th –       Moses

6th –       Krishna

7th –       Buddha

8th –       Esa

9th –       Mohammad

10th –     Bab

11th –     Baba

12th –     Maitreya


This Lunar Calendar is based on astronomical data of the U.S. Naval

Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department. You can have a look at

the Phases of the Moon at http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/MoonPhase.html.

The Lunar Months in MC start with each New Moon. Go to “Explanation of the

Calendar of God” at http://www.maitreya.org/english/Calendar/Explanation.htm

for more detail.


If you have any questions about the Calendar, we will be pleased to answer

them.  In the menu, go to “Contact Us – Questions?”




The Mission of Maitreya PalTalk Room


     The Mission of Maitreya PalTalk room (our Cyber Church!) is open every day for Services, THOTH readings, and discussion at these times (all Mountain Standard Times):

                        5:50 AM-9:00 AM

                        12:00noon-2:00 PM

                        8:00 PM-9:30 PM


Most importantly, there is Satsang with Maitreya every Saturday at 10:00 AM MST.


Come hear SAT (truth) in SATsang (discourse) on SATurday (Sabbath)!!!


Many people have expressed their appreciation for the room.  Here are some of the comments:

“The several religions are like clouds, and Maitreya is like the everlasting sky behind the clouds...”

“With this teaching, the seeker becomes the Finder…”

“This is a great room, and I am in agreement with the same mission as yourself and am delighted there are others out there to get this message across to others.”

“I'm glad I found this chat site, I'm glad that other people believe in Oneness of God and his prophets, all religions need toUnite.”

“Every cell in my body has just come alive.(humbly) Your room has brought me to tears.”




John Hall's Testimony

The Prophet Daniel was told to seal up the meaning of his visions until, " . . . the time of the end" (Daniel 12:4).  St. John the Revelator in a similar manner was ordered by God to, "Seal up the things which the Seven Thunders uttered and do not write them" (Rev. 10: 4).  Yet, John was promised that, " . . . in the days of the sounding of the Seventh Angel, the mystery of God would be finished" (Ibid 10:7).  We find in scripture only one figure who is, " . . . worthy to take the book, and open the seals thereof" (Ibid 5:9), this figure is the First Begotten Son of God, and revealer of God's mystery.  It is not mere chance that Maitreya Reveals the meaning of the visions of both the Prophet Daniel and St. John (Commentaries on Daniel, Revelation of The Revelation), and in accordance with the fulfillment of prophecy, reveals to humanity the meaning of each of the Seven Seals, represented in The Greatest Sign.

It is this same Maitreya who is believed by all Faiths to arrive in this generation and to live in this time. "For I know that my redeemer lives, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth" (Job 19:25).  The Hindus call Maitreya, "Kalki," and await His birth sometime after 1943.  The Buddhists seek the Maitreya to arrive from the west, and to begin His Mission after the expiration of Buddha's around 1973.  The Jews prepare for the appearance of the Prince of Peace who is to be sent to lead governments to peace, sometime after the creation of the state of Israel, which was 1958.  Christians desperately await the return of Christ, who by His own accord promised to return to them when the Gospel Message reached the entire world, and by all accounts the Gospel penetrated all parts of the world by the year 1977.  Muslims await the coming of Mahdi who will help restore dignity to an Islamic society divided by secular and protagonist governments, the likes of which we are witnessing in this late hour.  Bahai's await the arrival of the Seventh Angel, who is to be Manifested sometime before the date of 2001 and bring with Him the entire Message of God.  Even the children of New Age know Maitreya as "World Teacher," and have awaited His arrival at the promptings of a Mr. Benjamin Creme.  Notwithstanding the hopes of an entire planet, the promised Manifestation of God is here, and this is my testimony for Him:


I am John, a servant of God, and I bear witness in regards to the Light of Maitreya, a Light given to us through His teachings, and the Revelation of which He has been the chosen bearer.  Maitreya is the Revelator of God's Entire Plan for humanity.  Maitreya is the Teacher of The Eternal Divine Path, a Path which leads all toward Salvation.  Maitreya is the Example for all to follow so that in Him we may see the One True God.  It is by this accord, knowing the truth, and witnessing it at all times that I testify on behalf of God, and His Servant, the first Servant to all men.


 I found the Maitreya, because Maitreya had first revealed Himself to all Flesh at once, and announced His Great Mission and Irresistible Cause in 1982.  Through the efforts of the first fruits of the faithful I was able to locate the Mission's website and weigh its message by the standards that God has given all men, both scriptural and intellectual.  Giving myself over to the Spirit and asking God for confirmation in Faith, I was granted spiritual understanding and immediately began to see the prophecies that had so boldly heralded this Day and Hour.  


After the promptings of another, I personally delved deep into the teachings of Maitreya.  I read God's Message for this Day THOTH (The Holiest of The Holies, The Last Testament), and began to meditate on the Universal Mantra as instructed by Maitreya.  Through this message I was able to locate my progress on the spiritual path, understand the pitfalls that I was facing, and how in all cases overcome them and subsequently continue moving toward union with God. 


So by all possible confirmation I became a disciple and as time passes continue to learn more and more about the love of God manifested to us through His Plan.  God's Plan Revealed through Maitreya, given to all men, and to all men therein the hope of salvation, a salvation granted by the Grace of God to awaken the sleeper.


"And do this, knowing the hour, for now it is high time to awake out of sleep, for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed"  (Romans 13:11).











Thanks Shakti, for sharing Yin and Yang!


This is a call to the Elects to come together and create the environment that all of humanity can unite and enjoy the universe as One.  Go to the website, read, understand, ask questions, come to the chat room, send us mails, whatever way you can, and start seeing the Vision and start helping.

“Right now we are looking for contact people all over the world, in every city, in every state, in every nation.  You can start becoming a contact.  That is a very easy thing to do.

“A contact can be a person or a point of connection for the Mission to establish services, meditation, teachings, etc.”  Maitreya

If you would like to become a contact person for the Mission, in your area, send us an email (contacts@maitreya.org).


Become One in God.