Another letter from another Baha'i

I have for the past number of years been torn between the Baha'i Faith and its small divisions, The Light and Sound Faiths, Ishvara, and a few others. I found this site by accident as I was looking at a Maitreya site hosted by Benjamin Creme which I found reasonable but strange. I found THIS Maitreya site just yesterday. I was impressed especially as to the main ideas and also as to theideas expressed about the Baha'i Faith and the three possible revelations and the controversy over the 1000 year warning.
I loved the Baha'i Faith but I left due to the ideas on the Guardian, The authority and guidance of the institutions, and the seemingly failed prophecies of world government within the 20th century. Also, Yet I believe so much is beautiful. I am interested in this faith and want to know if the world must suffer catastrophe, if there will be world government soon, if we will become closer as a planet as we get ready to move out to the planets. I was so impressed with Baha'u'llah when he mentioned that every star had planets and every planet had some life, and that revelation was given to "these creatures" according to their needs and their types of consciousness. In Islam their prophet I think said that God or ALLAH would bring humanity and other races in the galaxy together when the time is right. This idea alone among the prophets was a major uplift for me.
Yet in the Baha'i Faith the successor to the guardian was gone, and yet the Orthodox group believed it was a Violation and it had its own guardian whose writings were quite persuasive. I read all of the arguments and remain confused. How could GOD abandon such a beautiful faith with such wonderful writings and ideas. I saw a few web pages on the belief by some un-enrolled and other Baha's that a third letter was due soon either just before or just after the great world catastrophe in which Abdul-Baha said that the earth would " roll on its axis for a few days." The result would be that " all this would be a fleeting memory." Why would GOD, if He is ALL love and All consciousness allow such a carnage as the death of two thirds of the human race. All these ideas continue to bother me. Did God "Bada" (a Persian word meaning "not good") or change his mind about the Baha'i reveleation?
It is difficult to feel so tired, so confused about belief and not being able to decide on any one path in spiritual matters. I send this letter and would be open hopefully to a response. If there is no response, then that is OK too.
Note: Mission is glad to report that we did respond to this letter and now this Baha'i is a part of the Mission and is reaching to other Baha'is to let them know that their Guardian and the Revelation of the Third letter is Revealed through this Mission and Maitreya.

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