Reports from Light Bearers


Sal-Om MOM

In the month of October, I worked mostly on transferring the Turkish website to a new domain and server. I bought the domain name for this purpose. However I encountered a problem because the template I use to create this website does not use some of the Turkish characters in the Turkish alphabet. I did not see this coming, therefore while working on this website I am looking at other options too. In any case, in a short while a new Turkish web site presenting the Mission Teachings will be up and ready. ATTG

I also spent some time studying the help pages for the Amazon Advantage account in order to update the Mission's account so that all the admins could receive notifications when there is an order. I am hoping the changes I made will work and all admins will be notified promptly when there is an order and the process will work smoothly. Just in case, I am checking the account daily to make sure we don't miss an order. ATTG

Last weekend I went to Istanbul and Izmir (the two largest cities in Turkey) for business and also to visit some old friends who are helping me set up a Pilates-Yoga-Meditation-Centers chain in Turkey. We had good conversations about the Mission, Maitreya and the Teachings. These trips, conversations and sharing proved to me once again that knowingly or unknowingly we are all working for the Mission and God works in mysterious ways and He definitely has a Plan. All Thanks to Him for His Compassion and Grace.

My personal life and my experiences in the crude world out there leaves no doubt that the world and humanity have been in the dark ages for some time now and we need this Revelation and this Mission and Maitreya and the Elects to enter the Golden Age. We need the Communities of Light and the proper environment they will provide with the guidance of the Teachings of Maitreya, The Greatest Sign, The Eternal Divine Path. Insa'Allah we all become more and at the same time do more in order to help with this process.

Thanks God very much for all His Guidance, Compassion and the warmth He puts to my heart. All thanks to Him.


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All Thanks To God (ATTG).