Newsletter for the Mission of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path

          Issue #2 – December 10, 1999


    “…Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

   “And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” (Matthew 6:28-29)





     “Be content with what God has provided and work on the beauty within to become the beautiful being you were born to manifest (qualities of God). …If by surrendering and being content even lilies can receive such beauty, which have such a short life span and lower consciousness, then would not God manifest higher beauty, which is your Soul, through you?…”

                                         THOTH, Commentaries on St. Matthew, tablet 10, v. 12-13


(Thanks to Khadijah for sharing this beautiful original artwork)


What’s New?

     It has been a very busy month for us all!  Here are some of the new things happening in the Mission:



     We are working on a new edition of THOTH.  It should be available soon.  There are very few changes from the previous editions in terms of the writing.  However, with a new type of binding, we will be able to also offer a less expensive edition so this Scripture can be available to a greater number of people.  We will notify everyone when this is ready!



     Several members have created their own webpages, and they are wonderful!  Take a look at these to get a personal expression of their love for the teachings of Maitreya:


Shakti’s page: http://hometown.aol.com/djmartin01/myhomepage/index.html


Gita’s page: http://hometown.aol.com/aumsivaya/myhomepage/index.html


Emma’s page: http://hometown.aol.com/glory0200/myhomepage/index.html


Tahirah’s page: http://hometown.aol.com/dstpr/myhomepage/faith.html


(web pages of the members in Albuquerque coming soon!)



     We now have an intranet site where initiated members can network with each other, view the upcoming calendar for the Mission, post announcements, etc.  It is proving to be very helpful and informative. 



     Thanks to the computer expertise of Ishvara, we now have an Initiation Room where actual initiations can take place, through the Internet.  Of course, to love the Mission and follow the teachings of Maitreya, initiation is not a requirement.  Initiation is only for those who wish to dedicate their lives to this purpose and are totally committed to the teachings of the Eternal Divine Path.

     We have already had two initiations take place using this conference room:  Gita and Pooja.  Congratulations to these two new initiates! 


     “Self-realization means to know who you are.  It is understood by wise men that “knowing self is knowing God.”  We are in the image of God, which means likeness to Him.  So if we know ourselves, we will be able to know Him.

     ‘Also knowing Him is the same as knowing self.  That is why by reading the Scriptures, listening to the truth spoken by others (Satsang), contemplating the universe, etc, the human can come closer to Him and also to his own self.”  Maitreya, THOTH, Readings (The Koran), Tablet Twelve, verses 7-8.






    This section is dedicated to what people in the Mission are doing.  Let us know your part in the “beautiful bouquet of flowers” in service for God!  This can be a source of ideas and inspiration for others.


Ishvara is working on creating a database for the Mission webpage for E-commerce.  Soon we will have the capability to offer all the Mission materials to be purchased by credit card through the Internet!  We have needed this service for a long time, as we have had requests for orders with credit card payment.  This will take some work (thanks be to God to all who are helping on this) and some time, but will be well worth the effort! 

     According to Ishvara, “the main activity of the Mission of Maitreya is spreading God's words. For now, I'm trying to contribute to this great task by helping Maitreya to improve our official web site, maitreya.org (technical aspects), by helping Radah and putting her translations in the web site with a good display, by writing (sometimes) articles in French newsgroups,etc.”  [a correction from the last newsletter:  Ishvara and Rahdah are available in the French website, not the English website, for French speaking people.  The address of this conference room is


("conference_room_french" not "conference room french") and the time is Saturdays 7:00-8:30 AM MST.]

Tahirah is planning on purchasing a copy of the new edition of THOTH to put in a bookstore a friend of hers is opening soon.  Good idea Tahirah!

Ananda Ma is still working on the beautification project at the Mission Center.  Each day that she can, she carefully cleans a few feet of stones and replaces them back where they were.  She has finished the front, and is now working on the back yard.  It struck me that this can become an example to us all; it is the small steps that add up, just a few feet a day resulted in finishing the front, and a few feet a day will finish the back yard.  Just working on ourselves a little bit each day will make us to accomplish our Goals!

Gita is in New Jersey!  She is planning on becoming a Missionary (“Divinary”) for the Mission, and in the future will be available to travel to different centers to inspire and teach about Maitreya and The Eternal Divine Path.  Gita is also a poet, and is hoping to have her poems published.  Here are two of Gita’s poems, which she offered to share in the newsletter:


Somewhere Beyond My Sense Of Paradise


Somewhere beyond my sense of paradise

Is a space where true bliss

Becomes each moment's ecstasy


Sound breathes color

Into patterns of love and light

That permeate each unit of consciousness

To a bursting sensation


Borders of Self

Melt into the sea of being

Thoughts pulsate at such a high rate

That only surrender gives birth to new ideas


Sharing the love of soul

In this various vibrations understand

That following a specific expression

Is to identify

Yet Spirit is all over


The choice is simple

To become

The only thing that gives

Its true nature--LOVE



Embracing An Image So Divine


Embracing an image so divine

Streaming forth

This love acquaints me to a revelation

That I am choosing to realign

So that in all dimensions

The Essence

Is thought awareness refined


To God's Eternal Perfection

In and out of time








The Feast of Tabernacles is a glorious 8-day celebration of God.  We have lectures, meditations, Satsangs, community services, delicious meals (cooked in a spirit of sharing and thankfulness), etc.  This year, the Feast will start the evening of UN 14 (September 11th, 2000) and end UN 22 (September 19th).  Again in the year 2000 we will be able to connect through the Internet conference room for the lectures and Satsangs.  We encourage those who can join us in the Mission for this wonderful Feast to do so, however it is not necessary for people to travel to New Mexico to celebrate the Feast.  All can celebrate these Holy Days of God in their own area, with a direct connection to everyone else also celebrating the Feast.  It is quite fantastic that God has given us this technology, now, to enable us to connect in this way!

Here are some of the lectures that have been given at previous Feasts (just to wet your appetites for the coming FeastJ):


1989 Feast of Tabernacles

        The First Two Seals Of The Greatest Sign by Maitreya

        The Third And Fourth Seals Of The Greatest Sign by Maitreya

        The Fifth And Sixth Seals Of The Greatest Sign by Maitreya

        The Messiah Is Here!  [Ananda Ma]

        Fifteen Commandments  [Keyosha]

        Education  [Keyosha]

        Thirty-Three Virtues  [Keyosha]

        The Temple, and Diet  [RamDass]


1990 Feast of Tabernacles

        The System [Part I] by Maitreya

        The System [Part II] by Maitreya

        The Answer Awakens Us  [Ananda Ma]

        The Message Of Esa The Christ  [Ananda Ma]

        Universe And Man  [Keyosha]

        Paravipras in the Communities of Light  [Ram Dass]

        Devotion To God  [Theresa]

        How Muhammed Created The KOHOE For A Short Time  [Theresa]

        Unifying Force:  Maitreya the Nucleus  [Shakti]

        Universal Naming  [All]


1991 Feast of Tabernacles

        The Third Seal [Part I]  by Maitreya

        The Third Seal [Part II]  by Maitreya

        First Seal Meditation  [Ananda Ma]

        The Vision  [Ananda Ma]

        Christ's Sermon On The Mount  [Keyosha]

        Universe And Man  [expanded from last year -- Keyosha]

        The Calendar  [Ram Dass]

        The Base  [Rahdah]

        Maitreya Empowers Us With His Teaching  [Shakti]

        3's in Esa's Ministry [All]


1992 Feast of Tabernacles

        The Fourth Seal:  Surrendering and Submission [Part 1] by Maitreya

        The Fourth Seal:  Surrendering and Submission [Part II] by Maitreya

        Theory of Maslow [Sarah]

        Creation And History [Ananda Ma]

        Some Prophecies [Ananda Ma]

        How To Use The Mission Rosary [Keyosha]

        Community Life [Keyosha]

        The New Man [Shakti]

        The Reminder [Tahirah]


1993 Feast of Tabernacles

Universalism [Part I] by Maitreya

Universalism [Part II] by Maitreya

Meditation Classes I-II [Part I] by Ananda Ma

Meditation Classes III-IV [Part II] by Ananda Ma

Thirty-Three Virtues [Ananda Ma]

Community Life [Keyosha] (Including a book and game for children about The Eternal Divine Path)

Prerequisites of Spiritual Life [Shakti]

The Seven Seals [Rahdah] 


1994 Feast of Tabernacles

Paravipras [Part I], by Maitreya

Paravipras [Part II], by Maitreya

Evolution [Maitreyii]

Divine Path [Ananda Ma]

Sabbath [Shakti]

All Are Lessons to Learn [Keyosha]

The Thirty-Three Virtues [Tahirah]


1995 Feast of Tabernacles

How I Became Maitreya [Part I], by Maitreya

How I Became Maitreya [Part II], by Maitreya

The HOSH Sign [Maitreyii]

Pre-History [Ananda Ma]

Revelation Of The Revelation [Keyosha]

The Temple [Shakti]


1996 Feast of Tabernacles

The First Seal [Part I], by Maitreya

The First Seal [Part II], by Maitreya

How He Became Maitreya (Included prophecies) [Maitreyii]

The Four Pillars [Ananda Ma]

The Mystical Paths [Keyosha]

Awakening to Silence [Shakti]

More Mindfullness, Less Ego [Tahirah]


1997 Feast of Tabernacles

Maitreya [Part I]

Maitreya [Part II]

The Old Testament [Maitreyii]

Communities of Light Are The Answer [Ananda Ma]

Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth [Keyosha]

Detachment [Shakti]

Birth Of The Universe [Rahdah]

Be Still And Know [Tahirah]


1998 Feast of Tabernacles

Maitreya [Part I]

Maitreya [Part II}

The New Testament [Maitreyii]

Internet, 3rd Seal [Keyosha]

True Baptism [Shakti]

Newsgroups Workshop [Ananda Ma]


1999 Feast of Tabernacles

Maitreya [Part I]

Maitreya [Part II]

Muhammed [Keyosha]

Jahad [Ananda Ma]

Koran [Maitreyii]

The Plan (With Power Point) [Rahdah]

Reincarnation [Shakti]

Pray Without Ceasing  [Tahirah]



Each Feast we concentrate on one Seal in The Greatest Sign.  The 2K Feast theme will be the fifth seal, Universalism (the Baha’i Faith).  So there will be many great lectures about this theme, and others.  Remember, anyone can join in these Holy Days that God said we should “keep forever and ever,” if they have access to a computer, modem, speakers and a microphone.  It is quite an experience to be connected both in Spirit and through the computer!

If you need more information on the Feast of Tabernacles, go to the Mission Website at URL: http://www.maitreya.org/english/feast-an.htm , or email us with any questions you may have.



Spiritual Names


The following is an answer Maitreya gave in a Satsang to the question: 

Why are we given spiritual names?


Maitreya:  You see, the human likes to attach memories to the things.  For instance, if you listen to a certain song or music and say, Oh yeah, I remember the first time I heard it, I was in such and such a place, doing such and such a thing. Or, Oh yeah, I listened to this music with such and such a person.  I have a good memory of it, or I have a bad memory about it.

Now you have been born with your given name, and you have a lot of memories attached to that name.  That name has already created a personality of itself.  So you are always going to attach those memories and personality to that name.

Being initiated, wanting to go to God, is baptism, is a turn-around.  Now you are turning around and you are going toward God.  It is better to have a new name, a better possibility of attaching your new experiences with this new name.  You are being born again.

What happens when someone is born?  You give them a name, don’t you?  When a child is born you say, What am I going to name him?  It is the same thing.

You were initiated, you turned to God, you were born again, what are we going to name you?  See, this same question pops up.  Also when you receive this new name you are going to attach the new personality to it.  The old person, the old clothes, the old habits, are going to fall off much faster if you can create a better habit, and replace the old name with a new name, a new personality, and a new understanding.

So that is why it is suggested.  You don’t have to, but it is a good technique to shed the old self and replace it with a new one.  And what is the best way to relate to your new experience and your new growth?  It is to have a new name.  With that you progress much faster because you always think, Oh, it is my old name, or my old personality who used to be like that.  It is not me any more.  It is not such a person who used to do these things.  Now I am a new person with this new name and this new personality.  It is much easier to get rid of the old self and replace it with the new.


Question:  But can you give a name to yourself, your own name?  Can you meditate and find a name and say, “Now I am called like this?”  Some people do this, “This is my new name.”


Maitreya:  Yes, you can do that if you want to.  But you see, again if you give yourself a name, it is the name you gave yourself.  It is still the old me giving the new name to me [all laughing].  That’s not going to help very much.


Question:  You can’t receive a name in meditation?  When you meditate you can receive a new name?


Maitreya:  You can do that too.  But the question is about the fact that the spiritual name also brings your focus to your teacher.  This name has come from my teacher.  This has come by His Grace.  And you seek The Grace of the teacher.

As I said, Salvation comes by The Grace.  It doesn’t matter how much you mentally analyze these things, unless you feel The Grace of God, which is supposed to come through the teacher, you are just intellectualizing everything your teacher is doing for you.  Why is it like this?  You are questioning all his actions and things he does.  And even when he explains it to you, still your analytical mind says, No, I can do it myself.  You can try.  But that is going to be different than when something brings your focus to God.  Let God do it for you.  God gave me this name.

Also you can receive a name through your meditation, but from whom?  See, you can meditate and receive a name from the ethereal level or ethereal beings.  Actually that name makes you become more possessed with that being, rather than released to God.  That is why also we said you can’t give the name to yourself.  That name is almost like a mantra for you.  And the teacher who gave it to you was supposed to receive it with a special energy which relates to you.

All these things considered, you have to accept the teacher first, as your teacher.  After you do that then whatever he does is a kind of blessing for you, is a Grace for you.  And that Grace is what will save you.  It is your salvation.  Otherwise no matter how we explain everything, it is not going to get in.

That is the first step, to accept the teacher, first with your mind, probably, and eventually with your heart.  As I said, you have to accept Christ first, then proclaim him.  See, accept it with your mind and heart, and then proclaim.  This all goes together, to really receive The Grace within you.

As long as you haven’t done that, then you can ask the questions, analyze things and have all kinds of ways to find, How can I get these things?  What are these things for? Are these things to brainwash us, or to affect us in such a way to do this and that?  This does not come from the heart, it comes from the analytical mind.  And even with an analytical mind, still if you receive a name from the teacher who you believe in, it brings your focus back to him.

You have to get out of yourself.  That is the whole process of a teacher, to get you out of yourself, to focus on him.  And then he focuses you to God.  But if you focus on his physical body, you’re going to be in illusion.  If the teacher attaches you to himself, you are in illusion.  But if he attaches you to God and you focus on Him, then you’re going to be attached to God.

But if you’re already connected to God directly, you don’t need a teacher.  Do you see The Greatest Sign and read THOTH and say, “That’s it, that’s the revelation from God and I want to do it?  You will be on fire and running all over the world writing about it, sending articles in, talking with the people and answering their questions and giving the Satsangs I give here to them.  And you will become another Maitreya.  Actually we have to create 144,000 Maitreyas.

As I said, Now we’re creating centers here.  Later on we’re going to expand out, and you’re going to give Satsangs.  You’re going to be teaching people these things.

So when you ask for a name, or when I, or any teacher gives you a name, it is His Grace.  It comes from your Spiritual Teacher and that is a blessing, that is The Grace for you.  So that is something that makes you focus toward God more than your old self.  So it is a kind of baptism.  It is kind of being baptized with The Holy Ghost.


Question:  So usually this name that the teacher gives to the person has no relationship to the birth certificate name that the person already has?


Maitreya:  Usually it doesn’t.  But if it happens that your new name has also been on the birth certificate, it shouldn’t make any difference.  Still this name came from the teacher.  If it is given on your birth certificate, either it was by accident, or Spirit also was behind it.  But the most important thing is now your new name is what the teacher gave you.  That is what you are going to become.  That is where your focus is.  That energy came from him for a reason.  He is connected to the higher Spirit, and he gave you that name so you become it.

If it is still on the birth certificate too, so much the better.  You can even legally change your name to your new name [all laughing].  






So, we asked people to let us know what their spiritual name means to them.  Here are some of the answers we received:


Keyosha:  The spiritual name that Maitreya gave to me is Keyosha.  I love the ring that the name has when you say it.  It seems to just roll off the tongue. 

This name means "everything is temporary, and to look for permanence"  and

What is the only permanent thing in the whole universe?  "GOD!!"  So this is a great lesson and would definately lead one to Pure Consciousness if it is learned. 

It certainly has a lot of validity in my life because when things don't turn out the way I might have expected I can more easily surrender it to God.  In all situations if God is in the forefront of our minds, hearts and beings we will come out a winner no matter what the appearance may be.

Also I wanted to mention that Maitreya also shared with me that my name was of Japanese orgin.  This has piqued my interest in the Japanese culture and other oriental cultures.  I also think that oriental women are so graceful in their mannerisms and that my name is meant to help me in my ability to manifest more of God's Grace.


Radah: My spiritual name is Radah. It means "The Lover of God". And since God is everything, it can also mean "The Lover of All". So my mission is to learn to love God through all things and people, to open my heart.

My first contact with the Mission of Maitreya:  I am Radah and I am a follower of the Mission since eleven years.  The first time I heard somebody speak about the Mission, I was following Rosicrucian seminars and it was fun.  I liked all those information about the set up of the cosmos and the ethereal worlds.  I was wondering how those people can know all that, but it was fun. I had a lot of exciting information in my mind.  And some people in the seminars were talking about all kinds of

"experiences" that I did not have myself.

When I heard about Maitreya, who was somewhere in the United States, I was still searching for something I was calling the "Knowledge" because I could not know how to call what I was searching for. I was simply searching for the truth or the Truth. I wrote to the Mission Contact in Quebec, Canada and a few days later, I received two little booklets (Golden Keys 1 and 2) translated in French and few other information sheets.  And when I read that, something special happened to my mind; it was emptying. I was losing all the nice information I had there.  This new teaching (even if it was a very small part of it) was emptying my cup. And I had the feeling that this was the New Wine. I called Ram Dass to get more and more on that Teaching and I asked a lot of questions. R.D. was teaching me to meditate, how to do the Reminder and he showed me THOTH, etc.  I will never forget those first moments, the first contact with Maitreya's

Teachings.  I knew that my search was finished; I finally found the Truth, the Path to God.  Of course, this is the beginning only.  When a person finds the Path, she has the choice to follow it or not.  Because it is fun to go here and there searching.  When that person finds what she was searching for, the "fun is finished”?  Now, the real work can really begin.

But I had the feeling I had no choice but to go ahead, to go through the Path, all the way to the Pure Consciousness and the Father.  I do not know how long it will take, but I know that I want to go to God and that the true happiness is there.

Sal-Om,  In the Love of God,



Ananda Ma:  I remembered that just before Maitreya sent me THOTH, He wrote me a letter explaining my name, Ananda Ma.  I wanted to use His words:

            He abbreviated my new name to AM and said, "As you can see the abbreviation

of your name is AM.  It means to BE (AM).  It is not "I Am", but to be without "I" or ego.  That is what God or The Holy Mother is - - AM with no ego but All nurturing and nurtured.

            Indeed that is what each woman should become, "a Holy Mother..." (from Maitreya's letter to me on November 11, 1985).

            I am, by His Grace, in this process.  Also, Maitreya has told me that, from the Sanscrit language of East India, Ananda means Joyful, and Ma means Mother.  Therefore, Ananda Ma means, “Joyful Mother.”


Shakti:  Sal-OM, I need to do more research on the name Shakti for the newsletter.  So far,  Shakti was the soul mate of Shiva.  The name is Hindu in origin and means "Grace".  The dual nature of raja guna (female principle activating energy).  It either can be directed to positivity as Divine Grace or Holy Mother, Shakti, or toward negativity as lower nature of man;  Kali, the negative side.  The consorts are two sides of each person or the mythical gods themselves.  Raja Guna, when directed toward higher things, becomes The Divine Grace or The Holy Mother.

Love, Shakti


(to be continued in future issues…Let us hear from you, on what your spiritual name means to you!)





“Satsang/conference each week

is like partaking

in a feast of the most beautiful food

with each other;

the highest spiritual bread!” (Shakti)


Join us at:  http://www.maitreya.org/english/conference_room_English.htm each Saturday morning, 10:00 AM to 12:00 MST for Satsang with Maitreya.






May God’s Grace always guide us, in everything we do.

Sal-Om until next month!


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