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This month I had contacts with some people who found the yoga center by reference from another city close by. The Mission caught the attention of one of them pretty deeply. In fact, this person is the first person I met here that became almost as excited as I was when I found the Mission. I am not yet fully clear if she really understands what she just found but still she is pretty excited and is studying the teachings. This group is asking me to open a center in their city and even want to be trained to become yoga instructors. The swimming club that I have worked with is in this same city and it is more westernized and industrialized, so more open-minded. It has good potential both business-wise and for the Mission outreach. I am currently investigating and meditating on the options and the possible steps to carry such a plan forward, to come to a decision if it will be a good move and if it is feasible.

This all happened at a time when I changed the name of the center to BeyondMind and revised my website and concept. God should be the doer in everything we do and God should be included in every aspect of our lives. So with this center and hopefully centers I would like to show an example to the whole world of what is possible with following Maitreya's Teachings and so God's ways and help everyone realize what we really need is to only follow His Teachings, obey His Laws and implement His Plan. Everything in this universe, even business, should be used for Godly purposes, knowing that God is our only salvation.

I am working on creating a website, to give a blueprint of what is the main idea, the current situation and the vision for the future of this project. I also have created a social network site at to share ideas, visions, have discussions about how to further Mission outreach, implementing the Teachings, ways to use subjective approach with objective adjustment, etc. So please feel free to join this social network and post related items on that site.

These are the highlights of this month. All Thanks to God!


*Note: We encourage other contacts also to send in their monthly reports to the Mission to be added to this column!

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