Reports from Light Bearers


Sal-Om MOM,

I have two projects to work on that need to be done by the Feast of Tabernacles 2010:

  1. Two lectures

  2. A yoga video

This month I have gathered information and contemplated on them to form outlines for these two projects. The plan is to finalize these projects and be ready by the first half of September.

I have been pretty busy with Beyondmind Centers and the related projects, and the less escapist I become the more obvious how perfect everything is that Maitreya has revealed and offers as the solution. God is the Greatest, and all thanks to Him.

ATTG, Nihan (our new member in Turkey) has been great in helping with the translations for the Turkish website and with all the other projects mentioned above. Hopefully all these projects will be finished by the Feast of Tabernacles and the experience will be even greater for us this year.

Praise be to Thee, O Hidden and Manifested ONE. Praise be to Thy Glory, to Thy Might, to Thy Power, and to Thy Great Skill.

O Lord, to Thee all greatness, power, beauty, and perfection belongs. Thou art ALL.

Give us, O Lord, a steadfast heart, which no unworthy affection may drag downwards; give us an unconquered will, which no tribulation can wear out; give us an upright mind, which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Unto Thee we surrender.
(THOTH, Essays 3, Tablet 7, "Prayer")


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