THOTH in Google Book Search

Sal-Om Everyone,

The Holiest of the Holies, (THOTH), is now searchable on Google Book Search. It is also scanned and digitally available online so that all can read THOTH in Google Book Search as well. And now, even more Mission books are in the process of being registered with this program so that they will be available online for searchers too.

Link to THOTH:

The Google Book Search partnership program allows authors to make their books available online (as much as they want to) so that people can search and read through them before they buy a hard copy. So it is a good program to allow more book searchers to find your books and explore their content.

The process of registering THOTH to this program has followed the fundamental concept of the steps of the Eternal Divine Path in its phases toward full manifestation, because the Eternal Divine Path can be implemented in any situation:

1-Awakening of the spiritual forces,

2-Directing the energy to bring the KOHOE,


4-Surrendering and Submission,

5-Universalism or Expansion of the mind, which leads to the results of

6-Kingdom of Heaven within and

7-Reaching Pure Consciousness.

First, a search started to see what the Internet has to offer and how it could be better utilized. This led to the finding of the Google Book Search program and an understanding of its workings. This was an awakening (meditation) of how what God has provided humanity with at this time could be used for Godly purposes by letting God come through to a higher degree.

Then this understanding was used in its capacity to help in bringing the KOHOE by making God's Revelation even more searchable online (offering it to the Community, world). In this process, like everything else, sacrifice was necessary to overcome some obstacles. Eventually the whole thing, after doing the best possible job, should be submitted to God for results, remembering once again that the results are His.

After submitting the results to God, after some time, finally THOTH was accepted to the program and was made available Universally online to searchers, which helped the expansion of the mind of the initiator by allowing him to see the results of this process, encourage him to think and look at things more universally, and also to look for more universally applicable projects. Also, from this point on, the project and its fruits became more universally available online to help others in their process of expanding their minds and becoming universalists.

As a result, hopefully many people will take advantage of this offer and more Paravipras will be created. This will accelerate even further the process of more people reaching the Goal (Pure Consciousness).

As you can see, the EDP can be implemented into any situation, and the results will be Good (God)!

Thanks God for the most wonderful path which can be used in any situation!


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