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US, Missouri

October/November 2009


It may have crossed a few people's minds as to just where in the world does he live. Missouri or New Mexico? Well, I am in New Mexico but still remain a point of contact for Missouri and the Midwest.

While things are not bustling as to getting the Mission teachings spread and being contacted in hordes from those who live there, from time to time a few inroads are made. A few examples follow.

June: A couple of long-time friends came through Albuquerque and we were able to catch up on each others' lives. Of course the main part of my life is the Mission so we were able to talk and a brief description of the Mission teachings were passed along. Just from the conversation they were amazed at what has been revealed. A few months later I got a simple email from them in regards to Mr. Creme and his group. It seems that a mutual friend had found his group and was pulling them in that direction. A reply was given, and all is left to God.

October: I returned to Missouri to handle business and visit with family and friends fora week and was introduced to a person that was a mutual friend of others. It turned out that when we got together to talk, that we spent hours talking about the Mission. It was interesting in that the aspect most intriguing to them was the ego. The conversation has continued some since my return to Albuquerque, and I know God is presenting this situation.

So while I can not say that the outreach program for Missouri is what it should be, there are still those moments where God touches a heart. All thanks to God for what has been revealed and what He has done.


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