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My Vision

The cities will be lit, by Love’s illumination,
The cities will be built, by man’s determination,
We’ll walk the earth in God’s own light,
Through cities ablaze, both in day and at night,
And as we grow, we’ll make needed changes,
With Maitreya to guide us, as Love rearranges.


Dearest God

Dearest God,
Fill me with Your Love, Grace, and Light,
That I may share Your Message with all my might,
Unattached to results, Free of fear,
Speaking to any with an open ear,
If it is Your Will may we clearly see,
The Eternal Divine Path of Divinity,
For only in loving and serving You,
Can we to our own selves be true!


Great Plan

Thanking God for the Greatest Plan
What a joy in store for man
They run scared, afraid to lose,
But He knows choose
A life in Maya, and luxury,
or live for God, humanity!
Thanking Him for the Greatest Plan
be His example,...Choose! I AM

Keyosha (October 31, 2014)

Born To Fly

Born to fly,
in spiral skies,
with waves of God,
on sparks of Light,
spread your wings
and take your flight!
Don't look back,
Kingdom bound,
Home beckons you
to sacred ground!
Communities and EDP,
for you and all humanity!

Keyosha (October 31, 2014)

God's Time

A stone flew through the air one night,
It was a Divinely inspired flight,
Five civilizations, each one less fine,
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Clay and Iron,
Who threw the stone, no one knew,
But the statue collapsed, The Maya was through!!
Time all but stopped, God ruled them all,
They were His friends; they had answered His Call.
He Promised many eons ago,
His Kingdom would come, and NOW it is so!!!

Keyosha (October 1, 2015)


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