How to Become a Contact
for the Mission and
Who Is a Light Bearer

As of now, the guidelines for being a Mission Member, a Contact, etc. have been very flexible and loosely defined. However, with the Mission growing, the Round Table now feels it is time to develop a more detailed set of rules on what is required for each position and how to reach that position. We also feel it is time to create a third level beyond Member and Contact, that of the Light Bearer. The specifics for all of this are explained below. In the future, we will also place these explanations in their own sections on the website.

Note: If you are currently a Mission Contact, please read this closely, as some of your obligations have changed.

1. Member:

Really, everyone in the world is a member of the Mission. Maitreyas teachings are for the whole of humanity, and all are unified by them. This is true whether they accept it or not. However, if a person wants to join the Mission formally, he will become an official Member. This position is therefore open to anyone that loves the Mission and wishes to be part of it. The expectations for Members are as follows:

  • Study, learn, and live by the teachings (follow the Eternal Divine Path)

  • Spread the teachings to the best of their ability

  • Meditate, perform The Reminder, and do other spiritual practices recommended by Maitreya

  • Attend daily and weekly services on Paltalk

  • Attend and participate in the Monthly Members Meeting, preferably with a microphone

  • Pay tithes

If a Member would like to send in a report of his activities for the Newsbrief, he may do so whenever he wishes. However, it is not required. This is the most basic level of membership and service to the Mission.

2. Contact:

Contacts are those who serve as official connections to the Mission all over the world. They connect with newcomers who want to talk to someone locally and direct them to the website and the Source. As Members, they will have demonstrated dedication and progress, been active in Paltalk, paid their tithes regularly, and done effective work for the Mission (bore Fruit).

To become a Contact, a person must first serve for a period of time as a Member (about six months). He may then send a request to the Mission, at which point he will be given a questionnaire and his history as a Member will be reviewed. If he is approved, his name will be added to the Contacts list on the website. Note: In rare and exceptional cases, the Mission may also ask a Member to become a Contact.

The responsibilities of a Contact are similar to those of a Member; however, they will be held to a higher standard and are expected to accomplish more. They are official Mission representatives, and so must set a proper example for others. However, Contacts will no longer be expected to send in a report every month. They should still send reports when they have something to share, but the monthly obligation has been relaxed.

3. Light Bearer:

Only the most devoted and dedicated will be given the option to become a Light Bearer. Light Bearers are those that have demonstrated a deep understanding of Maitreyas teachings. They have proven themselves to be humble and sincere, and are struggling with pure intentions to submit themselves completely to Gods Will. They meditate and perform other spiritual practices as recommended. They also send in regular reports to the Mission of substantial accomplishments. Therefore, they bear the Light of the Mission, both within and without, to the world.

Light Bearers will be selected from exemplary, long-term Contacts (six months or more of service). Although a Contact may express his desire to become a Light Bearer, the decision is entirely the Missions. The Contact may be given a questionnaire, be required to visit the Center or attend a Feast of Tabernacles, or any other measures deemed necessary to assess his abilities. He must also make a covenant with Maitreya (Mission) (if he has not done so already). If he is chosen and accepts, his name will be added to a new Light Bearers list on the website.

Light Bearers will continue to serve as Contacts for their areas. However, due to their proven devotion and effectiveness, they will be expected to send in a report every month. These reports should always have some results to share, and not simply be a paragraph of text to fulfill an obligation. Only Light Bearers will be considered for positions on the Round Table. Also, if a person has a desire to live close to the Mission Center, he must become a Light Bearer before this can be a possibility. Light Bearers who live close to the Mission Center will be expected to participate in the Center's activities, offer their skills, and render services as needed.

Remember that it is not required or even expected of everyone to become Light Bearers, Contacts, or any other position. There are some who would prefer to serve as Members or unofficial members, and do not have the skills or desire to go any further. It is not a race to the top! As long as you are truly following the Eternal Divine Path and doing what God Wills for you, nothing more is needed. On the other hand, at this time in the Missons development we would like to have Contacts in as many places as possible, to spread the teachings far and wide. Therefore, we would encourage everyone to at least try and become a Contact. Remember also that these positions are privileges, not rights; if someone lags too much in his obligations, he can and will be returned to a lower level of service.

The Mission website and literature will soon be updated to reflect this new system. If you have any questions about it at all, please email the Mission. All thanks, always, to God.


Note: This announcement and change eventually evolved into our Categories page. The most updated information about levels of membership in the Mission can be found there.

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