Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

Issue #1 – October 29, 1999


Greetings!  This is the first issue of a newsletter from the Mission of Maitreya.    We hope this will be a source of networking for those interested in the Mission.  We also hope to provide ideas for everyone and inspirational information.  This is a new project, so we welcome any comments or suggestions.

What’s New?




The Calendar of God for the coming year has been created.   This calendar shows the new universal dating system that has been revealed by Maitreya.  The first day of this new year is March 6th, 2000.  Each day of the week is named after one of the seals in The Greatest Sign:


                        Sunday = Awakening

Monday = Kingdom

Tuesday = Sacrifice

Wednesday = Submission

Thursday = Universalism

Friday = Paravipra

Saturday = Pure Consciousness or Divine


Also the months of the solar year are named after male spiritual personalities, and the months of the lunar year are names after women personalities.  For example, Adam is the name of the first solar month, and Eve is the name of the first lunar year.  (A complete explanation of the Calendar of God can be found in Essays I in THOTH, “The Base of History and Dating”).

If you would like a copy of this calendar, or have any questions, please let us know.





With the Mission of Maitreya calendar being finished, we now know the dates for the next Feast of Tabernacles.  The Feast will start the evening of UN 14 (September 11th, 2000) and end UN 22 (September 19th).

The Feast of Tabernacles is an 8-day celebration of God.  We have collective meditations, lectures, Satsangs, wonderful meals (cooked in a spirit of sharing and thankfulness), etc.  In 1999 we did something a little different – instead of everyone traveling to one location, each person stayed in his or her area and celebrated the Feast there, with connections through the Internet conference room.  Therefore we were really a “cyber” community for 8 days.  It was quite wonderful!  We could listen to each other’s lectures, and even one person put their lecture on the conference room with a PowerPoint presentation. 

So the Feast in the year 2000 will also be a “cyber” Feast.  Anyone can join us and help celebrate God’s Holy Days as He has asked us to do in Leviticus, chapter 23 (“to keep forever and ever…”).

If you need more information on the Feast of Tabernacles, go to the Mission Website at URL: http://www.maitreya.org/english/feast-an.htm , or email us with any questions you may have.





            Every Saturday (Pure Consciousness), there is an Internet conference for the Mission from 10:00-12:00 AM MST.  At that time Maitreya is available to answer questions and discuss aspects of the Mission.  If you would like to join us during this most special time of the week, connect to the Mission Website, and click on the words in the upper left corner about the conference (http://www.maitreya.org/english/conference_room_English.htm) There are further instructions that will allow you access to the conference room.  It is really quite easy, once you try.  Your computer would need a microphone, speakers and sound card in order to participate.

            We also connect through this same conference room every Thursday (Universalism) at 5:50 AM (MST) to say The Reminder and read THOTH together (we are now reading The Holiest Book).

            Another time we connect through the Internet is on Saturdays (Pure Consciousness) at 5:30 PM (MST).  This is the end of the Sabbath, when we follow the order of service and sing/dance the HOSH-ONK kirtan, say The Reminder, and sing Samgacchadvan together.  Then we disconnect from the conference room and each person goes to an individual place for transmission meditation. 





            We have been trying to videotape the Internet Conferences with Maitreya and the Satsangs given at the Feast of Tabernacles.  We are happy to say that some of these tapes are now available.  However, we must say that we are not professional tape editors (yet) and we probably really need the equipment and software to digitize the tapes to do it perfectly.  But there is a wealth of knowledge and answers to many diverse questions on the tapes that can be a valuable tool for sharing the message of Maitreya. 

            These are the VHS tapes that are currently available:

#1- What does it mean to empty the cup?  What is Truth?  Is there only One Spirit behind all the great Prophets?

#2- Faith

#3- Do we suffer the same karma from negative thoughts as from actions?  What is the greatest attribute that we could have?  Do karmas intertwine when you are living with another person who is not on the EDP?  What is left to do after one reaches enlightenment?

#4-  God’s Grace, can we lose it or win His Grace by our actions or thoughts? 


            Each tape would cost $10.00 (to cover cost of tapes, postage, etc).  Orders can be sent to:

                                    Eternal Divine Path, The Mission of Maitreya

                                    PO Box 44100

                                    Albuquerque, NM  87174





This section is dedicated to what people in the Mission are doing…Let us know what you are up to in service for God! This can be a source of ideas and inspiration for others.
Tahirah has every Saturday open house for the Internet Conference (Lecture/Satsang) with Maitreya (10:00 to 12:00 AM MST) at her home. On Monday’s Tahirah does a weekly sharing of Maitreya’s wisdom to a few people over the email, choosing at random some readings from THOTH or perhaps an excerpt from one of His Satsangs, etc. Also she is working on carefully reading and re-reading the website for typing errors or corrections. Tahirah is a good photographer and has taken many pictures of the Feast of Tabernacles, and also of beautiful peacocks, which remind her of our all-seeing Father.
Ananda Ma has started an outside beautification project at the new Mission Center in Albuquerque. She is outside every morning, taking up the stones and cleaning the area, washing the stones and replacing them. It is looking quite nice! She has met many very nice neighbors and kids this way – now every morning she has many people come up and say hello to her, and they all comment on how much an improvement this is for the neighborhood. Ananda Ma also types the Satsangs when a written transcript is needed. We now have many booklets of Satsangs available, and also an index of topics that can be found in the Satsangs. Also she is working on a website with the recipes the Mission uses for the Feast of Tabernacles. Ananda Ma has printed and sorted the many newsgroup answers Maitreya has given on the Internet; perhaps these can be used in a new website.


Keyosha is the one who develops the menus and recipes for each Feast of Tabernacles. She also takes care of the Mission photo album. We have many beautiful photographs of the Feast of Tabernacles, etc. Keyosha is starting a project to send a “quote of the week” by Maitreya through e-mail. She also likes to write poetry, and will be contributing some of her inspirational poems to the devotional website.
Bill tells everyone he can, how much he enjoys doing The Reminder and the benefits he obtains from The Reminder. For information on the Reminder, go to: http://www.maitreya.org/english/invocati.htm
Shakti is working on some handcrafted items: making saches, pouches and pillows for the rosaries. She also makes wood craft objects, including tokens with Maitreya’s sayings. Shakti also writes inspirational poems and songs from Spirit, which may eventually be put into a devotional website for the Mission. Shakti wrote, “Since being with the Mission of Maitreya over the years, my creative art has grown within me and has given me something I truly enjoy. I would like to make it God’s work for the Mission and keep working to improve my skills at woodcraft; ‘Burning Karma.’” Shakti reports that soon her and her husband will “build a modest house on several acres in the woods near three rivers; I intend to have a meeting place to share Maitreya’s message and the Universal Mantra/meditation.”
Kathleen is working on making new rosaries for the Mission and will be offering them through the Internet. She has begun to send Mission introductory information along with most of her prayer-bead orders, hoping to pique the interest of her customers who are open to spiritual ideas. She is also working on a more detailed online catalog which will prominently feature the Mission rosary, along with her other prayer bead products, and will have several other links and commentary on Maitreya’s teachings. Kathleen has cheerfully offered to assist any Mission member who wants to sell their handmade items through Ebay. Just contact her through her e-mail address.
Rahdah is working on translating Maitreya’s literature into French. She has been working on this project diligently for many years. She is also the one who puts together the Calendar of God for each year. Through her PowerPoint presentation on The Plan at last year’s Feast of Tabernacles, Radah has inspired us all to learn this software and set up many lectures on the website in this manner! Radah is also available in the conference room every Saturday morning 8:00-10:00AM MST if any French speaking people wish to talk about the Mission at URL: http://www.maitreya.org/english/conference_room_English.htm
Ishvara is also available in the conference room for French speaking people at the same time (8:00-10:00 AM MST). In addition, he helps to maintain and improve the Mission of Maitreya website (have you noticed how it seems to be constantly changing?) Also he plays the Haree Om Shrii Hung tune on the harmonica very wellJ. He is learning English as recommended by the Mission – we encourage everyone to learn English, as it seems to be the universal language. If everyone speaks the same language in the world, there can be a greater unity among all humans.
Isaac (age 12) is the “Divine Computer Operator”. He helps with computer questions and tries to connect us to the conference room each Saturday (sometimes the Internet is not working well, so if you come to the conference room at the time we are supposed to have a conference, and no one is there, it might be because there is a computer glitch happening at that time! Please don’t give up, but try again a little later on.)
Sarah is working on this newsletter and welcomes suggestions for its improvement. She also loves to garden, and is planning a 7 bed organic garden in the new Mission Center in Albuquerque. In the Awakening Bed, maybe spinach will be planted, since it awakens in the early spring! Sarah is also working on making the VHS tapes of the Satsangs, and would love to start a Website with Maitreya’s answers to questions. There are many, many wonderful answers, which have been given throughout the years in Satsangs, in the newsgroups and in e-mails and letters.



Other Ideas/Projects

Here are some ideas for future projects for the Mission:
1- Create E-commerce to distribute Mission materials (for as low price as possible). Someday we would love to be able to distribute THOTH free of charge, since it is the Word of God to man for this age. However, at this time it is not possible.
2- Create a system for print on demand. This way, each time THOTH is ordered, one would be printed. This will probably be a less expensive way to distribute THOTH and the other Mission literature.
3- Create many different websites. There are so many different aspects to the Mission, and each aspect would have its own separate website. For example, there could be a website just about Communities of Light. Or a website about the Universal Mantra (Haree Om Shrii Hung, Om Nam Kevalam), or the Seven Prerequisites of Spiritual Life, etc.
4- Train Missionaries to go out and preach the good news!



Internet Answers by Maitreya:


  1- Question:  What about karma?


Maitreya:  Karma is not created by any external force(s).  It is the way the universe is set up.  Anything which is not according to these set ups (Daharma) create Karma.  It is up to man to avoid this by understanding the set ups (Laws) and by following them.  Such a man does not create Karma and is Free (is in Nirbana).


Question:  According to secular teachings, yes.  I was stepping outside those secular teachings and wondering how people could interpret the concept of Karma and explain it in a reasonably rational point of view.


Maitreya: What makes this explanation logical is that:  When you learned the lesson and no longer go against the Laws, your Karma is lifted, and you are Free from its consequences.


The Karma, which many people espouse, is a fixed punishment that never is lifted until that person pays for it.  This is not the case in our explanation.  Karma is created to lead us to understanding, progress and Knowledge of God.  It is not a punishment that is imposed on us forever.

2- Question:  Who made the Father?  Who made the father of the father?


Maitreya:  This is the fundamental question that no one can answer.  There, however, is a Creator that only is understood by seeing His Hands in creation and History (His Story).  This is another reason that makes our teachings unique.  In our teachings it is explained how Creation and History have been Guided by God.  This makes one realize that there is indeed a God, at least intellectually.


Our explanation of the origin of the Creator is that:  God is everything and is the Only Thing that was not Created.  All things have come from Him and is Him/Her.  So this Original Cause is all embracing and is ALL.


Where has He come from?  Although I intuitively know that He has always been, I cannot, and no one can, convey the same feeling to you, but you yourself can reach a point that you can Know as well.  You can do this by meditation and understanding.  One day you will rejoice that, yes indeed God IS and IS Alive.  Then you would, intuitively KNOW that God indeed exists!


“Prayer from knowledge is seeking answers

 to our problems to become greater channels for Him.”




Mission website:  http://www.maitreya.org


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