The Handwriting Is on the Wall

Last month we witnessed a relatively peaceful revolution in Egypt. An army-appointed dictator of 30 years, Hosni Mubarak, was removed from power. Probably it was the least bloody revolution in recent history. Still around 300 people were killed; however, compared with other recent revolutions, that seems to be peaceful. Removing a dictator backed by the army, a war hero who seemed to be the most secure dictator in the Middle East, with sheer peaceful protesting, seems to be an amazing achievement!

However, we have seen many revolutions in the past. Each time there is a revolution, everyone is elated and feels that all will be FINE and the utopian society that everyone imagines will be materialized. After a few years, everything takes an unexpected turn and unhappiness and dissatisfaction towards the new system, which they hoped would bring them happiness, sets in. They continue to live with the new system until it becomes unbearable. They then revolt against that system, and the cycle continues. Will the revolution in Egypt (and the other revolutionary movements occurring throughout the Middle East and North Africa) end in this same fate?

With the revolutions in Tunisia and then Egypt, the dictators in the Middle East have been put on notice. That is why King Abdullah of Jordan has begun new reforms, Algeria is in upheaval, and Yemen's leader has announced that after 30+ years of dictatorial rule he will not run for office after his present term has expired, and his son will also not automatically become president, etc. It seems that not only do these dictators think they deserve to be perpetual leaders, neither chosen by man, nor by God, but they also want to start dynasties!

These all seem to be positive and all things seem to be going according to the societal ideals that Western culture espouses. Does that mean that the Plan of God will not manifest, and what humans think is the way will prevail? If Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, etc. all become democratic and accept Israel, then the most volatile region on earth will have peace. We will have all the oil we need and all will live happily ever after!

Although it seems that things are going toward what the West wants, it is not all going as well as they expect. These revolutions can go toward the Islamic ideals. In Egypt, the West is afraid that the Muslim Brotherhood might take over and Egypt might become a staunch enemy of Israel and the West. In Yemen, if the protestors win, that nation might fall into the hands of Al Qaeda. This is also true in all other countries in the Middle East. They might become Islamic states, or fall into the hands of opposing forces. Of course, the worst situation that the West fears is if any of these countries go the way Iran went; a country that the West seems to not have any influence on and has to struggle with.

With all these political considerations, the West will try to control the situation and nudge it toward where they want it to go. We already can see this happening in Egypt. It is the army that has taken over the government. The Egyptian army is very close to the US and has a great relationship with the US and its army. They will not listen to the protestors if they demand something that is not according to the army's interests and the interests of the West. Their true intentions showed when recently the police in Egypt shot live ammunition over the heads of protestors as the protestors tried to stop the police from shredding documents that might have been used against them (the police). Will they shoot the protestors next?

The situation in Egypt seems to be going toward what the army will eventually decide for it. Therefore, democracy will not come to it, and even if there is some democracy, if it goes a way that the army does not like, it will not be accepted. In other words, the Egyptian people will be unhappy again! Will they revolt against the army and have a bloody revolution to dislodge the army from power, etc.? We will see!

This scenario will be repeated in other countries in the Middle East whose people have risen against their dictators. The West most probably will make the same old mistake, which is: It will support the dictators and the armies friendly to them for self interest. This has backfired in the past and it will again.

If the West truly espouses the ideals they have for themselves, such as freedom, democracy, etc., and also implements them for the people in the Middle East (and others), and furthermore listens to the Words of God, they might prevent what is coming (tribulation) to the earth. However, if they do not listen to God and His Messenger, and selfish national interests become more important than the Call of God to them, there are other things happening that will make everyone eventually realize that God Exists and His Way is the Only Way!

Besides the news from the Middle East, there are other signs that are sending different messages to humanity. We recently heard that China has created its first stealth airplane. It is also well known that they are expanding their war machines and army. In fact, their tone toward the US has changed. For the first time, when their leader was visiting the US, he bluntly told the US government they should stop telling China what to do. His tone was so direct and forceful that many were surprised!

We know China is not a democratic country and it does not seem it ever will be. If China becomes militarily powerful, with their financial strength and dominating position in Asia, it is not hard to imagine (see) that many countries in Asia and the Middle East who are no longer happy with the heavy handed approach of the West will join them! They (China) will become a magnet to attract those who want an alternative to the Western influence in Asia and the Middle East.

China's policy, at least at this time, is to accept any regime without demanding they change to China's ways, as long as they are helping China to prosper and become powerful (in contrast with the West, which tries to export its ideas abroad). This is very attractive to dictators and those who do not want to adopt Western ways! However, China will not let countries that follow them become democratic, as they do not believe in it.

Their system, like any other system, will work well for a period that is conducive to that kind of control and progress. However, like any other system, they will reach a point when it will no longer work (read the Social Cyclical Movements in our teachings - explained in The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in THOTH).

We also know that the most populated countries are in Asia. More than three billion people live there. If they (including China) come together, they could easily create a 200 million man army (Revelation 9:16)!

It is prophesied that Gog and Magog (most probably referring to Russia and China, or India and China, or all these countries in Asia, etc.) will come together at the end time. They will be the ones that will create this huge army. If such a power is also financially well off, and the rest of the world is in debt to it (as they are right now), and if this power, eventually, demands to be paid back, etc., and those who owe them cannot pay them back, it is not difficult to see that we might have World War III on our hands! Other scenarios of how WWIII might start could be geopolitical conflicts, oil, water, food, etc. As we have taught many times, these problems are mostly based on the fact that resources are limited. To solve these problems, humanity has to reach to space to access the unlimited resources there.

Gog and Magog are both mentioned in the Bible and the Koran (in the Bible: 1 Chronicles 5:4, Isaiah 63:3, Ezekiel 38, 39, 40:2, Revelation 20:8 - in the Koran they are called Najoj and Majoj). It should be realized that when the Bible is talking about the Mountain of Israel, it is talking about the Elects and their System (the Mountain that will fill the earth - the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar in the Bible). So it is talking about the New Earth (System) and New Heaven (Revelation), not the old setup and beliefs!

No matter what happens, it will not go the way the West thinks it will go!

There is a story in the Bible about the Babylonian Empire (in Iraq). It was the most powerful empire of its time. However, they put God out of their system and did what was unholy in His Eyes. One night, in the middle of their drunkenness and huge party they were having, a hand appeared and wrote on the wall what would soon happen to that empire. This incident is known as the Handwriting on the Wall. Now it seems the same is happening again. The way the tribulation is coming to humanity is becoming more and more clear. Consider this article also as the handwriting on the wall, for this time!

With these new developments in the last few months, as well as the disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.), the destruction of the natural and local food system (see the related Snippet), air and water pollution, etc. etc., and with the Prophecies that a great upheaval will come to humanity, and that this Revelation will be Revealed at the end time, etc., we can see that we are approaching the fulfillment of what God said will come to man.

Surely the handwriting is on the wall. It seems like a hopeless situation! What is the answer?

The answer is God and His Ways.

His Ways have been Revealed to you through the Mission teachings. If we can spread the Mission quickly and deeply enough, we will be able to change the West to God's Way. By the time the 200 million man army is formed, many of the people in those nations (in Asia) who have formed this huge army will also be with us (they will also believe). From within these nations, we can unify the believers with us, and so the 200 million man army will not succeed. However, if we all sit on our hands and do not come and participate in God's Plan, God will choose others who will heed His Call, and will Lead. Either way, God's Plan will succeed and will be Manifested. However, Blessed is the One who will be One of the Elects!

I am surprised that more people cannot see that what I say is the Truth and will come true. The handwriting is on the wall, and more and more God is clarifying that the hard time is coming to us, and how it will come. Will humans listen, or will they do what the Babylonians did? They did not take the Handwriting on the Wall seriously and so they lost the war with the Persians and were destroyed. Indeed they never became a great nation again. The city of Nineveh listened to the prophet, and God Blessed them beyond their wildest imaginations.

I will be patient and wait for those who are Called to be in the Kingdom. You have to go out on a limb, as I did, in order to succeed with God. You cannot be calculative, but must trust in God to Prove your Heart's Purity. It is hard to imagine that I started the Mission with only 10 cents in my pocket (besides many other problems) and now so many people know about this Revelation, and we are still reaching many more every day. Indeed we receive emails from many people stating that the Mission has helped them in their spiritual journey. It is gratifying that so many people have found the Truth in our teachings (Thanks To God). However, being helped is not enough. You need to drop the fear, being proud, and everything else, and Go For God 100%.

It is a Call to all. Of course, you do not have to heed The Call. However, resisting God's Call has consequences which you have to accept.

The Handwriting Is On The Wall, for sure. Heed the Call.

Note: My frankness in talking about the West might appear to some as unfair, or to those who are patriotic it might look anti-West. This is not true. Indeed, I feel that if some other nations, or some other regions on earth, had the same power as the US and/or the West, they might have been even more aggressive and "heavy handed." However, the time for any region and/or nation to be more powerful and more rich than others has come to an end.

In fact, God created this land for a great purpose. As it is written in the Bible, and explained in THOTH, at the time of Peleg (search for Peleg on this page) the earth was divided. The land that was put aside to, eventually, unify humanity was America. So it is not that I am against America. However, I am against the discrepancy between what God wants America to do and what they are doing, which in many ways is not what God wants them to do. That might be the reason they are getting in trouble more and more.

It is time for the whole earth to come together, in the spirit of cooperation, to reach to the stars. America has a great role in this Vision. The goal is not to lower the standard of living of the West. It is to bring a higher standard of living, even greater than what the West has, to everyone. In fact, if what God has revealed is not heeded, the standard of living of the West might indeed go down (if it has not already). So we are giving the path for a better living for everyone, even for the West.

The Prophet is not a politician. He does not say what people want to hear. He is the Mouthpiece of God!

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