How I Met Maitreya, A Testimonial

In order to share my story about meeting Maitreya, I need to start back, way back in my life.  First, I always felt that there was more in life than the mundane talk and going ons that filled each day.  I also must have known deep inside that the return of the Messiah was imminent, in my lifetime.  I remember sitting in Sunday school listening to the teacher talk about the one who would come to earth to bring unification.  My heart raced and I felt very excited.  I knew his words were the truth.

Now let me skip two and half decades to the time I first heard of Maitreya’s presence on earth.  I had a friend and spiritual teacher that I used to visit fairly regularly.  One day when I was visiting she told me, “He’s here.”  “Who’s here?” I replied.  “Maitreya, the Messiah, the one we’ve been looking for”, came the answer.  Well, I hadn’t really been looking but it sure was nice to have been in the right place at the right time. 

Mind you I didn’t just take her word for it.  I went into meditation and asked the spirit of God within, “Is this really true? Is the Messiah here?  Is Maitreya the One?”  The answer was a resounding “YES!!”  In fact it was one of the clearest messages I have ever received when meditating. 

I left her home with a copy of a book called The Plan, from the Mission of Maitreya, Maitreya’s home base and organization. It explained both the spiritual aspect of the teaching he’d brought to earth (in The Light) and the Plan for the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  It was incredible.  I felt I was holding the map to the whole universe in my hands!  I began to correspond with Maitreya and the Mission at this point. 

I also went to a workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida where my friend and a man from Canada were scheduled to present the Mission and its teaching.  The excitement within me was astounding as I listened to an explanation of this teaching. It showed how all religions had been sent to earth by the Lord and that they were part of a path, which could be followed to reach Divinity.  We were all brothers and sisters under One God!  Not only did Maitreya’s explanation make sense to me but also His Grace could be felt during the entire time of the gathering.

I now knew that I needed and wanted to go to Rio Rancho to visit the Mission of  Maitreya and to meet Maitreya.  I felt very strongly that if I could but look into Maitreya’s eyes that I would know for sure (dispel any trace of doubt that I still had) he was the one.  To my delight and horror that is exactly what happened.  The reason I say to my horror is because once you know that Maitreya is the one and his teaching is the Truth come from God, then you have the awesome responsibility of sharing that.  But I was determined and share I did!!  That really turned the fear to such delight especially because I learned more each time I shared with others.  So this is my story of faith in the words and teaching that God has given to His Son, Maitreya.  And for me the story continues………PRAISE GOD!!

Keyosha (a disciple)

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