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In Praying

When we pray, we have to pray in the Sacred Name of the Father (yaweh.gif (110 bytes)), the Son (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)), and The Holy Ghost (Mother). However, the Sacred Name (The Word) cannot be pronounced (uttered) in manifested words.

In order to pray in His Name without attempting to utter His Name (The Word), we should invoke God (Father, Son, and The Mother) without outwardly saying The Holy Name. Therefore, when in prayer, pray in the Name (Sacred Name) of the Father (yaweh.gif (110 bytes)), the Son (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) and The Holy Ghost (Mother).

For those who have received the Sacred Name (The Word, The Holy Name), they can listen to it within themselves. Then they can pray "in the Sacred Name of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Ghost." In The Word, the names of the Son and the Father merge as One. The movement and the creative energy created (felt) within is The Mother (raja guna).

Therefore, always remember the Father, the Son, and The Mother in your prayers by invoking them. The Son is used in the middle (between) the Father and The Holy Ghost, to show his mediating position. He manifests the Father and the Mother (The Holy Ghost), as the Messiah, in the manifested world. Each of them are necessary in creation.

The Father is the Divine Logic and the controller of the universe. The Mother (Holy Ghost) is the Creative Force in the universe. God is both the Father and the Mother (Holy Ghost). He is Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. The Son enables God to be manifested (Messiah) in the material world. Therefore, when praying, pray "in the Name of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Ghost." Any other name(s) or vibration used is not the Sacred Name and is man-made!



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