Snippets by Maitreya

The Final Snippets

I used to send the interesting things I found on the Internet (or in the process of reading the news) to a few people in the Mission. Then I decided I should send these snippets to everyone in our mailing list, and that is how the Snippets emails started.

Now I have realized that I have almost covered all the topics that I can write snippets on. It seems many of the snippets are becoming repetitive. I also have seen many people have taken up the task and are posting bits of news and/or truth all over Facebook and the Internet, especially in our groups (such as Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya!), etc. Some of these posts are really good. So I do not really have to do this any longer as the torch seems to have been passed to you to continue.

To those who sent emails to us and expressed that they Love the Snippets: I still may post whatever I find, if it is worthy to be posted, under the name Joseph M. Emmanuel (Maitreya) and in our group Learn more about the Mission of Maitreya! on Facebook. So we still might have some snippets posted in these places. This also means the news posted will be much more up to date, as opposed to the ones you were receiving in Snippets which sometimes were two weeks (or more) old.

Since I will post the snippets directly to Facebook, I sent friend requests to many in my account that Facebook suggested I could be friends with. Hopefully, this way any snippets I post will also be posted to many other accounts and will attract more people to see the Mission and what we are offering them (humanity). Of course you also can repost these into your pages so we reach even more people.

It is urgent that we invite as many people to hear the Message of the Mission as possible. Anytime anyone reads this Message, we are done with them. It is then up to them to accept it or reject it. We leave them to God. However, we have to see to it that everyone hears it, at least, once!

We shared many beautiful snippets in this short period of time that we sent them out to you. We are planning to post them all in the website (make them available to everyone in archived form as our Newsbrief is) so in the future other people might benefit from them.

These Snippets also can be guidance for many to see that many events in the future were predicted in these little explanations of news headlines. God indeed has foretold of the coming of what He has Prophesied will Be. What He has Promised will surely Be.

So let us say goodbye (or so long) to this publication and Rejoice, as we Know: When God closes a door He will open many better Ones!

Amen (OM).

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