Charging for Questions

It has always been the Mission's policy that people must search for answers to their own questions about the teachings by using this website and all the writings, Satsangs (discourses), emails, etc. that Maitreya has provided over the last 30 years. We have put the effort into making and maintaining this website, uploading all this information, adding tools to access it easily, etc. so people can use it to study and learn the teachings themselves. Emailing questions to the Mission should be considered almost as a last resort, used only if after long and deep searching and study the answer cannot be found anywhere in the teachings.

Also, finding the answer by yourself through the search engine (on the right side of most pages on the website, just below the menu) and other ways is much more effective in learning the teachings. In this way, you will learn the teachings much more deeply than if someone tells you what the teachings, or the answer to a question, is.

This relying on others to answer one's questions is one of the reasons for the decay of most religions. People listen to the preachers/others instead of studying and finding the Truth themselves. So other people's opinions, little by little, have skewed the Truth to dogmas!

So our policy is that you have to first search for the answer yourself, and only if you cannot find it should you send an email to the Mission and ask the question directly from us.

However, it seems that this policy is continually ignored, and we continue to receive many emails with questions that could easily have been answered with a simple search on the website, studying the base of the teachings, etc. Therefore, we have decided to take a tougher approach in order to push people to search for their own answers.

From now on, any question which has never been asked before, or whose answer is not on the website, will be answered freely as is done currently. However, if we receive a question whose answer can easily be found by searching the website, we will charge a labor fee of $30 to find the answer for them. For more information, see our new Questions Policy page.

We hope this will cause more people to answer their own questions independently, and return the use of the website and the questions email address closer to their original intentions!

Letter to humanity and their leaders

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