Reports from Light Bridges

US, North and South Carolina

Sal-Om MOM and everyone,

During the past month I have worked on sending out the Letter to Humanity to two other counties, their various departments and members, elected officials and board members. The counties I chose were Polk County and Henderson County, both of which I have lived in while in North Carolina.

I continued to do some social network postings, mostly on Facebook, Twitter, and Care2. Also, whenever I sign a petition for Care2, I add the Mission's website in with my comments :) (a suggestion Tahirah had made). I also posted on the Manifest-Station site. Tahirah and I are working on setting up a time so we can both learn a little bit more in this area.

At the Downtown Market where I have craft items I had one lady approach me and ask me to tell her about the community in New Mexico that I talk about. So I told her about Maitreya, the Mission, the community, and the meditation process. She was interested in the possibility of coming to an online meditation class with her granddaughter. While we were talking, another lady there joined us in the conversation and was interested in all we were discussing. It was really a nice sharing. I often talk about the Mission as I meet people in my daily activities and when an opening is there.

Of course, I continue to participate in the daily Mission activities and to share the Monday meditation class. ATTG for these connections for those of us who are not currently living in the Mission Center's area.



Letter to humanity and their leaders

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