Mission Initiations

Note: This page is no longer needed as the Holy Name (The Word) has already been released to humanity (public)!

There are seven Levels of Initiations in the Mission:

1. Initiation to the Universal Mantra. This mantra is available to everyone and is given freely for humanity to realize the Goal of Life and experience God. This Mantra is enough to take you to God (Experience God and become One with Him).

2. Introductory Initiation: When a person accept the Covenant with Maitreya, and continue paying their tithes for at least six month, then they may ask for Initiation to the Mission Higher Level Initiation and receiving the Holy Name (Word). It is still up to Maitreya if you will be Initiated or not! To receive this Higher Levels of Initiations to the Mission you also have to read and answer the Questionnaire for Those Who Want to be Initiated.

3. First part of the Word.

4. Second part of the Word.

5. Third part of the Word.

6. Fourth part of the Word.

7. Seventh Level Initiation (few will receive this!).

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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