Calendar of God

M i s s i o n o f M a i t r e y a
" E t e r n a l D i v i n e P a t h "

This is the Mission of Maitreya Calendar. It contains both a Solar and Lunar Calendar. The Lunar Calendar is for calculating the Feasts and Holy Days which The Lord had commanded for humans to observe forever and ever, and the Solar Calendar is mostly used for business and worldly activities. To enter the Calendar, click the link below and choose the year and month you want to see:

The Calendar of God!

You can also access a document of this year's Calendar to easily print, save to your computer, etc. The document is in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet form (.xls format), so it can only be opened with Microsoft Excel or an equivalent program (such as the free program OpenOffice Calc). It contains both the Solar and Lunar Calendars for this year (click the "Solar" and "Lunar" tabs at the bottom of the document to switch between them). Click the link below to open the document, or right click and choose "Save As..." to download it to your computer:

Calendar, Year 011996 (2013-2014)

For an explanation of the Calendar, the Feasts, and other points, click the link below:

Explanation of the Calendar of God

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