Why Does Pedophilia Exist?

This summer and fall (2008) I had an opportunity to spend time with an individual who did everything humanly possible to be accepted in the community. We did respond to his desire and let him become a member of the community. As we came to know him better, we started having second thoughts about him.

He did talk about his past and hidden tendencies. However, each time, the story became more elaborate and graphic! We still were open to him to overcome such tendencies and become Godly. As time went on, it seemed that he could not overcome and so we had to, compassionately, let him go.

The experience was profound since he seemed to be such a likeable and helpful person. He expressed great desire to go to God. He seemed open to the teaching (although he was not learning it) and he helped a lot, etc. How could such a nice person have this problem?

When this happened I wondered, why did God put me through this experience? I know that God wants to give all the answers, to all the questions humanity has, in this lifetime. Maybe this happened so that I know the answer to this problem!

I could not reconcile the discrepancy between what I could see in this person and the problem he had. How could a nice and helpful person like him, who Loved God, have this problem? I had to conclude that there is a much deeper reason for this phenomenon, a phenomenon that almost has reached an epidemic proportion in our society!

So my conclusion was that the whole thing happened so this question would arise and be answered. This will help all to realize this problem and set their societies that such tendencies are eliminated. They will be eliminatedbecause there always will be trusted, watching eyes present!

God indeed has given all the answers to man to create great societies based on His Will (Daharma).

To the answer!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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