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Florida, North

Sal-OM, Community This month there are no changes as far as outreach. I am still looking forward to beginning a meditation class in the future. A tornado went through our area last Thursday night and took down a 100 foot red oak tree which fell on and demolished two of our buildings, 300 feet from our home. My husband's workshop is completely demolished and the pole barn next to it. The weather in this area has been very strange. With this happening, I have to see the blessing from God. Maitreya teaches us and has given us the knowledge that God is with us. So I see the blessing. My husband could have been in his shop when the tree went down. So now we see where all the trees around the shop and house must be removed or cut for safety. Even when there is chaoswe can see a blessing. Material things can always be replaced. God is Great! Thanks to God for our teachings! Shakti

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