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Maitreya Calling Elects

This is a new format that reflects the new shift of Focus for the Mission from Explanation to Implementation, starting 10/08/2005.  In this format we will mostly concentrate on calling the Elects to step forward and be counted.  Most of these sessions are not transcribed.  The only way to access them is to either listen to them directly from our FTP site or download them from our FTP site and then listen to them.  To hear them directly, click on the "listen" link (no quotes).  To download them, right click on the link and then use the command "Save Target as ...," or you can go to our FTP site; to download files, click on the "download" link (again no quotes), find the date that the conversation/Satsang took place, and download the file to your computer.

Most of these files are not edited.  Some of them are not indexed either (there is no list of what is inside them, or what questions were asked).  If you listen to them and index them (make a list of the questions inside) send us a copy of the index you made to:

Here is the list of these sessions (Conversation with Maitreya):


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