Iran, What Has Gone Wrong

Since I was born in Iran and lived there for twenty-seven years, then came to the West and lived here even longer, it is easy for me to understand the feelings of both sides.

The situation is very complex and has a long history behind it. No matter how you look at it and how unbiased you might be, one side will always be dissatisfied with any explanation that anyone can give about the relationship between Iran and the West. So we will try not to consider it and instead concentrate on what is now wrong with Iran. This might help our members realize what is wrong with many other systems and countries as well.

System Difference from the Mission

The very base of the Iranian system is to elect the elite, mostly those who are well-educated in Islam, as the top leaders of the country. It is not a system from the people, by the people, for the people, based on Gods Laws (Dharma) as the Mission system is. It is based on decisions from people who emerge from religious establishments and so the laws are based on their opinions of what Islam means and what God meant for their subjects. Of course we know Islam is only one seventh of Gods Revelations and Truth and so what they have cannot be representative of God.

The founders of their system also envisioned that they should have representatives from the people. That is the part their elections are for, and the executive branch of the government is supposed to come from the masses. However, the elite part of the system, which is mostly from religious establishments, has very little tolerance for dissent and disagreements from anyone, including the elected officers.

This becomes obvious when we see that every president and/or prime minister who was chosen by the people, since the inception of that regime, has had some problem with the elite. The elite even eliminated the position of prime minister so they only have to deal with one person, the president. This shows they have not much interest in knowing what the people really want or, at least, in expanding their tent to include more of the people.

So when a president comes along who agrees with the elite, they support him. This takes out the conflict between these two branches. However, this will weaken the government as the voice of the people is no longer heard and the elite voice becomes the dominating voice. As we know such a situation will lead to dictatorship (one voice dominates). If they needed a dictatorial system, they had it before, and where the Shah ended, will be the fate of all dictators!

Their Religions and Beliefs Compared to the Mission Teachings

The very idea of the Supreme Leader can be seen as somewhat close to the idea of the Eldest in our system. However, the Eldest in our system emerges from the people, not from another system (religious establishments). Their leaders have not lived in the Communities and so have not experienced how to listen to the people and how to establish an environment in which their voices are considered.

Since these leaders have emerged from religious establishments, their views are also based on the Shiite understanding of Islam and ignore all other religions and Revelations from God. It has no choice but to become narrow.

Shariah: Islamic Laws

Another problem with their system is that the leaders are not Paravipras (incorruptible). In fact many of these elite are now the richest people in Iran. Human nature is very much in force and corruption is rampant.

As we have explained in our teachings, you cannot implement Gods Laws in an unjust and corrupt society and environment.

If the distribution of wealth is justly done and the minimum necessities for everyone are met, then if someone steals and will not repent, a harsh punishment might be warranted. However, if a person steals because they are in dire need of their minimum necessities, then they cannot be judged harshly.

Who Can Implement Gods Laws

As we mentioned above, only the incorruptible can implement Gods Laws. This is demonstrated by Christ when He asked people to stone the adulterous woman only if they had no guilt themselves. No one was found without sin and He also forgave her.

In a similar story, a woman brought her child to Gandhi and asked Gandhi to tell her son not to eat too much sugar, which is not good for him. Gandhi told her to come back in three days. After three days she returned and asked the same thing from Gandhi. Gandhi turned to the child and told him to not eat too much sugar, which is not good for him. The mother was surprised and asked Gandhi, why did not you tell him this three days ago when I brought him over the first time? Gandhi said, I had a lot of sugar myself on that day!

He who is corrupt supports those who are corrupt. Such people cannot be good judges because they know in their hearts that they too are guilty. If they were good judges, they would not have fallen themselves in the first place!

Loss of Moral Authority

When a corrupt leader makes wrong judgments and this becomes clear to the people, such a person (or people) will lose his (their) moral authority and people will no longer be willing to listen to him (them).

It is hard work to establish moral authority and you will lose it with one wrong judgment (fall). In order to gain moral authority you have to live a life beyond reproach. You have to take extra measures to leave no doubt in your and others' minds that your actions are pure and are not based on personal desires.

Indeed it is more important that you leave no doubt in your own mind than in the minds of others that you have lived purely!

The question is, have the leaders in any country created such moral authority? That is the goal of the Mission teachings: to create leaders who can establish this moral authority so people will believe them, and reinforce this trust in every action they take!

Split Among People

There still seems to be a split among the people of Iran. There is a part of their society that is secular and well-educated and the religious assertion of the old does not appeal to them. There is a larger part that is still hanging onto the past and is afraid of any change. Since the religious teachings are not based on the expanded realization of the Goal of Life (to become Divine) and the religion is outdated (all religions are outdated after this Revelation), they are losing the support of many. As time passes the split will be widened and the number of those who will not accept the old will increase.

It is our teachings that satisfy the intellect and Spirit. Therefore, as dissatisfaction with the old increases and the human-made system does not work anymore, more people will long for a replacement for them. We will educate them and will be ready at that time!

What Should Have Been Done in This Case

As part of creating trust and moral authority, everyone, including the government, should act in such a way that they do not leave the slightest doubt of their purity and trustworthiness. There was recently an election in Iran where, rightly or wrongly, the government was accused of fraud and rigging the election. They should have openly counted the votes again and created such an environment that they would have left no doubt in their and others' minds that the election was clean.

The government has said that there were outside influences that created the situation. If that is true, then expose these influences and clearly show that in fact such an accusation is valid! Just saying things and bringing some people to back you up sounds more like a propaganda ploy than the truth. Using a historical fear of outside interference to win is by itself a short-lived success. Many will realize this as a ploy and hearsay.

Again, to establish moral authority their government (and all governments) should practice complete transparency and Truthfulness. Indeed in the Kingdom this should be practiced all throughout the earth. People should not be lied to and manipulated. Only in such an environment can the Kingdom and Unity come.

Why Our Teaching is Superior to Other Religions, in This Case Islam

For obvious reasons: It includes the whole Plan of God. Islam and all other religions are only a part of a greater Truth. That greater Truth is now Revealed to humanity. Furthermore, Shiite is a part of Islam, and not a large part but a small part. Our teaching is not a part of any religion, but all religions are a part of us. Therefore, we have the superior teaching to all religions on earth. Their Salvation is to join us and implement God's most Complete Religion.

Why Our System is Superior to Any System On Earth

It is the only system that is: from the people, by the people, and for the people! However, it is not run by people alone. The head is connected to the Spiritual World (God, the Whole Truth). Although leaders are chosen by the people, the elders and the Eldest have to be connected to the Spirit and our teachings. So with them connected, the Spirit of God will come to man. Indeed the elders and the Eldest are supposed to manifest the Grace of God and bring it to humanity. They have the Power of Love not the love of power!

Our system is not based on an elite who go to religious schools and become leaders. They emerge from ordinary people and rise to extra-ordinary Heights. They are people who have always been connected to the Highest and so they have the Grace from the beginning.

When the Eldest is chosen He has already demonstrated the ability to Know the Spirit and man. So He can bring God to man and man to God! There is nothing more destructive than a system which the leaders believe their power is sanctioned by God but they are not chosen by God!

Our system is superior to all human-made systems for sure.

Iranian Leadership is Looking for the Mehdi to Come

Many of the people in Iran, including many of their leaders, claim that they are waiting for the Mehdi (their expected Savior) to come soon. They believe that they are temporarily holding the system for Him to take over when He comes. The question is, would they recognize Him when He appears, and would they release their power to Him?

If the Mehdi and the Seventh Angel are One, then they already should realize that this Revelation fulfills Gods Promise of the Coming of the Seventh Angel and so their Mehdi is already here. If they recognize this they can start by implementing the advice given in this article: stop all corruption in that government and become the most transparent and pure government there is, and establish moral authority for the rest of humanity and gain the trust of their people and others.

This does not mean to succumb to the outside pressures and influences. It means to expose such pressures honestly and in a logical way. Maybe these influences will also be affected by them if their moral authority exceeds that of those from outside!

Of course the next step is to surrender their powers and system to the One they claim they are waiting for. Maybe then Iran can become as Medina was for Prophet Muhammad!

Is This the Beginning of the Alignment of Two Camps on Earth

What happens if they do not accept our proposals! What will happen if humanity as a whole does not see the Hand of God in this and will not succumb to His Will! As God has already envisioned, this outcome has a greater possibility than humanity accepting and surrendering to His Will. If the vision is correct and humanity does not accept this Call, is this the beginning of the formation of the two camps that have been prophesied to form at the end time?

It surely seems that Iran, Russia and China are coming closer together. Iran already has a good relationship with Korea. China is close to Korea. China has established closer ties to Russia. With the economy in the state it is in, the West might not remain the most important customer for China. What China cares about most is its high growth. If the West will not help with that, what will happen?

May Humanity See These Truths and Surrender and Submit to God

Surely there is much to think about and contemplate on. Maybe my articles and writings scare some people. However, those who are with God have nothing to be scared about. They would know that whatever happens, God will be with them. However, do not be in the delusion that God is with you. Only those who accept these teachings and do His Will can have the certainty that God is with them.

We Pray that humanity may eventually see these Truths and Surrender and Submit to God and His Plan (Will)!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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