Social Networking Resources

The email management provider we use, Constant Contact, has been focusing more and more on social networking, and has recently begun compiling information on their website about using and working with social networks. The best of this information can be found in two excellent documents, both free for anyone to view, that explain the base of marketing through social networking, recommend best practices, and even give an individual, in-depth look at many of the top social media sites of today (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, FourSquare, Digg, etc.).

For those who are new to social networking or do not feel comfortable with it yet, and even for experienced users, the information in these documents is extremely relevant and helpful, and can be a great set of guidelines to help us become more effective in spreading the Mission through social media. We would very strongly recommend everyone to read them, contemplate on them, take notes if necessary, etc., and use them to direct your social networking outreach from now on.

With our project manager Tahirah and these two articles, we hope everyone can organize themselves into a efficient, working team to reach out to humanity and spread the Word.

Here are the two documents (they are in PDF format, so you will need a PDF reader to view/download them):

  1. Get Started Building Your Social Media Presence

  2. Getting Started With Social Media: 35 Things You Should Know About Facebook, Twitter, and Other Networks

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