Obama Elected President!
Message From Maitreya
Is he going to solve problems facing this nation? Would he be able to bring peace and unity to humanity? It seems many are excited and believe these things are possible as they all cry "Yes we can!"

In the Mission we can answer this question with a resounding NO.
If humanity would stop trying to fix this earth and would listen to God, their problems could be solved easily (much easier than what their actions will bring to them). In fact this period of the domination of the business class is coming to an end and it is time to start the next phase or cyclical movement. As Russia did not (could not) see the coming of the intellectual era, the business class is not seeing (does not want to see) the coming of the next cycle in human history.

Of course most humans do not know about the cyclical movements in human progress and societies. Now they can easily know about these cyclical movements in our teachings. Like everything else which God has been put out of, the social progress of humanity also is not based on God's Plan.

Therefore, we predict, as we have said many times before, many problems (the tribulation) are coming to humanity that Mr. Obama will not succeed to solve unless he would be willing to listen to God and His Prophets!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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