Reports from Light Bridges

US, Colorado

Sal-Om all,

The focus in this time period has been on completing the Mission short video project for universal outreach. We collaborated on wordage, colors, editing options, etc. to come to the final product announced in this Newsbrief. Video format is an issue in some websites and also with different computers. After researching the options for formatting and uploading to websites, two versions are now available on the FTP site for upload and saving to your computers.

I've uploaded this video to Blip.TV, Yahoo Video (although the service will soon be discontinued), YouTube, and Facebook with no problems. There are TONS of video content websites which can be used. If you Google the words "alternatives to YouTube" you will find many options to choose from. Even if a Mission content video is already in their database, the more the better! Use different and creative 'tag words' in the upload to increase the chances of hits (people finding the video and watching it).

Another fantastic list is at Wikipedia:

Upload away!

Thanks God for Technology :-) to do His Will.


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