Do Not Forgive Harmful Things Done to Society

By Shirin (Sharon Bynum), our contact for
Colorado, USA

Sal-Om all,

One of the Mission teachings is to not forgive harmful things done to society. Personal affronts are a different matter and should be handled in other ways.

A number of instances have come up for us over the past few months which required stepping up and speaking up. For example:

  1. When a hospital makes mistakes and treats you personally wrong, you have a responsibility to call these things to the attention of the proper channels. Large corporations have complaint boards, and when a problem goes beyond just you, you have a duty to speak up and call attention to the problem to help implement a solution for all patients. Presbyterian Admitting in New Mexico will now be more correct in their information and communicate more effectively with better personal skills in dealing with their patients in the future.

  2. A car insurance company states that it provides certain benefits such as roadside assistance, and then the occasion occurs to use it and you are denied and left stranded. Even my own agent said I was not covered. By keeping good records we were able to challenge the company on its own policies and show the breakdown in communication between agents, clients, and parent companies. Indeed I was covered! This went to a regional level meeting of agents to shed light on a disconnect between higher management and clients' benefits.

  3. Labs and doctors generally do not do their own billing. These tasks are handled by a billing company. Again, when errors occur, the billing company only knows the bill in front of it. Its job is simply to collect the money. Sometimes it takes diligent phone calls to get to the bottom of a problem, and it may seem easier to just 'pay the bill' and forget it. The billing companies generally are not nice either. However, the feeling of injustice and 'it's just not right' comes up and says to keep digging.

    After exposing the true deeper problem between the lab certification and my health insurance company, the issue was resolved. It actually had nothing to do with me personally. It was a paperwork problem. A supervisor said he had 35 other claims from just that day involving the same issue which would now not be a problem for those patients. He expressed thanks for my persistence, and the billing company personally apologized, which is quite unheard of.

  4. Health insurance is a nightmare for anyone who is not trained as a Medical Billing & Claims expert. After examining the codes used for processing, I was amazed at the ways the company gets out of paying legitimate claims. All those claim reports come with an appeal process. If you feel a claim has been improperly classified, file an appeal along with all your evidence. Send a copy of the appeal to your doctors and also involve them in the process of righting a wrong.

We cannot become compliant or docile and go along with the program when it comes to big corporations. Others are being hurt or taken advantage of by greedy corporations and the lack of personal customer service by the agents who are supposed to be representing us. We do not have to take it anymore and allow this injustice to be done to society.

If we stand up for our rights and the truth of situations on a personal, local, and grassroots level, we can make a difference for ourselves and society. Perhaps out of these efforts and upholding Mission standards, Communities of Light will eventually emerge.



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