A Letter From a
Dismayed Baha'i

Ok, I've been bothered by this site, and how ignorant the creators and followers of this thing are. There is no third prophet. What 'Abdu'l-Bah meant by the seventh angel will bring order and worldly peace, wasn't that the seventh angel is a prophet of God, but what he means by the seventh angel, is that the entire world will realize Bah'u'llh has come, and the spirit of God will unite in everyone and create world order and peace. The seventh angel is a spirit. Not a person. You have to remember, never take the Bible literally. The bible is always symbolic. From Genesis down to Revelation. The Bible is symbolism, with added truth. You mustn't forget this. I believe that i have made myself perfectly clear in saying thatBah'u'llhis the true prophet for this 1000 years.

He is answered by a former Baha'i

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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