The Middle East

It seems that all through history many great empires tried to conquer the Middle East, and in the end they were either dissolved into that part of the earth, or fell apart themselves! As it has been said: Those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat the same mistakes! Should we learn this lesson of history?

Alexander The Great, the Roman Empire, Genghis Khan, the Tartars, England, Russia, etc., all failed as empires after they attacked the Middle East! All these empires entered this region believing it was an easy target to conquer. Then they became more and more drawn into it until they could no longer come out, like falling into quicksand. They were exhausted in the process. It was their greatest historical mistake.

Probably the first conqueror of this region was Alexander The Great. He seems to have been the most successful in his conquest. He made it all the way through the Middle East and to India. However, by the time he reached India, he had already been conquered by the Middle Eastern cultures! He adopted those cultures to the point that his generals became dismayed and a rift developed between him and his original supporters. He started relying more and more on people from these cultures rather than on them. After his death, his empire was divided into four pieces and never recovered and/or became as great as he expected it would be. In a sense, it was destroyed.

The Roman Empire and the Persian Empire fought each other for centuries. Neither of them ever conquered the other, but by the time the Muslim armies marched towards them, neither had the resources or the will to stop them. Both were conquered by the Muslim armies.

Genghis Khan, the Tartars, etc. also tried to conquer the Middle East. In the end, however, they were conquered and captivated by the culture and its depth. Indeed most of them became Muslims, and Islam spread in their empires. That is why the Turkmen, and a large part of China, are Muslim. Their empires eventually broke into pieces, which were either taken over by local leaders and/or their original leaders adapted to the local cultures to the point that they were no longer recognized as different from the locals.

Then, around 200 years ago, European power increased and many of the nations in Europe established colonies in this region. The loudest example of this was the influence of England over Afghanistan. Eventually England was defeated in that country and their influence as a great empire further diminished.

Next was Russia. It conquered Afghanistan. It seemed pretty easy in the beginning but turned out to be not as easy as they thought it would be. Russia eventually accepted defeat. The Russian Empire failed afterwards! Of course, the US helped this process and trained many of those who fought against Russia. These very same fighters later on formed the Taliban, who created a safe haven for Al-Qaeda, and the result was the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, etc.

Now it seems that it is time for the US to try the same process. They went to Afghanistan. Then they went to Iraq. They increased the number of troops in Iraq. Then they increased the number of troops in Afghanistan, and most probably will increase them again. Still it does not seem that they are accomplishing what they went there for. A huge amount of classified information on the war in Afghanistan was leaked by wikiLeaks last week. It shows that the war in Afganistan is not going well. Will more troops help the situation? Or will it make the US sink deeper into the quicksand?

Is there a message for us in all of this! The Middle East seems so disorganized, chaotic, vulnerable, and wrong (to the Western mind). Why is such a place so protected? Remember, all the great Prophets have come from there. Maybe the Middle East has something that God Likes! In fact, we did refer to why God is protective of this region in another article on how all races were mixed together there, etc.

In one sense, the relationship of the West and the Middle East reminds one of the relationship between the Atlantians and the Lumerians. The Atlantians were scientifically-minded, and the Lumerians were spiritually-minded. They complemented one another. It was after the Atlantians destroyed Lumeria that they themselves were destroyed. It seems the Lumerians brought the Grace and teaching of the Spirit to the Atlantians, and the Atlantians brought technology to the Lumerians. Maybe we have to respect this balance, and accept one another as necessary to have this balance.

A mutual respect is what the developing situation between the Middle East and the West needs. Not to minimize the effect of the 9/11 attack on the US, but the question never was asked: Why did they attack, and continue doing so? That question might be something that should be studied and the causes identified, and maybe then the situation can be resolved!

Of course, another way to look at it is that: Neither will listen to our call and will not follow this advice. The result will be the same as all those who do not heed the Call of God, especially after this last Revelation. They will follow their own whims and wishes, will lead all to the tribulation, and will suffer for it. Even God is not enthusiastic that they will listen. He predicted that they will not and so the tribulation will come. As always, man has a choice to follow God or follow his ego and suffer for the choice!

The Mission again has given the solution, in this case the way out of this disaster that is brewing between the East and the West. Will they listen, or will they ignore God and His Call and bring great tribulation to everyone (most probably the latter)? We have the answer to all human calamities. God indeed has come to help man. All these events, which have been predicted by God, will happen so that man eventually realizes that Gods Ways are the only way.

The day of Sundering is upon us!

Note: After I finished this article and was looking for a nice picture to accompany it, I was amazed by how many pictures there were depicting the same idea: Do not go to the Middle East, it is quicksand! It sounds like it is common knowledge; it seems that it is only the politicians who do not know this!

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