Second Life



A decision has been made to lessen our presence in Second Life. The island will be sold and we will begin looking for a small parcel to set up a little store front. This store will display some materials for the Mission and encourage people to visit the Mission website.

There are a few reasons why this decision has been made. One is the cost; of course, at this time I am sure everyone is looking at cutting expenses. The other reasons are that we have no way of tracking people from SL to the website, andlast but not leastis lack of participation.

We always have had people visiting New Jerusalem, but no one seemed interested in participating in a virtual COL, or leaving questions, etc. So while we may have had over a hundred folks come through in a week, it doesn't mean that they read any information or visited the web site. Maybe in the future things will lead us back to an island, but for now, we leave it all to God and give thanks to Him for all that has been done.


Note: You need to download the SL program, install it, etc. before you can access the island.

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