Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Issue #6 – August 12, 2000

The Feast of Tabernacles

September 11-19, 2000

"These are the feasts of the Lord, which ye shall proclaim to be holy convocations, even these are my feasts…" (Leviticus 23:2).

"…The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the feast of tabernacles for seven days unto the Lord." (Leviticus 23:34).

The Feast of Tabernacles is a very special time for us in the Mission. We come together (either in one place, or on the Internet, as a "cyber community") to have a "Feast unto the Lord." We meditate together, chant together, pray together, read THOTH together, cook together, eat together, laugh together, have great lectures and Satsangs, do one day of community service, and more. It is truly an 8-day educational celebration and renewal of our spirits (the eighth day is the Holy Convocation which occurs right after the end of the 7 days of the Feast – see Leviticus chapter 23 in the Bible). On page three of this newsletter, an example of the daily schedule of the Feast can be found.

This year, we will concentrate on the fifth seal in The Greatest Sign. Here are some of the lectures that will be given:


-Spiritual Practices in the Mission of Maitreya

-The Fifth Seal in the Eternal Divine Path (by Maitreya)

-Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam, A Mantra For All

-The Prerequisites of Spiritual Life

-Satsang, Service and Meditation

-Baha’i Prophecies of the Coming of Maitreya

Again, we welcome all to join us during these most Holy Days. Through the Internet, any sincere seeker can log onto the conference room and join us during the lectures, Satsangs, and order of service.

Please check the website for the daily activities which will occur during the Feast. It is very simple to connect to the Mission Center to be a part of these activities. On the following page, instructions are given on how to connect to the Mission of Maitreya Internet Conference Room. You might want to print this page and put it by your computer for easy access. This is the same way to connect to the Mission Conference room for Satsangs with Maitreya, the Every Saturday from 10:00 AM MST to 12:00 noon MST.



1-You need to a sound card, speakers and a microphone on your computer.

cond, go to the following web page:

2- Se

3- Click on "How to Use the Conference Room"

4- Click on Download Surf&Call

5- Choose "Run this program from its current location."

6- At the end of the downloading, "Surf&Call" is installed and ready to use. Surf&Call only needs to be installed once, after that, start with #7:

7- To use "Surf&Call," go back to the web page:

8- There are usually two or more rectangles (conference rooms) but scroll down and find the one that we are using. If there are names listed, that is the one we are using.

9-Then click on the "Call" button in the rectangle where you see names.

10- You will be able to hear another person speaking and if you want to say something to the group, click on and hold the button, "Push to talk," when it is written "Silence," which means no one else is talking. It is not possible for more than one person to talk at one time.

11- If you are planning on connecting during the Feast, please let us know prior to the start of the Feast, so that we can help you test your connection. Email us at:


Schedule For Feast Of Tabernacles, 2000

"The Fifth Seal"

DAY: Tuesday DATE: September 12, 2000 AWAKENING






0:00- 0:30** Day

Kirtan, The Reminder, Samgacchadvam

Meditation Room

0:30- 1:00

Collective Meditation, Divine Path


1:00- 1:30


THOTH: The Base, The Essence, Glossary


1:30- 2:00

Rest, Walk, etc.


2:00- 3:00


Dining Room

3:00- 3:30



3:30- 5:00

Lecture: "Universalism"


5:00- 6:00

Rest and Individual Meditation


6:00- 6:10

The Reminder [optional]

Meditation Room

6:10- 7:00

Free Time


7:00- 8:00


Dining Room

8:00- 9:00

Free Time



Lecture: "Spiritual Practices In the Mission of Maitreya"



Free Time



Read THOTH: Essays, Reader’s Choice

Meditation Room


The Reminder, Samgacchadvam


11:40- 0:10 Night

Collective Meditation, Divine Path


0:10- 1:15

Light Supper

Dining Room


Satsang with Maitreya

Meditation Room


**Note: The times are written in Mission Time, which is a more true and natural system of time. In essence, 00:00 AM is at the beginning of day, when the sun is rising, and corresponds to 6:00 AM MST. 00:00 PM is the beginning of night, when the sun is setting, and corresponds to 6:00 PM MST. See the following essay from THOTH, Essays I, "The Days and the Nights," for a more detailed explanation.

The Days and the Nights

(from THOTH, Essays I, Tablet 14)

Night starts at sunset, and the day begins with sunrise. However, because sunset and sunrise change every day and during the seasons, a fixed time, which is close to the average of their changes, can be accepted.

At present 6:00 PM seems the most logical time to start the night. In fact, that is the reason midnight has its name (it is six hours after the beginning of night). But the observation of midnight at 12:00 is again one of the thoughtless acceptances of Roman set-ups which humanity is following without questioning.

After time reaches midnight, which means the middle of the night, then the next minute of any added time after that is called morning. That is, 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM, and so on. In other words, being in the middle of something means that thing will continue at least equally after it occurs. Or at midnight we are in the middle of the night, so equal time from the beginning of the night is still to come.

But according to our illogical timing, day starts in the middle of night. It is just like we are trying to reach a destination, then in the middle of the way we assume we have reached it. However, as it is described in the book Commentaries On Prophecies In Daniel, Period Of Intellectual Domination, it was predicted that the little horn would try to change the time according to its confused understanding.

The acceptance of this time schedule has come to humanity from the Roman Empire. It has been explained how illogical their reasoning was in this arrangement, as is most of what they have presented to man (dry and inflexible like iron). (For more detail, read Commentaries On Prophecies In Daniel, Period Of Intellectual Domination.)

With the same reasoning, noon or mid-day also is an incorrect time for being 12:00 AM, because mid-day means we still have six hours left from the beginning of the day.

Also, as it was said, the most natural time to start the night is when the sun sets, and finish the night with the sunrise. Similarly, day naturally starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. However, because of the change of the time of sunset and sunrise, we can accept the present 6:00 PM as the beginning of the night and the end of the day. Therefore when it is 6:00 PM, it will be midnight (12:00 at night of the present timing system), and it is true midnight, because we still have six more hours left of night. Also with this method of timing, when it is 12:00 the morning starts. At 6:00 AM it will be noon or mid-day and we will have six more hours of the day left.

This is a more logical (but not necessarily most natural) way of timing the day and the night. More natural than this is to follow the actual sunset and sunrise as the beginning and end of the days and nights. This is the way humans used to identify night and day in the past, such as many earlier civilizations, before the Roman Empire.


The Irresistible Cause

(by Jon Hall)

This irresistible cause calls me by name! Its dimensions are laid before

me like the measuring reed; urging me at all times to abide by the will of

God! This cause beckons me to its service shouting to all humanity,

"Forsake the city of veils and misunderstanding and enter into the supreme

courts of Abha".

Oh How I love this cause, this most sublime struggle! At times it is closer

to my heart than mine own desires, oh how splendid is this cause! Oh how

great and mighty was the trump call of certitude that it awoke me in my

slumber. No greater joy is there than this: That I may abide in the Rose

Garden of the Spirit and pronounce the Greatest Name, and cry out to sick

and weary sea and earth travelers that God is my first, God is my last and

God is my all!

Oh Mountain of the Most High, sustain me, so that I may pass through the

night of error by the light of God's Covenant. Oh concourse of Angels, pull

out your plowshares of hope and unleash your pruning hooks of true unity.

Let us lay down our very lives for the sweetness of this New Garden. Oh

Mountain of the Cause of God, teach the world in its slumber of BHA's mercy

and restore to good measure the name of every Manifestation of Him Who is

the Supreme Guider!

Oh Grace of God, fear no more upon your tattered splint. For your Gospel

has encompassed all the dead, and those who have not been touched by your

call, will soon weep at the feet of your mercy. Oh Grace of God, the Glory

of your Father is come and has consummated your cause! Sleep soundly oh Son

of the Most High, for the starlight of humanity is lit again in the heavens.

Sleep gently oh Son of God because your followers rest underneath the

canopy of the Lord of Glory.

Oh Seal of the Prophets, no more should you be weary about the renegades of

Mecca, for long consumed is there night of terror. The night has passed

into the Day and the winter into the spring, and in this Day and Season all

the dead will pronounce you as the truth and your Book as the light! Oh sad

soldier in the cause of God, fear not for your servants because He who is

the King of Glory is come and has restored your kingdom and has replenished

the earth for one more cycle.

Oh Him Who is the Remembrance of God, cry no more for the tainted hands of

the White Wolf nor his army of the unrepentant. Oh poor Sun, why have you

worried for us? Have you not heard that the Nightingale of Paradise has

come? Oh gentle Gate, rest soundly dear martyr for your cause has not been

lost and your sign has not been destroyed. Oh Imam of Imams, long gone is

the Persian monarch and far away are the causes of tyranny. For you sit on

high in the heavens of men's hearts and we all linger in the Paradise of

your name, and praise Him whom you spoke of. Rest well oh silent thief.

Oh Resplendent Sun, illumine your servants with such radiance that the

heavens of your presence may again be filled! O Supreme Nightingale, give

us the countenance of your heavenly melodies so that the whole world may be

entrapped by your praise and that every soul may be safeguarded by your

everlasting Mercy and that every star may proclaim, "Hosanna, Hosanna in the

highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord." And may each

heart proclaim, "The Glory of the God of Jacob has arrived, let us serve Him

with all we have!"

What an irresistible cause I have found!

The next Internet Saturday Satsang with Maitreya is September 3rd, 2000, 10:00 AM MST to 12:00 noon MST.

Mission website:

Sal-Om! See you in October!