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Sal-Om MOM

There are couple people that work with me who have become more interested in the way I am or my life style and asked me to start a meditation/discussion group together. I told them that I would agree to meet only if they would like me to share with them where I get my knowledge from (The Mission, Maitreya :) ) and what is Revealed to humanity by God at this end time. They accepted my terms so now we meet a couple times a week to learn to meditate or talk about God, etc. They are not necessarily interested in the Teachings as I am but at least this gives me a chance to practice to share what I learned and drop some seeds. Of course, I direct them to the Turkish translations and to the Mission website to get the information directly from the source. In fact I am helping one of them who is more interested to learn English as well.

I continue to update the Turkish translations website. I can only work on it on Sundays so it is a little slow but still there is progress.

I wish I could share every little/big experience I have which strengthens my faith and how it becomes a knowingness rather than just faith. Even though the world gets even more cloudy every other day, I feel more above the clouds. So I thank God for every opportunity He gives that furthers my understanding of Him and HisStory and Plan.


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