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Revelations Revealed by Maitreya:

The Seven Seals are Revealed!
The Revelation in visual form (The Greatest Sign)!
The Temple
The Calendar of God


As it was mentioned in the page "Who are we?," the teaching expected to come is the ONE WHICH WILL SYNTHESIZE THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD, will try to unify humanity or save THOSE WHO HAVE MADE THEMSELVES READY, and announce and facilitate in bringing the KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH.

In his teachings, Maitreya explains the creation which began eons ago, and how the known history of humanity has evolved the last 6,000 years (although in actuality it started 12000 years ago, after Flood Of Noah!)  This history of the last 6,000 years is explained as a LESSON for humanity and at the same time, a period of PREPARATION for the conjunction which we have now reached.

It also explains how SEVEN TRUTHS have been revealed to humanity in this same time period.  Each of these truths has been presented to humanity as ONE OR MORE RELIGIONS.  The first five of these truths have formed the mystical understanding of the five great religions of the world, namely, Far East religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, and any other mystical teaching on earth), Judaism, Christianity, Islam and The Baha'i Faith.

Maitreya explains that, although many basic truths are shared with all of them, each of these seven religions have ONE SINGLE OUTSTANDING MESSAGE, which when realized and combined with the six messages from the other truths, a great SPIRITUAL PATH will be revealed, and if followed, human liberation is GUARANTEED!

This path is called the "Eternal Divine Path."  In his teachings, Maitreya not only reveals a practical path to liberation, but also explains that each religion of the world has made a specific contribution to the greater truth and will realize completeness only when combined with other great religions.  He teaches that not only are the great religions of the world not contradictory but actually are COMPLEMENTARY.

With these new teachings, a great path (Eternal Divine Path) is revealed, and by accepting this path, humanity can be united and so benefit from all the revelations from God.  So this will result in the UNIFICATION OF ALL.

Maitreya also explains the reason for differences in some points between these religions.  These differences occur because of the PEOPLE to whom the revelations have been revealed, the influence of the PERSONALITY of the Prophet, the misunderstanding of the FOLLOWERS of the Prophet, or the DOGMATIC IDEAS created by the followers.

If these discrepancies are put away and the Eternal Divine Path is realized and followed, and if THE ESSENCE of the teaching of Maitreya is understood, then humanity will be unified.   He also identifies the source of SUFFERING OF HUMANITY (individually and/or collectively) and gives THE CURE.

Revelations Revealed by Maitreya:

The Seven Seals are Revealed!
The Revelation in visual form (The Greatest Sign)!
The Temple
The Calendar of God

  Besides these teachings (Revelation), our teachings also explain how many prophecies have been FULFILLED up to this point of human history.

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