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September/October 2010

Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

Last month a successful Feast of Tabernacles was enjoyed by all!

I feel so fortunate to have been able to attend the Feast over the Internet. I helped where I was needed (God through me) during the Feast, much of the time getting to enjoy reading Scriptures, lectures or Satsangs over the Internet in PalTalk. We shared about the Mission whenever we could as people came into the All Religions Unified room to hear the readings, or listen to Maitreya. I want to thank the Mission and everyone that helped make this Feast so wonderful. Which really means, ATTG :).

I also used the social networking sites to try to inform people about the Feast and about some of the times when Maitreya, GIWH, would be available in PalTalk to answer questions. I also posted some of Maitreya's quotes from Satsangs on some of the networking sites.

I completed sending out the Letter to Humanity to all the departments in Buncombe County. I did receive a thank you email from Senator Kay Hagan for sending her the Letter; I think it was just a form letter, but still nice. I am now thinking about what would be a good new place or places to begin sending it.

I continue to think about moving back to New Mexico and wondering if there might be some way I could do so sooner rather than later. So that is one to pray about :).

Sal-Om to all,


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Letter to humanity and their leaders

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