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Sal-Om MOM

The Holiest of the Hollies (THOTH), The Last Testament is now available to search and read in Google book search.

If anyone would like to embed a book viewer of
THOTH from Google, here is the necessary code to embed to a website:

Also I have been continuing to translate
THOTH to Turkish for the Turkish website. So more tablets from Commentaries on Saint Matthew and Revelation of the Revelation is now available in Turkish.

This month the center has transformed to a more professional business that offers Pilates, yoga and meditation classes, and counseling services. I have a part-time college intern and also my mother helping with administrative work, greeting people and answering phones etc. It has been a good learning experience both for them and me.

Hopefully in time, the center would have a good system and high quality, effective services that could even be implemented in other cities and centers. All thanks to God for the Eternal Divine Path and for His Guidance.


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