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2012 All Star Award
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The Mission of Maitreya uses an email list service provider called Constant Contact to manage our mailing list, send out emails such as our Newsbrief, etc. At the end of each year, Constant Contact recognizes organizations that have been especially honest and effectivein their email use by naming them All Stars. We are pleased to say that we have received this award four years in a row, from 2009-2012. Here is the email we were sent about the award for 2012:

Welcome to the All Stars. Again.

Your efforts last year to reach your customers and engage with them were exemplary. Stellar. Your customers noticed and responded positively. And we certainly noticed. Thats why were so proud to name you to our roster of 2012 All Stars.

This status is an annual designation that only 10% of our customers achieve for their use of Constant Contact products. The standards for becoming an All Star this year were tougher than ever, and that you managed to do it for consecutive years is quite an accomplishment.

These awards can serve as further proof that the Mission is and always has been a legitimate and honest organization, concerned with your privacy and security, and can be trusted with sensitive information such as your email address. Also see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

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