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US, North Carolina

Sal-OM to everyone,

Things have been pretty quiet here since the Feast. Whenever possible I am open to working more often as I look to a future of moving back to New Mexico close to the Mission in the next few years. I have put up a few of the Mission flyers this month but not as often as I would have liked.

It seems the Mission of Maitreya ad went missing from online but at last it was located so please don't hesitate to go there and give your feedback about the Mission if you are so inclined. Also, right on the first page of (under Asheville area) it says it has "Rate It Profiles" and Mission of Maitreya is you can click there and get to the rating system if that is easier.

I have continued to read THOTH over the internet on Monday mornings and that is a real joy! Also, soon I will be receiving a rough draft of what will be Golden Keys 7 from the Mission to help with editing. My eyes, or I should say my EYE (lol) is ready.

I am thankful for the Divine Sisters email that keeps on going and going. Someday we will have an incredible amount of Divine Sisters (and Divine Brothers) all over!! [Note: If any Sister (female) wants to join the Divine Sisters thread, please email] And I continue to attend services via the internet to keep connected.

Sal-OM for this month,


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