Second Life Closing

Due to low participation and lack of financial support, it has been decided that we can no longer continue the Second Life project.

Hosanna did a fantastic job in creating the Second Life island. It was beautiful and expressed many parts of the Mission. It was a place where people could almost see the vastness of this Mission and Revelation, and feel how it all comes together.

However, similar to many other Mission projects which are on hold because they are not supported with enough resources, this wonderful work has had to suffer. We are all saddened, not only by this event, but by the inability of the Mission to take on projects that will accelerate its work and help humanity in all levels.

However, the Good (God) News is that this Mission will succeed and this life is the life of the thief of the night (quiet and unassuming existence). We accept this setback as God's Will to make us more humbled, and know that no matter how small we are, we are Large and are in God. In fact, as we can see, many new people are joining us and the Mission is expanding. We hope the progress will be accelerated, and eventually the trickle of people joining the Mission will become a torrent!

Since Second Life will no longer be with us, from now on the "Second Life" section in the Newsbrief will be no more. We are hoping it will be replaced with many new ones soon (if it is His Will)!

In the future, if there is any news about Second Life, Hosanna will include it in his monthly report as a Light Bridge.

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