Plus Sign
(Our Logo)


As Christians use the cross (also known as the broken Swastika), we use the Plus sign. The Plus also is derived from the Swastika (two cross lines, horizontal and vertical, in the center). As we know the Swastika used to have a very positive meaning (meaning good luck), so the Plus sign was derived from it as a positive sign. With choosing this sign as the Mission sign (logo) we are emphasizing the positive aspects of the Swastika, as it was meant to be. We emphasize the positive aspects of Life and live positive and productive lives.

The Plus sign also is one of the most recognized and known signs. So the Mission will have one of the most recognized signs in the universe. It is derived from the sign of Good (God) Luck, and it is even easier than the cross to make, draw, paint, etc. It also represents the four essential Ones (2) in our teachings: One World, One Humanity, One Savior, One God (as you can see on the four arms of the plus above).

It can be drawn, painted, used in many colors, but it is in the Golden Color that it is in its Highest form!

God Indeed has given us another Sign for His Greatest Revelation Ever!

Buddah Xara or B100

Maitreya Buddha in Knowledge pose
sending Knowledge and Grace to the world

We still will keep our other logo (Buddha sitting on the chair/Throne) as well. The Plus is another logo we can use. It is simpler to use and is more recognized as well.

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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All Thanks To God (ATTG).