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In the new Format of Further Clarifications with Maitreya on the first Saturday of each month, we will be reading the Teachings in half-hour increments. As we study together, there may be questions for deeper clarification from Maitreya especially while He is still with us. Now is the time to receive those answers and clarifications. Only the questions and answers will be posted in the FTP for download.

The above links are for the December 1st session. If anyone would like to volunteer to be a reader please send an email to: Reader@maitreya.org and your name will be added to the list.

There is now a list of volunteers and we will rotate readers each month during Further Clarifications.


As Christ said, Do a good job but glorify God. That is why we say, All thanks go to God. It is because the moment we accept the thanks toward ourselves we create ego that accepts that thanks. According to our teaching, ego is the culprit. MAITREYA 11-6-4 Conversations By Maitreya Read more


Ego: the values related to the self.


Mareeka found the Mission Teachings while browsing Paltalk rooms, stopped into the Let's Stop The Madness room, heard the Truth and saw the Vision. She has been inspired to write beautiful poems about the Teachings. Artists show another view from an intuitive place within and touch the intuitive in others! Read more.

The Last Word

on my knees
i bow to The Father
with Reverence and Humilty
on my feet
i Serve Him
in the Community

dying of the lower self
is no loss at all
Being born into Purity
given to the traveler
made ready for His Call

in the beginning
without an end
this is what Is heard
All answers
are in
the stillness
One Unified

This is a Song of the Lord

Thanks Be to God

Thanks Be through Maitreya


The M.O.M. Members Room in Paltalk, Religious Groups/Interfaith Section is coming up soon on the 3rd Friday of the month December 21st. Hosanna will be the facilitator and we look forward to great discussions! Mark your calendars and see you there! 7:00 PM MST Password: BeDivine



Despite the common misconception that the swastika is evil' or stands for hate, this reporter shows the original intent was actually good!

Some teachings about Lotustica from the Mission:

Swastika: Swastika is an ancient symbol which has been used in different cultures all though the earth. In each culture it has assumed many different meanings. Until World War II, it had mostly a positive meaning. However, after World War II, after it was used by Hitler as the symbol of Nazi Germany, it was projected as a negative sign. THOTH, SUPPLEMENTS


Direct Link to Mission Land


With the Temple completed, work was continued on the rest of the grounds and structures. To the north of the Temple is a Hall of Satsangs. While this may be included in the Community House, it was separated in SL.As was just mentioned, there is also a Community House to the south of the Temple. Feel free to explore these as you wish.

The next addition in SL will be the inclusion of the Ark of the Covenant. This will be constructed as God demanded in Exodus Chapter 25. The dimensions will not be accurate, since it is difficult to know what was truly a cubit of that time and how to convert that into meters, but the ratio will be correct. To assist visitors, there will be another slide viewer added to explain these new additions and one alone for the Ark.

We are always looking for ways to improve our presence in SL and the next step will be the addition of new land(s). There is one parcel that is now surrounded by the Mission grounds that we will approach with an offer to purchase. Also, there is a parcel that is next to the Community House that is up for sale; it currently has a fountain and a labyrinth that will stay with the property. With these, the Mission is continually expanding the presence and outreach. Maybe in the upcoming year, we will be able to give Satsangs in SL!

If you care to assist in this project but are concerned about learning new programs or time constraints, have you considered becoming an SL member? While there is a free basicmembership, a premium membership at a cost of $72.00 a year would result in you receiving a weekly stipend of L$300 a week. Note: L$ is Linden dollars, yes they have their own currency in SL.) If you were moved to join as a premium member, you may also be moved to donate some of your weekly stipend to the Mission for continued outreach.

[NOTE: even being a free member allows anyone to purchase Linden dollars for a small fee (approx. $4.05 = 1,000 Linden dollars) and donate to the Mission Donation Box].

Currently, the Mission in SL has spent severalthousands of Linden dollars in buying land and objects to improve the setting. This does not include the recurring monthly fees in maintaining our presence there, which is notbeing paid for by Mission funds. In time we hope that the SL activities will be self-sustaining and hopefully profitable enough so that a true COL can be constructed and maintained.

Submitted by Hosanna



A trip was made by Hosanna to Zion National Park in southern Utah to investigate the area for future outreach of Mission activities and to determine the possibility of establishing a Community of Light. I personally have never seen such beauty in creation. At times the views were so spectacular, it could take one's breath away and at the same time, cause one to call to God and all His Glory.

It seems there are approximately 3 million visitors from around the world who visit Zion each year, which would make for a great outreach for the Mission. Also, what I found to be curious was that in the different gift shop/tourist attractions, I did not find one mention of God or religion, especially since there are several landmarks throughout the park that have a reference to God and/or Scriptures. Just for an example some of the parks landmarks are named Abraham Peak, Isaac Peak, Mount Moroni, North and South Guardian Angel, Guardian Angel Pass, The Inclined Temple, and Cathedral Mountain.

In trying to determine what would be best for the Mission, we discussed in some detail a few of the resorts in the area and discussed one in particular that sits on 3,000 acres. Their determination to use the lands to ensure that nature is preserved and having an area set up for the Native American aspects seems to be a good fit for the Mission. If it is possible, the Mission may acquire a small portion of the land for our use.

The next step will be to approach the resort and begin the dialogue. If anyone has experience in such matters, please contact the Mission for more information. The Mission hopes to set up an area for future Feast celebrations, and a spiritual retreat. While these are just some ideas, anything is possible with God moving us forward.

Submitted by Hosanna

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